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Scopo gioco


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Scopo gioco

  1. 1. IIS G.Bruno - Perugia - Perugia (Italy) Indirizzo BiologicoThis is an online Treasure Hunt. It’s a way to find hidden infosurfing the WEB.AIM: if you play this game you will become an expert indifferent sectors and if you reach a High Score you could cometo our school to study Italian or English for one month. Theaccomodation and tuition is free.LEVELS:Level 1 - water expertLevel 2 - international natural water treatment systems expertLevel 3 - Phytoremediation expertLevel 4 - Water management expertSCORE: Collect as much points as you can doing the followingactivities, visiting sites, collecting info and taking pictures.Everybody can be a player.Would you like to be our player?