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Directorio chicago2 31 10-2011

  1. 1. Courtesy Shaio4th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, Chicago 2011. TOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTION
  2. 2. COLOMBIA CLOSER TO THE WORLD Moscow Paris Frankfurt GMT + 4 Toronto GMT + 2 GMT + 2 GMT - 5 Seoul New York GMT + 9 Tokyo GMT - 5 Madrid GMT + 9 GMT + 2 Miami GMT - 5 Dubai Shanghai GMT + 8 Mexico City GMT + 4 GMT - 6Hong Kong Bogotá Caracas GMT + 8 GMT - 5 GMT - 4:30SingaporeGMT + 8 Lima GMT - 5 Sao Paulo GMT - 3 Sydney Santiago de Chile GMT + 10 GMT - 4 Buenos Aires GMT - 3 Frecuencias aéreas Pais semanales Country Weekly aerial frequencies United States 193 Panama 154 Ecuador 69 Peru 49 Venezuela 46 Spain 38 Mexico 37 Brazil 21 Costa Rica 18 Curaçao 16 Chile 14 Aruba 9 France 7 Argentina 7 El Salvador 7 Dominican Rep. 6 Germany 5 Canada 4 Cuba 3 Total 703
  3. 3. CLÍNICA DEL PRADO Clínica del Prado is a healthcare institution that provides medium to high complexity level services, which outstands for its performance in Gynecology and Obstetrics for emergency areas, specialized attention, surgery, hospitalization and diagnostic aid areas. Complementary to our specialty, we have Intensive Care Unit for Newborns, High Obstetric Dependence, Maternal-Fetal, Gynecologic Endoscopy Surgery and Fetology Units, all of them made up of an excellent professional team and technological resources in order to meet our customers’ needs. Contact Gustavo Restrepo Nicholls E-mail Website Phone + (57-4) 576 5700 Medellín - Colombia
  4. 4. CLÍNICA MEDIHELP The Medihelp Services Clinic, established in the year 2001, is a private institution whose mission is to offer and provide medical treatment of the highest scientific and human quality, with emphasis on out-patient, as well as state of the art in-patient surgical operations. It is staffed by a group of specialists who are supported by advanced technological equipment, considered to be among the most modern and advanced in Colombia. All this guarantees an extraordinary level of reliability and service, in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Contact Maria Elena Martinez Ibarra E-mail Website Phone + (57-5) 656 9400 Cartagena - Colombia
  5. 5. FUNDACIÓN CLINICA SHAIO With over a half century of continuance and active participation in the developmente of scientific medicine and health, we are nationwide and worldwide pioneers in cardiology. Our infrestructure, technology,medical and scientific staff, our health care and administrative staff´s kindness make us the best choice for kids an adult´s treatment and recovery. Cardiology (hemodynamic, electrophysiology and cardiovascular surgery), Neurosciences (Radiosurgery GAMMA KNIFE PERFEXION), Bariatric surgery Contact Lina Maria Agudelo Montoya E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 593 8210 Bogotá - Colombia
  6. 6. MEDICAL AND DENTAL SERVICES CLUSTERMEDELLIN HEALTH CITY It is a development strategy, led by the Commerce Chamber and the City Hall of Medellin and it is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and Proexport Colombia. The City is recognized in Colombia and Latin America for its top quality, high complexity clinics, hospitals and dental clinics and its leadership in international patients care (more than 8450 treated in 2009-2010 by the Cluster members). Some of our members had been included in the America Economia Magazine “Best Hospitals of Latin America Ranking” since 2009. In 2011, 14 Colombian hospitals, 5 of them from Medellin, were included. We also have 4 hospitals with national accreditation that are working towards JCI international accreditation and 6 dental clinics with AAAASF international accreditation Contact Carlos E. Cárdenas Rendón 1. Dentistry E-mail 2. Aesthetic Website 3. Healing (Ophtalmology, Fertilization, Orthopedics Phone + (57-4) 261 3660 Ext. 112 and Cardivascular) Medellín - Colombia
  7. 7. CLÍNICA COLSANITAS S.A Clínica Colsanitas SA is part of the International Organization Sanitas. Continued consolidation and development of processes to deliver high standards of quality and safety during care activities. With its new approach to multidisciplinary care, personalized and comprehensive, with a high humanitarian and highly qualified personnel, we have achieved significant levels of satisfaction, which have allowed its positioning and recognition nationally and internationally. It is an institution that combines technology and specialized medicine to provide comprehensive health Contact Mabel Rodriguez Rueda service to human quality with high standards. E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 625 2111 Bogotá - Colombia
  8. 8. INSTITUTO DE CARDIOLOGÍAFUNDACIÓN CARDIOINFANTIL The FCI-INSTITUTO DE CARDIOLOGÍA began in 1973 as a foundation destinated to offer medical care services to adults and children, mainly with cardiovascular diseases, who require special medical care, with the best technology, prices and recovery index available in the region. Additionally we count with 51 specialties and subspecialties. We have 330 beds, 27 suites and 5 Intensive Unit Care with 90 beds, 8 surgery rooms and 4 hemodynamic rooms. Five years ago we created the International Center, for the attention of international patients that present different pathologies in all age groups. We have an interdisciplinary group dedicated to give integral services to international patients and their relatives. Contact Claudia Maria Torres E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 667 2717 Bogotá - Colombia
  9. 9. FUNDACIÓN CARDIOVASCULAR DE COLOMBIA FCV is consistently ranked among the nation’s top hospitals. We first established our operations in 1986 in Bucaramanga and this year we are celebrating 25 years of service. Throughout all these years we have been working day by day to consistently provide high standards of quality, cost effectiveness and patient satisfaction. At our instutution we are committed to the advancement of healthcare through clinical innovation, medical education and scientific research. Regardless of race, nationality or social distinction we give all of our patients the best care and quality in all the services we provide. 1. Adult Cardiovascular Services. 2. Pediatric cardiovascular. 3. Neurosciences. Contact Tatiana Charry E-mail Website Phone + (57-7) 639 6767 Bucaramanga - Colombia
  10. 10. FUNDACIÓN SAN VICENTE DE PAUL Specialized Centers of San Vicente Fundación is a healing center of excellence and innovation that is up to the best in the world in high complexity medicine. It has the highest standards of patient care and safety, working towards accreditation by the Joint Commission International, LEED accreditation (first Green Hospital in Colombia) and has been declared a Free Trade Zone. The hospital offers its services by specialized centers among which are transplants and tissue, digestive diseases, oncology, cardiopulmonary and vascular system. Contact Andres Felipe Molina E-mail Website Phone + (57-4) 444 1333 Medellín - Colombia
  11. 11. FUNDACIÓN SANTA FE DE BOGOTÁ The University Hospital of the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá is a universty general hospital recognized by national and international entities and associations as a top quiality hospital with state of the art technology, the best group of physicians and a highly specialized staff. We provide health care services that meet high quality and safety standards for the patient, the family and the community as a whole. Being a patient-focused hospital, we are committed to excellence with an emphasis on safety of care; thus we received the Colombian accreditation in 2007 and again in 2011 and the Joint Commission International one in 2010, that certify us as a fully committed general hospital centered on the patient. Contact Ana Maria Gonzalez Rojas Neurology and neurosurgery E-mail Cardiovascular surgery and non invasive cardiology Website Orthopedics Phone + (57-1) 603 0303 Ext. 5901 - 5895 Oncology Bogotá - Colombia Diagnostic imaging
  12. 12. HOSPITAL DEPARTAMENTALSANTA SOFÍA DE CALDAS In 1962, Santa Sofia General Hospital started its operations. It’s a high complexity hospital, pioneer in the management of cardiovascular and thoracic pathologies. For being an institution that handles high complexity procedures, it fulfills the highest quality standards. It offers services such as: Services: • Heart surgery. • Neurosurgery. • Obesity surgery. • Metabolic surgery (Diabetes patients). • Oncologic surgery. • Otology surgery. • Plastic surgery (aesthetical and reconstructive). • Cardiology: Hemodynamic and electrophysiology. • Executive packages. Contact Jorge Hernán Yepes Alzate • Telemedicine. E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 887 200 Manizales - Colombia www.santaso
  13. 13. EL HOSPITAL CON ALMAPABLO TOBÓN URIBE At the Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital we are called by our endeavor. We ar fully committed to providing integral services of the highest technical and scientific quality, aimed at obtaining the best possible results for the recovery of our patients. We keep in mind that we are " A Hospital with a soul", where the lives of ailing patients, and those of their families and relatives are given the highest consideration and utmost respect. We assign extreme acre and dedication to continuous learning, development and consolidation of technical skills, and to insure processes aimed at achieving the highest international standards of care. Contact Clara Lucia Lemalara E-mail Website Phone + (57-4)445 9995 Medellín - Colombia
  14. 14. HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO SAN IGNACIO The Hospital Universitario San Ignacio is a high complexity medical facility committed to serve the community, with the main purpose to provide services with human and technological quality with national and international recognition. As affiliates of the Medical School of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, one of the nations major universities, our work has been strengthened through permanent research, discussion and proposal of innovative working methods, management protocols and procedures which allows us to develop the best medical care. Contact Claudio R. Brando MD E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 5946161 Bogotá - Colombia
  15. 15. LA FONT - CLÍNICA DE CIRUGÍA ESTÉTICA La Font, is a prestigious Aesthetic Surgery Clinic with Hotel and Spa, thereby forming an institution dedicated to providing beauty, health and comfort for its demanding national and international costumers. With global recognitions and awards to our doctors for be creators of prestigious surgical techniques and get excellent results, with certification and international quality awards, providing the highest quality care and the best clinical-surgical treatment in facial and body aesthetic surgery, with high levels of safety, “We are a comprehensive source of beauty that offers a better quality of life to our customers”. 1. Rhinoplasty 2. Augmentation Mammoplasty Procedure Contact Eduardo Pedroza E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 593 8150 Bogotá - Colombia
  16. 16. IDCLAS AMERICAS Las Americas Medical Center is a health care facility, located in Medellín, the second largest city of Colombia, which is nicknamed as "the eternal- spring city" for its pleasant wather. We provide health services of high and intermediate complexity, covering medical specialties and subspecialties. Our commitment with the quality of the services we offer is reflected in our mission, which establishes that "we exist to improve the health status of the people and to contribute to the quality of the world".. Contact Clara Inés Gómez Rojas E-mail Website Phone + (57-4) 342 1010 Medellín - Colombia
  17. 17. SALUD SIN FRONTERAS We place highly qualified staff and a suitable physical infrastructure endowed with high technology equipments, at competitive costs, to offer services with great medical-scientific quality and with personalized attention. The alliance of our 8 institutions allows offering a capacity of 2.684 beds, 104 OR, 382 intensive care beds and 2.166 general practitioners and specialists. All the institutions within Salud sin Fronteras work with highly strict quality control and ruled by international procedures and protocols for the provision of health services, which provides a major safety and reliability to patients. Contact Felipe Giraldo Correa E-mail Website Phone + (57-4) 444 4773 Medellín - Colombia
  18. 18. TRAVEL HEALTHY Travel Healthy Colombia is a company that integrates health and tourism services, it is located in Pereira, Risaralda and operates in Bogota and the Colombian Coffee Region, it offers medical services in the areas of aesthetics, dentistry and high complexity, which are complemented by tourism and leisure services in terms of accommodations, transportation, insurance, food, among others. We have a network of allied enterprises with qualified personnel in both fields that meet high quality standards, and work hard for the satisfaction of our clients. Contact Santiago Delgado Panesso E-mail Website Phone + (57-1) 333 0427 Pereira - Colombia