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Livello 3 riass prima


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Livello 3 riass prima

  1. 1. Istituto G.Bruno – Perugia – ItalyIndirizzo BiologicoLevel 1 – The students studied the river and the lake natural featuresLevel 2 - we analised the Ipswich river biolabLevel 3 - we went to Isola Polvese to compare the info about natural water treatment and to collectfacts about phytoremediationYears ago the Istituto G.Bruno created together with the Local Administration (Provincia) aliving system to purify water and preserve the singularity of the Isola Polvese environment. Nobodyleaves in the Island.Again, the Local Administration (ARPA, Provincia, Parco del Lago trasimeno, CEA) gave itscontribution to organise the 20th March event. In that occasion, the Port Inspectorate rent us theFerry boat because the visitors can visit it since April the 1st.In this way we had the possibility to environment education day with ARPA Info collection and verification3.a Direct observation and comparison of an International system with a concrete and domestic one4.a Discussion with the ARPA experts5.a microlanguage campus, interviews and...