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How to create a killer video for your website! #WCMIA 2014


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Pascal Depuhl, an award winning cinematographer, talks about how to create a video that changes the minds of your audience, by bringing a passionate vision to life.

Pascal Depuhl takes a transcript of the first few minutes of a short documentary film and contrasts it with the actual 2 minutes of video - showing the impact a beautifully shot story can have on the minds of a viewer.

Pascal then uses the example of "On Wings of Hope" - the documentary he filmed in Afghanistan - and shows how this 15 minute short video changed the minds on 100 students, when he compares their attitude before and after the movie.

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How to create a killer video for your website! #WCMIA 2014

  1. 1. “How to create a killer video for your blog” @moviesbydepuhl Pascal loves telling the stories of his clients. He’s passionate about crafting those into engaging visual content, that inspires his client’s customers to act. Pascal’s been creating photographs for over 20 years for a large variety of companies from multi-billon dollar global brands to local start ups. He recently began producing video and his work has been aired on National Geographic, the BBC and many of his photography clients. You want to know what his secret sauce is? Why his stories change the minds of his audiences? It’s three little words …
  2. 2. Global websites are already getting more traffic from tablets than they are from smart phones today. Adobeʼs Digital Index Video is the new language online. With the advent of portable computing, especially with smart phones and tablets, everyone know that their devices can display video; but many brands are slow to add motion to their websites. Today (actually a few years ago by now) internet traffic from tablets was surpassing smart phone traffic.
  3. 3. All Internet traffic Mobile Internet traffic (inpetabytespermonth) Internet Traffic source: Cisco® Visual Networking Index 75 petabytes 885 petabytes 12x Just a little over a decade ago all internet traffic, was less then 10% of what only mobile internet traffic is in 2012.
  4. 4. Mobile Internet Traffic Fixed Internet Traffic IP Traffic (in petabytes per month) source: wikipedia Internet Traffic 2000-2012 30,000 petabytes And mobile internet traffic in 2012 is a mere fraction of what the fixed and IP web traffic is. So where is all of this going?
  5. 5. ? 984,637,2571, How can a song from some asian guy have almost 2 billion hits - where the next most popular song is about half of that?
  6. 6. Let’s bring that down to our level … Now I realize that we’d all like to have 1000’s of millions of hits on our content, but that’s not gonna happen - at least not tomorrow. So how can we increase what people do on our sites?
  7. 7. A little boy got injured. He was hit by a motorcycle. Quite badly and had his head fractured and had internal bleeding. He was in the local hospital. He was unconscious. It was the middle of the afternoon and we calculated very quickly that we wouldn’t have enough daylight remaining to make it out here and back to Kabul. The doctor wasn’t sure if he was going to survive the night. We hoped and prayed that the kid was going to be able to hang on, til the next morning, when we’d be able to dispatch an aircraft to come pick him up. The terrain makes it both dangerous and makes it take a long time to get from place to place. To travel from Lal to Kabul by overland it takes about 18 to 20 hours in summer. The flight with Pactec takes one hour and fifteen minutes. Well hey everybody, welcome to Afghanistan … This is your blog: Check out this story, it’s a verbatim transcript of the first 2 minutes of a video. The information is good, interesting an compelling, but why does no one take the time to read this?
  8. 8. This is your blog on video: If you take the same words and show them in context, seeing the speakers that tell us the information and describing the story with cinematic visuals makes all the difference. It impacts your audience and makes them care. But how do you get them to care? How do you get them involved?
  9. 9. “ Vision is the art of seeing what is Jonathan Swift invisible to others.” First of all you need Vision. The thing that you see, that no one else sees. I recently gave a TEDx talk in Boca Raton, titled “The Art of Changing minds”. In order to change someone elses mind, you have to have your own mind changed first and that requires vision. You need the idea, the spark, the thing that get’s you excited about what ever it is your talking about.
  10. 10. “If you don’t have a passion for what you do,any rational person is just gonna give up.” Steve Jobs Then you need Passion, that driving force that gets you through it all. Passion will give you the force you need to overcome the obstacles and to silence the naysayers. But most importantly Passion will help you craft a story that’s worth sharing.
  11. 11. Now vision and passion are great, but you need to - in @garyvee ‘s words - actually execute on them, for them to even matter. How many ideas have you had that you where fired up about, only to ignore them in the end for whatever reason?
  12. 12. but your brains are in your feet.” Afghan proverb “Your aspirations are in heaven, You need to get your head out of the clouds, get off your butt and get going. You must breathe life into (or really aspire) your story, before it can change the minds of (or inspire) your audience.
  13. 13. vision - transforms passion - refreshes execution - aspires vision - transforms passion - refreshes execution - aspires Follow your vision - it will transform the way you tell your stories, Fuel your passion - it will refresh the ways you share reality and Execute on your idea - and aspire your stories to inspire.
  14. 14. Power of Film I can change your mind in 15 minutes. Wanna see how? Check out the award wining documentary I filmed in Afghanistan called “On Wings of Hope” and see for yourself. I showed a rough cut of this movie to 100 university students last year and you can read about how I changed their minds in a blog post titled: “How to change 100 minds in 15 minutes.”
  15. 15. @moviesbydepuhl Pascal Depuhl gave the “How to create a killer video for your blog” at WordCamp Miami 2014. Watch his presentation on WordPress TV (coming soon). Let me know if there is any information I can help you with in regards to cinematography, photography or how to create engaging visual content for your clients. I love helping brands to bring their passionate vision to life - ‘cause those kinds of pieces can change 1,000 minds forever.