2. New Company Profile Consultant Experts Fosvoltaic


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Corporate profile and activities of CONSULTANT EXPERTS/FOSVOLTAICThe System integrators and One Stop Shop Company, in IT & Telecoms (High Tech) and Energy Systems and Solutions!

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2. New Company Profile Consultant Experts Fosvoltaic

  1. 1. CONSULTANT EXPERTS - FOSVOLTAI C INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS & CONSULTANCY CORPORATE PROFILECONSULTANT EXPERTS Is an International Company, with activities and services inGreece and the US, aiming to serve the local markets with Integrated Solutions that have to domainly with Energy Saving and Energy Production, using L.E.D. (Light Emitted Diode)technology for Architectural, Commercial and Street Lighting products and Applications, as wellas Photovoltaic’s and Wind Turbines technology as for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), forany type of business applications.CONSULTANT EXPERTS has been distinguished firstly in the Greek market, by havingthe ability to provide Total Solutions, in such combination, covering the overall CustomerEnergy needs, so that our Customers don’t have to search in different markets to find what theyneed...In Europe and the US, the concern for Energy has turned into the Alternative Energy Sources,which are environmental friendly and contribute into the End User’s savings.Indicative Energy Saving Products and Energy Producing Sources, among others, are: A. The L.E.D. Lights and B. The Photovoltaic and the Wind Turbine Systems CONSULTANT EXPERTS in cooperation with specialized partners and suppliers, undertakes the necessary work procedures for the Photovoltaic and/or Wind Turbine Licensing, their System Installation and System Set Up, going thru the necessary steps needed, i.e.: 1. Evaluating and Choosing the proper land space, 2. Company establishment (when necessary), 3. Choosing the proper type of P/V or Wind Turbine system, 4. Environmental Study, 5. Delivering the complete file to Power Adjustment Authority, for getting the Release of license, for producing energy, 6. Providing the Application to Power Company and signing the Agreement for connecting the P/V system to them, 7. Completing the Techno-Financial Study for the Money Supporting, based on Evolution Law 8. We proceed to the Starting of System installation and provide reports for the ongoing works, in order to get the necessary money supporting. 1
  2. 2. CONSULTANT EXPERTS has implemented LED Lighting, PV and Wind Turbineprojects in Europe, with its Former Company called ECO POWER Experts. These projects areprojects that have to do with P/V parks and Wind Turbines of 1MWp-10MWp power (with orwithout Trackers) and Top of buildings of 70KWp-500KWp. All the materials used come fromWorld known manufacturers like the US, Germany, China, etc. and Company names like:UNISOLAR, Sanyo, BP Solar, ALEO, YINGLY, SMA & FRONIUS Inverters, etc.At CONSULTANT EXPERTS finally and in opposition to our competition, we areCustomer Orientation believers, with high degree Professional personnel and high levelcollaborations with our Customers. We provide Total Energy Solution Services, aiming tooffer our Customers the best Techno-Financial solution. The Projects we have implementedspeak for themselves and with our Top level Technical personnel we offer Professional,successful and assured After-Sales Supporting to all our Customers.FOSVOLTAIC is a subsidiary Co. of CONSULTANT EXPERTS, established to provide adistribution network for innovative energy efficient and environmentally safe products. Theseproducts will not only decrease energy usage but also reduce the maintenance cost of industrialand commercial equipment.The mission of FOSVOLTAIC is to be a premier provider of products and services that willassist business and government in utilizing energy in the most cost effective and environmentallysound manner. FOSVOLTAIC is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers 2
  3. 3. through the just in time delivery of high quality products and provide its customers withoutstanding customer service.The Energy crisis all over the world, which is a National priority, encouraged our Company toactively react with Energy saving products (L.E.D. Lights), accommodated with other Energyproducts, using the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to produce Alternative Power (i.e.Photovoltaic Systems & Wind Turbines), in order to cover the energy balance, keeping this wayour environment clean for our new generations.FOSVOLTAIC, as a strong believer in this philosophy, aiming to be part of this energyreformation, has created a separate and dedicated department offering Total Solutions for EnergySaving, either this has to do with its usage, neither with its production.The production of new Lighting materials with the most advanced L.E.D. technology and theLED Lights (Light Emitted Diode) from famous European & Chinese Companies, i.e. GPE,DETAS D-LED, ARENA LUCI from Italy and MAG VISION from China, as well as theirmarketing and applications of these advanced and fashioned Lighting systems, fromFOSVOLTAIC’s experienced Engineering Personnel, covers the needs and applications for ourLocal Market’s needs, contributing that way in the Energy Saving and in the Environmentalprotection!With products from the above World known Companies, we have licensed our CompanyFOSVOLTAIC in the design, promotion and application study for System Lighting, for all ofour Customer needs.……………………………………LIGHTS FOR RETROFITTING……………………………………Commercial Lights LED Street Lights LED Buildings… 3
  4. 4. OTHER TECHNOLOGICAL INTEGRATED SERVICES CONSIST OF THE FOLLOWING AREAS: ENGINEERING STUDIESWe provide individual Study applications for intrabuilding operations (I.T. & TelecommunicationsSystems and Networking) intrabuilding wiring for Voice + Video +Data and Internet connectivity. Wealso provide studies for calculating: A) The Heating and Cooling controls of a Building Infastructure, B)The Installation Studies and commissioning for using Renewable Energy Sources, i.e. Photovoltaics andWind Turbines, C) The Lighting Study and control, based on the new High Power Energy Saving lights,i.e. LED and D) The BEMS (Building Energy management System) for further and totally controling theTotal Energy Savings of any Building, as well as E) The Building’s Security system (CCTV) etc. etc…!!! INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS CONSTRUCTIONWe undertake the construction of any Industrial and/or Logistics Building, thus providing the wholeproject as a Turn Key (One Stop Shop) solution, should the Customer wants our Company to provide allthe other tyechnologies we pursue with our Collaborating Companies and representations. ELECTRICAL MATERIALS / WIRING 4
  5. 5. / LIGHTING & INSTALLATIONSWe undertake any type of Intrabuilding cable and wire installations for Electricity andCommunications networks (Voice and Data) for all kind Building Operations..We also use LED Lights for better quality and better Economy from Energy and ElecticitySaving, using our world wide best LED products, with high and long product guarantee..! ENERGY SAVING AND ENERGY PRODUCTION :Going through this Economical Crisis, there is a demand for Energy Saving and Energy ProducingSystems and Materials, i.e. LED Lights for Energy Saving and Photovoltaic Systems and WindTurbines for producing Electricity, while at the same time using GEOTHERMY for saving oil andNatural Gus for creating Heat and Cooling to buildings, is our strenghth in offering total solutions, asOne Stop Stop!!! TELECOMMUNICATIONSWe study the Customer’s business and offer them the most advanced Telecommunications System &Controller, based in IP (Internet Protocol) technology, with any necessary Computer Applications (CTI &CRM) for Telemarketing Services etc… Our long usage and sutisfied Customers (EducationalInstitutions, Financial Institutions, Hospitals and Hotels, Private large Companies, Telemarketeers, etc… ,are the ones to prove what we have to offer, using the World’s best and known equipment, i.e. AVAYA,Cisco, etc.. ΙNTERNET…We offer the best, most reliable and economic Internet accesses, for Companies that require fast, safe andeconomic networking routing for inter-Corporate communication, as well as with their Clients anywherein the world ! 5
  6. 6. SECURITY, ACCESS CONTROL, TIME & ATTENDANCE…We study the Customer’s situation and offer all kinds of Security to buildings, using H/W & S/W withhigh quality CCTV devices, etc. as well as Access Control Systems, for entering and leaving thebuildings, while at the same time we can manage the Timing and Attendance of the Building’s and /orCompany’s Personnel etc…locally and Remotely!!!For more information on individual situations, please feel free to call at (+30)6937 198819 or sendus an E-mail: pascalk707@yahoo.com, to our Marketing department and any one of our Engineerswill be happy to assist you soon. If we happened to turn into implementation any of our offersmade to you, any Study made for this purpose, will be free of charge. 6