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Directory digital gdc 2014


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Directory digital gdc 2014

  1. 1. L ibertad y Orden Meet the people behind the story-driven adventures, enemy defeating quests, and artistic craftsmanship.are doing to refresh the games industry. See what Colombian video game developers COLOMBIA’S BEST TO THE WORLD MOSCONE CENTER • SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 17 - 21, 2014 GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE®
  2. 2. DESCRIPTION We develop 3D and 2D videogames for all kinds of platforms: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PC, Facebook and Web. We have 8 years of experience developing this projects and using a wide variety of tools (Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Phyre Engine) which allows us to adapt to clients with established work pipelines or produce our own IP’s from scratch. Edwin Vargas Cortes (+57) 312 357 9214 Bogota 12 hit Combo!
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION Since 2008, Below The Game (BTG) has worked on more than 30 Serious and Corporate Training Games for big companies in Colombia. Several of its experi- mental gameplay projects have been well received by worldwide audiences, and BTG is now focusing on taking those projects into full fledged games with unique and innovative ideas for PC and PS Vita. BTG offers originality, dedication and game design as its pillars to develop platformers, puzzles and adventure games for its own IPs or as a service provider for publishers worldwide. The company has 14 employees, experience and dedication. Bucaramanga Carlos Rocha (+57 7) 670 7052 (+57) 317 667 2059 Below The Game
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION Blazing Soft is a Colombian videogame development and services company specialized in: 3D Modeling, 3D Texturizing, 2D and 3D Animations, Illustrations, Concepts, Game design (gameplay, characters, scenarios, UI and more). Andres Rodriguez (+57) 317 316 2402 Barranquilla Blazing Soft
  5. 5. Camilo Andres Botero (+57 4) 516 7770, ext. 1137 Medellin Blockwise
  6. 6. DESCRIPTION Bogota77 Studio is a small company with big dreams. We work making games, and we love it. We're always looking to make them better, with high quality and more enjoyable. Our passion is the guide to improve our development process, and it is also what drives us to do research on new interactive ways to add fun to our games. Our talented group of designers are new in the industry but they're adding new ideas and years of experience from other working areas. We like to think big, but also small, we like to think mobile. But we also enjoy a good chal- lenge, and we love to design fantastic worlds, incredible adventures, and thrilling mysteries. Carlos Arturo Reyes (+57) 304 475 0435 (+57 1) 223 3624 Bogota Bogotá 77
  7. 7. DESCRIPTION Boron Studios is a company founded in the year 2012 in the city of Bucaramanga. Currently, it projects itself as a video game and app design and development company. It is notable for the quality in every aspect of its products for mobile platforms. Its most recent project and first owned IP game, Aluna, is under development and expected soon for iOS, Android and WinPhone 8 platforms. (+57) 300 308 7113 Sebastian Castilla Prada Bucaramanga Boron Entertainment Company SAS
  8. 8. DESCRIPTION BRAINZ is a high production value mobile game studio based in Bogota. Our first title, Vampire Season (GREE) was published on the summer of 2012 to great critical response. Current title lineup includes Social Street Soccer (Kabam!), Audio Ninja (co-produced with Cocodrilo Dog) and Casino Paraiso (co-produced with Mentez). Brainz Alejandro Gonzalez (+57) 316 233 1805 Bogota
  9. 9. DESCRIPTION Brash 3D is a premier stereoscopic 3D content creation studio, located in Bogota, Colombia. Partnering with RealD, the world leader in 3D technology, we focus our skills on creating stereoscopic 3D content in these main areas: • Pre-feature advertising for digital cinema • Corporate events and shows • Concert and Stage Visuals • 2D to 3D convertion • Augmented reality, mobile applications, and gaming. Brash 3D Bogota Luis Martinez (+57 1) 704 42 31 (+57 318) 285 4232
  10. 10. DESCRIPTION Cocodrilo Dog creates adventure video games for mobile devices in a unique way. We integrate music mechanics into the gameplay, allowing everyone to enjoy both video games and music like never before. Since the release of Audio Ninja, our first video game we've received photos, reviews and tweets from happy players around the world that range from 5 to 40 years of age. It was selected as game runner-up by Apple's App Store as "Best of 2013" in Latin America and Spain. Cocodrilo Dog Games Bogota (+57 1) 627 9326 Juan Pablo Reyes
  11. 11. DESCRIPTION  Gerberas Efecto Studios is an experienced game developer, focused on developing video games for almost every major gaming device, with a team that has worked on titles including CellFactor: PsychoKinetic Wars, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, and Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring. Having already launched several titles and in response to the emergent mobile gaming universe, Efecto Studios is starting to create awesome content for this market. Bogota Eivar Rojas (+57 1) 805 1997 Efecto Studios
  12. 12. DESCRIPTION Ennovva, a company based in Bogota, Colombia, is a leading edge communication partner, digital advertising agency, and 200+ person lab. We are in the business of shaping technology to develop, optimize, and create solid campaigns for our agency partners and clients. Companies are being asked to speak in the language of the consumer; we can do the pertinent translating. Ennovva works with both agency partners and clients, helping them navigate the rapidly evolving digital space. We leverage unsurpassed opportunities to drive breakthrough results while reinventing the art and science of building. Bogota Luis Fernando Molina (+57 1) 327 5888, ext. 2624 Ennova
  13. 13. DESCRIPTION The Ethereal Game Factory is a game devoloper company with over 6 years of experience in mobile development, multiplayer games, and educative media. The company is characterized for its capacity to learn new programming languages or technologies and for the quality of its products. (+57) 313 659 7156 Carlos Andres Beltran Gomez Armenia Ethereal Game Factory
  14. 14. DESCRIPTION Gametron Studios is an independent video game developer based in Bucara- manga, Colombia. Our mission is to explore strange new game platforms, to seek out new ways of playing, and to create games that no one has played before. Bucaramanga Alvaro Martinez (+57 7) 689 6964 Gametron
  15. 15. DESCRIPTION Gara Entertainment creates and develops videogames and amusement products for mobile devices. Juan Carlos Aristizabal (+57) 313 614 1359 Medellin Gara Entertainment
  16. 16. DESCRIPTION Naska Digital is a company specializing in transforming the way of creating, producing, and marketing digital content, through creating and implementing workflows based on international industry trends. Bogota - Medellin (+57 1) 321 3252 Leonardo Lamprea Naska Digital
  17. 17. DESCRIPTION NDiTeravision has been creating quality interactive children’s entertainment since 2001. As brand owners and developers, we bring a unique perspective to our consultancy and production services that surpass strictly service-oriented com- panies. We are the interactive partner for children content including broadcast, TV producers, book publishers and toy makers. Our clients and partners include Nickelodeon, PBS Sprout, Wildbrain, Disney, Warner Bros., American Greetings, Atari, and Namco. Bogota - Medellin Enrique Fuentes (+57) 321 415 8451 NDiTeravision
  18. 18. DESCRIPTION The world claims for solutions and the digital environment can add dynamism, optimization, ideas, and more. We are a response for these claims. We want to be the perfect gear to express those ideas in a better way. Video- games, apps, animations, art, and engineering are the ways we express ourselves so that we make a positive impact on the world of today and tomorrow. Bogota Ivan Leonardo Chavarro Martinez (+57 1) 801 1716 (+57) 314 272 3702 NunBer 3D Factory E.U.
  19. 19. DESCRIPTION Video Game Studio from Colombia with office in Sillicon Valley (San Francisco,CA.) and Bogota (Colombia), strategic places for the game market. Since 2011 it is focused on developing casual and mid-core games in genres of action/adventure for young players from 12 years old and above. “Doña Gloria: The Game” obtained more than 160.000 users within two weeks in the market, without any publicity. Currently the studio develops games for mobile devices and PC, working simulta- neously in different projects. Press Start Studios is funded by leading interna- tional game investors. Bogota (+57) 320 340 7072 Rene Serrato Press Start Studios
  20. 20. DESCRIPTION Since 2003 the idea of making video games that everyone wants to play has become the source of inspiration for the titles that our company has created. Thinking differently and doing what we love are the best tools we have, supported by the great talent of our members and collaborators. Cali Juan Diego Uran Correa (+57) 317 305 4551 Tribungo Studio
  21. 21. PROEXPORT IN THE WORLD For more information, please contact: (305) 374 3144 Libertad y Orden Please contact us for your procurement needs, our service is free of charge. Proexport is the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting Colombian Exports, Investment and Tourism. INDONESIA Montreal, Toronto. Vancouver CANADA UNITED KINGDOM JAPAN SOUTH KOREA CHINA Beijing, Shanghai, FRANCE SPAIN GERMANY RUSSIA TURKEY UNITED STATES San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. New York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas. Chicago MEXICO Mexico City, Guadalajara. NORTH TRIANGLE (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) COSTA RICA (Panama). ECUADOR PERU CHILE CARIBBEAN Pto.Rico, Dominican Republic Trinidad and Tobago Poland and Sweden VENEZUELA ARGENTINA BRAZIL UNITED ARAB EMIRATES INDIA PORTUGAL COLOMBIA