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  1. 1. Thanks to the ITAS Giordano Bruno Headmaster didactic and moral support [Project manager] Thanks to my students who made it real Thanks to Paola Bolaffio GNE Thanks to the ARPA Umbria General Director Svedo Piccioni Thanks to ARPA Umbria Press and Publishing office Fabio Mariottini Thanks to the ARPA Umbria Communication and Public Relations Service Lorena Marzolesi Thanks to ARPA Umbria Library Francesco Zuccherini [Terni] Thanks to the Brownfield dept. Paolo Sconocchia [Terni] Thanks to the Natural water treatment expert Benedetta CascianelliThanks to the Vice directors supportThanks to Prof. Lombardi ITC supportThanks to Prof. Mezzetti Design teacher (tactile lake)Thanks to Prof. Gallo Biology teacherThanks to Prof. Gallo’s assistantThanks to Prof. Arcelli Chemestry teacherThanks to 1AB studentsThanks to my colleaguesThanks to the Itc assistants Thanks to Perugia Province Thanks to Admin Director Thanks to Port Inspectorate Thanks to CEA Thanks to Parco del Lago TrasimenoGiulia Fontecchio Project officer and English teacher