Taller plataforma informacion turismo bogota


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Taller plataforma informacion turismo bogota

  1. 1. Bogota June 10th 2014 CBI Market Intelligence
  2. 2. Today’s programme - Introduction CBI - CBI Market Intelligence - Who are you? - Who is your client? - CBI tourism studies - Trends in tourism and interesting new markets - Marketing plan
  3. 3. > Introduction CBI
  4. 4. Mission and Vision
  5. 5. Target groups
  6. 6. CBI operates in more than 50 countries
  7. 7. CBI provides services to governments, support organisations, and more than 700 SMEs a year in more than 50 countries, in over 20 sectors. Five clusters of services: CBI services
  8. 8. > CBI Market Intelligence
  9. 9. Why do the research? Market research
  10. 10. CBI has been doing market research for over 20 years, to help entrepreneurs from developing countries stop interesting opportunities. Market research
  11. 11. Information (facts and figures) won't get you across the gap that separates your company from the EU markets What you need is intelligence: data analyses, foresights, insight into trends and business opportunities and practical onsiderations for action From information to intelligence
  12. 12. Characteristics of CBI Market Intelligence: • Practical • Professional • Reliable • Supportive • Insightful (future-oriented) • Empowering Intelligence = more insight in less time
  13. 13. 4 Market sectors, > 20 Subsectors
  14. 14. CBI Market Intelligence Guide
  15. 15. > How CBI’s Market Intelligence Process
  16. 16. Developments Trends Foresights (short term) Foresights (long term, scenario-oriented) Opportunities Considerations for action Information versus intelligence
  17. 17. Market Intelligence process
  18. 18. Peer Group session
  19. 19. > What CBI’s Market Intelligence Product Portfolio
  20. 20. CBI Trends: Insights and foresights on key European market dynamics, short- and long-term CBI Trade Statistics: Broadcasting your trade statistics See European trends and their implications for your future
  21. 21. CBI Channels & Segments: Your trade route on the European market Navigate Europe’s market channels and segments
  22. 22. CBI Competition The competitive forces that shape your market CBI EU Support Organizations Find your European support organization Navigate Europe’s support organizations and assess the competition
  23. 23. CBI Inside a Buyer’s Brain: Learn what’s on the mind of an European buyer CBI EU Buyer Requirements: An overview of legislative and non-legislative requirements Penetrate The minds of European buyers Grasp European legislative & non-legislative requirements for exporters
  24. 24. CBI Product Factsheet: Practical market insights on your product as seen on European markets Focus On your most promising product-market combination in Europe
  25. 25. CBI Database: An overview of EU market essentials for exporters, including tailored, demand-driven market studies and tailored studies on (unintended) policy effects in developing countries Tailored Intelligence • For BSOs or CBI Programme Managers (on-demand) • Focus on a specific (EU) market for a specific sector Export Intelligence • For BSOs and exporters • Manuals on EU market essentials of exporting to Europe Know All you need to know about EU market essentials
  26. 26. CBI Scenario Planning: Strategic future roadmap development for BSOs CBI Fashion Forecast: Upcoming fashion trends and developments (styles, colours, fabrics, design) Anticipate Shifts and future market developments
  27. 27. > Where CBI’s Market Intelligence Platform
  28. 28. www.marketintel.eu
  29. 29. Twitter Want to know about new publications? @CBIMarketIntel
  30. 30. > Who are you?
  31. 31. Assignment 1 Make a short list of what your company offers tourists. Focus on what makes you unique. Make a short list of what your region offers tourists. Focus on what makes the region unique. Make a list of some of the region’s bottlenecks.
  32. 32. > Who is your client?
  33. 33. Assignment 2 Give a short description of your target group, based on what you are offering. Think of three examples of people: • What is their age, education etc.? • Where are they from? • What are their needs? • What are their wishes?
  34. 34. > CBI tourism studies
  35. 35. CBI tourism market intelligence
  36. 36. Export Marketing Plan
  37. 37. Export Marketing Plan Step 2 - EU market selection & analysis A. Market attractiveness B. Competitive power Step 4 - Sales & Marketing Plan A. Export objectives B. Marketing strategy (6 p's) C. Financial feasibility D. Action Plan & Monitoring Market research plays important role in step 2 and step 4 of the EMP. • CBI Trade Statistics • EH Statistics • ITC Trademap • CBI Trends (STEEP) • CBI Buyer Requirements • EH My exports + Requirements • ITC Standards Map • CBI Competition • ITC Trade Competitiveness Map • ITC Market Access Map • CBI Market Channels and Segments • CBI Market Channels and Segments • CBI Inside a Buyers' Brain • CBI Product factsheet • CBI Database (on demand studies) • CBI EU support organizations
  38. 38. Market Attractiveness CBI Trade Statistics
  39. 39. Market Attractiveness Other great sources: • UNWTO - worldwide arrival statistics and tourism barometer (www2.unwto.org/) • European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations - facts & figures EU tourism market and overview of national tourism trade associations in the EU (www.ectaa.org) • World Travel & Tourism Council - tourism research for several regions and countries (www.wttc.org)
  40. 40. Market Attractiveness CBI Trends (STEEP)
  41. 41. Market Attractiveness CBI Buyer Requirements
  42. 42. Market Attractiveness Other great sources: • ITC Standards Map – tourism standards information (www.standardsmap.org/) • Tourism Review - worldwide tourism industry news channel. (www.tourism-review.com) • Sustainable travel international - sustainable tourism information (http://sustainabletravel.org) • European Travel Commission - tourism reports and studies for several regions and countries (www.etc-corporate.org) • ITB Berlin - world travel trends report (www.itb-berlin.de/en) • World Travel Market - world travel market industry report (www.wtmlondon.com)
  43. 43. Competitive power CBI Competition
  44. 44. Competitive power Other great sources: • Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index, WEF (http://reports.weforum.org/travel-and-tourism- competitiveness-report-2013/) • Tourism Ireland - market profiles for many countries worldwide (www.tourismireland.com/Home/Consumer-Insights.aspx)
  45. 45. Marketing Strategy CBI Market Channels and Segments
  46. 46. Marketing Strategy CBI Inside a Buyers' Brain
  47. 47. Marketing Strategy CBI Product Factsheet
  48. 48. Marketing Strategy CBI Database (on demand studies)
  49. 49. Marketing Strategy CBI EU support organizations
  50. 50. Marketing Strategy Other great sources: • European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations - facts & figures EU tourism market and overview of national tourism trade associations in the EU (www.ectaa.org) • Tourism Australia - EU traveler profiles (www.tourism.australia.com) • Adventure Travel Trade Association - adventure tourism news and reports (http://www.adventuretravel.biz)
  51. 51. > Trends in tourism and interesting new markets
  52. 52. Tourism trends
  53. 53. Tourism trends Social: • Lifestyles of happiness demand new holidays. • Demographic changes create new target groups. • Growth in regional tourism offers new business opportunities. Technological: • Customers are finding new ways to make travel decisions. • New distribution channels create extra opportunities for market entry.
  54. 54. Tourism trends Economic: • Look for disposable incomes available for travel. • Experienced customers determine travel offers through new business propositions. • Accelerating development cycles require flexible market entry strategies. Environmental: • Climate-neutral companies are preferred business partners. • Pressure on destinations demands sustainable business. Political: • Increased liability demands solid and reliable business partners
  55. 55. Interesting product-market combinations for Latin American countries Volcano and active tourism, from France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Cultural Heritage and Colonial Tourism, from France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Nature and Eco-tourism, from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.
  56. 56. Interesting product-market combinations for Latin American countries Rural and Community Based Tourism (CBT), from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Surfing Tourism, from France, Germany, Italy, the UK. Wellness Tourism, from France, Germany, Italy and the UK.
  57. 57. Upcoming research MICE tourism from Europe Adventure tourism: Spain to Latin America Nature tourism: Scandinavia to LA Cruise tourism from Europe Tourism to conflict areas Need for sustainable suppliers: EU tour operators Explorative tourism families with kids (12+) Cycling tourism: the Netherlands Diving tourism: Germany
  58. 58. > Marketing plan
  59. 59. Assignment 3 Select one or two interesting product-market combinations, based on what you offer. Fill in the form for that product-market combination. Use multiple sources.
  60. 60. > Questions?
  61. 61. Questions? Do you have any issues you would like to discuss? Questions about market research? About EU outbound tourism?
  62. 62. Thanks for your attention! Want to keep up to date on our research? Follow us on Twitter! @CBIMarketIntel Questions? thoek@cbi.eu