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  • I am a chef badly harassed by Biteclub. i visit the Biteclub site and fill their form, and i receive the positive response from them , after few days i received an order from them and after that i received many orders . i delivered all the orders on time but when i ask for the payment then they denied to pay the money and said that they didn't received any order . i feel very disappointed and harassed. i spend lots of money for making the orders and delivered it timely. Really bad experience i ever had in my life. they totally waste my time, my hard work and my money . I am in loss due to their wrong commitment and their bad behavior. they only tried to fool and trap poor people.
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  • I ordered food from "Biteclub" through the mobile app of Biteclub since there was some discount going on for Biteclub mobile app. and received confirmation from Biteclub , it was mentioned as estimated delivery time . After waiting , when we didn't receive any update from anybody, we Calling in Biteclub but nobody pic my call.and on that day i didn,t recevied my order.i agian and agian try for call, and after more he recived my call, then i said him that i didn't recieve any order, how much time you will take for my order, i already wait too much, then he talk very roudly and said when we will free then dilivery boy will diliver your order and disconnect my call, I didn't receive the food that is one thing moreover that humiliation and insult.I need my money back and an apology as well. Delaying more than a week, will force me to take legal action against this.Please be aware of this incident and avoid biteclub as much as possible, so that they realize bad behaviour is bad for business. and they avoid entertaining these people.
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  • ineed it
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Health Powerpoint

  1. 1. Health PowerPoint
  2. 2. Apples are good for you An apple is a very healthy snack. Apples are filled with nutrients and help keep you strong and healthy! Follow this link to learn more about apples and different fruits. pple/apple.html
  3. 3. Lollipops are bad for you   Lollipops are not healthy for you. They only contain sugar and have no nutrients!
  4. 4. Physical Activity   Running is very good exercise and it helps you stay energized! Follow this link below to learn more about exercise. k_it_out.html
  5. 5. Watching TV is not healthy   Watching TV can be a fun past time but it is not healthy! Instead of watching TV try playing outside and staying physically active!
  6. 6. Water is a healthy drink   Water is a very healthy choice and is important to stay healthy. You should have 6-8 glasses of water a day. Follow this link to find out why drinking water is the best choice!
  7. 7. Pop is not healthy   Pop is not good for you and may seriously harm your health. You should stay away from drinking pop as much as possible.
  8. 8. Citation GRADE LEVEL CONTENT EXPECTATIONS Health Education Content Standards and Expectations for Kindergarten Strand 1: Nutrition and Physical Activity Standard 1: Core Concepts 1.1 Describe how consuming a variety of healthy foods and beverages helps a person stay healthy. 1.2 Describe how being physically active helps a person stay healthy. 1.3 Describe how drinking water helps a person stay healthy. Standard 3: Health Behaviors 1.4 Generate examples of physical activities that are personally enjoyable. 1.5 Select a variety of foods that can be eaten for healthy snacks. You can go to this link below to see more of the health education content standards and expectations for Kindergarten Clipart (apple, lollipop, pop) - Google Images-Free Clipart (running, watching TV, and water)- Microsoft PowerPoint-Clip Art
  9. 9. Citation Continued Link to on healthy eating and apples Link to on working out and staying healthy Link to on drinking water and staying healthy