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PA School Requirements


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Here are few significant requirements and strategies that will aid you to increase your chances of receiving into a PA school requirements. Here you will learn well about the Emergency medicine, Family Medicine, General surgery, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. For details visit

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PA School Requirements

  1. 1. Physician Assistant School Requirements
  2. 2. Introduction PA School stands for Physician Assistant School. The admission requires step by step guidance about how to get into PA school, what you will study there, ranking of different PA schools, information about the PA school scholarships and much more. For complete support and guidance about PA School Requirements you can read the upcoming slides and in detail at
  3. 3. How important are your PA school requirements? ○ To become a fully certified and state licensed PA you are first going to have to pass your PA program ○ It would be better that you start planning earlier ○ Most PA schools requirements have fairly strict requirements as to which subjects you will have needed to cover within college ○ For details about importance of PA school requirements, visit us.
  4. 4. What will you study through your PA school? ○ You will have three years of education in the areas of ○ clinical medicine, basic sciences, behavioral sciences ○ Students also need to cover 2000 hours or more of clinical rotations in areas such as: ○ Emergency medicine ○ Family Medicine ○ General surgery ○ Internal medicine ○ Obstetrics and gynecology ○ Pediatrics
  5. 5. Plan to meet your PA school requirements early ○ Most PA programs will require you to have completed bachelors degree ○ Some will allow you to join their program after just 2 years of college ○ Ensure following subjects as pre-requisite ○ Anatomy ○ Biology ○ Chemistry ○ Microbiology ○ Physiology ○ For details about pre-requisites click PA school requirements
  6. 6. What are your PA program requirements ○ PA program requirements includes: 1. Your GPA and transcripts; Check minimum GPA requirements of the school. 2. Letters of recommendation; Check who is eligible to provide your letters. 3. GMAT or GRE results; Check minimum scores. 4. Resume 5. Personal statement for PA application 6. TOEFL for most foreign students for whom English is not a first language
  7. 7. What Are Physician School Requirements ○ Physician School requirements includes: 1. Pre-requisite and hands-on healthcare experience 2. Get accredited PA program 3. Getting certified 4. Acquire a state license 5. Retain your certification
  8. 8. Tips for Physician Assistant School Requirements ○ Following tips for physician assistant school requirements can be helpful: 1. Start preparation early 2. See requirements of each school because it vary 3. Obtain clinical experience from 1000 to 4000 hours 4. Maintain a high competitive GPA 5. Choose appropriate science subjects during undergraduate studies.
  9. 9. Physician Assistant School Rankings 2015 ○ PA School Ranking 2015 is as under: 1. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND (Rank#40/Score 3.0) 2. Touro University – California college of Health sciences, Vallejo, CA (Rank#40/Score 3.0) 3. University of Oklahoma (Tulsa), OK (Rank#40/Score 3.0) 4. University of Wisconsin – La Crosse-Gunderson Lutheran medical foundation – Mayo, La Crosse 5. Wayne state university-Detroit, MI (Rank#40/Score 3.0)
  10. 10. Organizations that Give PA School Scholarships ○ Scholarships for PA school are offered by: ○ Ethnic group if you have Native American origins ○ Physician Assistants for Latino Health ○ Military if you are willing to serve for a predetermined length of time ○ Society of Army Physician Assistants including the Navy ○ Association of Physician Assistants in Oncology
  11. 11. Private PA School Scholarships ○ As a private PA school scholarship we have following scholarship programs: 1. AAPA African Heritage Caucus Scholarship 2. AAUW Career Development Grant 3. P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS) – $10,000 ○ For more details about scholarships regarding PA school, contact
  12. 12. Core Tips for Getting Into PA School ○ Successful tips for getting into PA school are: 1. Prepare early 2. Work in summer 3. Find mentor 4. Go beyond the minimum requirements 5. Just apply
  13. 13. About ○ Contact us now for Guidance About PA School Requirements ○ Website: