'First Things First' at the ALISS Innovation Workshop


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This service-design outline concerns what you need to be able to find out about during the first 24 hours aft you have been diagnosed with a long-term condition

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'First Things First' at the ALISS Innovation Workshop

  1. 1. FIRST THINGS FIRST Next steps for starting to live with an LTC
  2. 2. • First point of call for people with an LTC diagnosis – 24 hours and beyond •For people and their families, personal networks • Uses “anonymous” profiles to tailor resources presented •You can add as much or as little information as you want to tailor your results •You can add feedback to let us know how useful it is •You can add your own content – network of stories •You can get involved – Be a Buddy •Personalisation – Direction – Control
  5. 5. FROM FTF to the Engine Simple Tailored Stories and Feedback Queries Queries Experiences
  6. 6. FROM the ALISS Engine to FTF Tailored Feedback Ratings Moderation Information engine Engine
  7. 7. ECO SYSTEM
  8. 8. Money Matters Costs for: • Development • Launch • Continuing Development
  9. 9. With many thanks to: • Richard Brown (Epilepsy Connections) • Helen Cadden (NHS QIS) • Andy Carver (British Heart Foundation Scotland) • Mike Coulter (DigitalAgency.com) • Cathy Gormal (Renfrewshire Council) • Iain MacMillan (Designer, GSA) • Kingsley Matthews (Diabetes UK) • Helen Moran (BrainIAC) • Stuart Raphael (Epilepsy Connections) • Samantha Shimmin (Eden Therapies) • Gavin Venters (NHS Scotland National Services)