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Travel wardrobe


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Considerations when packing for a scientific meeting: travel, attending, and presenting

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Travel wardrobe

  1. 1. Dressing for EBPascale Hammond Lane
  2. 2. Travel DO DON’T• Comfortable clothing • Over-accessorize• Jacket • Undressing for the scanner • Can anyone explain why • Not taking up valuable my scarf must come off but suitcase space my husband can leave his• Slip on shoes tie on? • Facilitates security line • Over-the-knee lace-up • Make sure you can easily boots walk in them • Seriously, how long do you want to spend in security? • More likely to get you killed than terrorists
  3. 3. Good Example Jacket handy if plane gets chilly Nice jeans or slacks are comfortable Practical but professional pumps or loafersNecessities and presentation in her carry-on
  4. 4. Sneaker Controversey• Pros • Comfortable • Good for running through airport • Bulky; may be most efficient way to get your work-out shoes to the conference• Cons • Shoestrings delay you in security • Not appropriate for most meeting attire
  5. 5. Attendance DO DON’T• Look neat and clean • Sloppy and/or Slutty• Layers and jackets • Visible underwear (convention center • Visible unusual piercings climate control • Some tattoos unpredictable)• Even jeans can be OK with appropriate above- waist attire
  6. 6. Presentation DO DON’T• Suit or other professional • Sloppy and/or Slutty garb (like it or not, you • Clash with your need to look like an presentation authority, especially if you are young and/or female)• Match your presentation or wear neutral clothing
  7. 7. Packing Tips• Never check your presentation unless they pry it from your cold, dead hands• If you must check a bag • Carry on all necessities and a clean set of undies • Wear something which could work for the following day … just in case• Learn to split your suit • Wear the jacket over a dress or with bottom • Use the suit pants with a sweater or different top • Use accessories to make things look different