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Directory phs

  2. 2. AGROINDUSTRIA SANTA CECILIA AGROINDUSTRIA SANTA CECILIA J A I M E H OYO S M . Description Agroindustria Santa Cecilia specializes in the production of color-vibrant Gerberas available to international markets all year-round. The company is strategically located in the Colombian coffee region. Rafael Hoyos (+57) 311 617 6014 Manizales  Gerberas
  3. 3. C.I. ANDEAN BOUQUET S.A. Description We have been in the flower market for 12 years now, growing and exporting mainly hydrangeas and other flowers to North America and Europe. Some of our products are jumbo hydrangeas (antiek, white, blue, lime, and white-pink), extra hydrangeas (white and blue), mini green hydrangea, elite hydrangea (deep blue and purple), pink hydrangea, Anastasia disbuds, asters, and birds of paradise. We are looking forward to long lasting business relationships with our customers, always improving our company in order to give the best service possible.  Hebert Varela  Hydrangeas, asters, stars of Bethlehem, and birds of paradise (+57) 312 258 6999 El Retiro
  4. 4. C.I FLORES LA CONEJERA LTDA Description Flores La Conejera specializes in the production and commercialization of top-quality carnations. Its international experience of over 33 years exporting fresh flowers to Europe, Asia, and the US has positioned the company as a top supplier for importers, wholesalers, and retailers. As active members of Asocolflores (The Colombian Flower Exporters Association), La Conejera is committed to environmental protection practices, as well as taking care of all of its employees. Diana Marcela Rojas S. Juan Camilo Torres M. (+57) 320 848 9280 (+57) 310 865 1789 Carnations Cajica
  5. 5. CI LOS AROMAS FARMS Description Los Aromas Farms specializes in the production and commercialization of fresh cut flowers and foliage. The company is located strategically in the department of Antioquia and it is recognized internationally as C.I. Los Aromas Farms. Alejandro Echeverri Mariana Piedrahita Sergio Gutierrez Purple hydrangea and strong green hydrangea (+57 4) 266 6754 (+57) 305 848 4806 Medellin
  6. 6. FLORES DEL ESTE Description Flores del Este specializes in the production of hydrangeas being the largest in South America harvesting an average of 3 million steams per year.    Andrés Arango Catalina Arango  Hydrangeas  (+57 4) 568 1879 Medellin
  7. 7. FLORVERDE® SUSTAINABLE FLOWERS Description Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard which ensures that flowers certified under this scheme have been responsibly produced. This requires flower growers to adopt measures that will protect and enable worker’s rights, as well as implement best environmental practices.    Ximena Franco. Flor Verde Certification  (+57 1) 257 9311 Bogota
  8. 8. FOLLAJES LA ILUSION S.A.S Description Foliage La Ilusión is located in the coffee region and offers a wide variety of fresh cut and tropical flowers. The company specializes in the production of hydrangea, roses, and tropical flowers.    Julian Perez (+57) 313 649 1955  Hydrangea, roses, and tropical flowers Marsella
  9. 9. GREENEX S.A.S Description GreenEx was founded in January of 2005 in the area of Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, in South America. We are amongst the leaders in Colombian foliage production. GreenEx is committed to providing our clients with the highest industry standards of quality, compliance, and service. Our wide variety of foliage and cut flowers, along with our exceptional knowledge in growing techniques, harvesting, and post-harvesting allow us to be successful in the foliage and flower market.  Natalia Ospina.  Foliages and hydrangeas (+57 4)  562 8759 ext 112 Rionegro
  10. 10. PALMITROPICALES Description Palmitropicales specializes in the production and commercialization of high-quality tropical cut flowers and foliage. The company is located close to the coffee region and has developed strategic alliances with other farms from the area. This has allowed them to broaden their selection of products, including tropical foliage like lily grass green, variegated, cordylines, philodendrons, and gerberas, among others. Fabiola Montealegre Julian Pérez Sigifredo Cruz Rafael Hoyos (+57) 313 737 1029 / (+57 2) 665 5087 Tropical cut flowers and assorted foliage leaves and bouquets Palmira
  11. 11. Proexport is the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting Colombian Exports, Investment and Tourism. Please contact us for your procurement needs, our service is free of charge. RUSSIA GERMANY CANADA Montreal, Toronto. UNITED STATES San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C New York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas. MEX ICO Mexico City, Guadalajara. GUAT EMALA COSTA RICA COLOMBIA UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE PORTUGAL CARIBBEAN CHILE Beiji ng , Shangai, Hong Kong. San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port of Spain VENEZUELA ECUADOR PERU JAPAN SOUTH KOREA CHINA SPAIN INDIA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BRAZIL ARGENTINA TURKEY SINGAPORE INDONESIA PROEXPORT IN THE WORLD For more information, please contact: (305) 374 3144 L ib ertad y O rd e n