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Natural disaster


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Natural disaster

  1. 1. 5 Natural Disasters• Drought• Flood• Forest Fire• Tornadoes• Volcanic Eruption
  2. 2. • Drought is a period or condition of unusually dry weather within a geographic area where rainfall is normally present. During a drought there is a lack of precipitation. Droughts occur in all climatic zones. However, its characteristics vary significantly from one region to another.
  3. 3. • We already know that a drought occurs when not enough rain falls to the ground.• Or droughts occur because water vapor is not brought by air currents to the right areas at the right times.
  4. 4. Environmental- Increased desertification - Damage to animal species- Reduction and degradation of fish and wildlife habitat- Lack of feed and drinking water- Disease- Increased predation.- loss of wildlife in some areas and too many in others- Increased stress to endangered species- Damage to plant species- Increased number and severity of fires- Wind and water erosion of soils
  5. 5. Social- Food shortages- Loss of human life from food shortages, heat, suicides, violence- Mental and physical stress- Water user conflicts- Political conflicts- Social unrest- Public dissatisfaction with government regarding droughtresponse- Inequity in the distribution of drought relief- Loss of cultural sites- Reduced quality of life which leads to changes in lifestyle- increased poverty- Population migrations
  6. 6. • A form of natural disaster when there is more water than the lakes, rivers, oceans, or ground can hold
  7. 7. • Too much rain• Excessive melting of snow• Too much water for the ground to absorb water• Ice or other objects block the flow of the river
  8. 8. • Damage property and homes• Kill people and animals• Communities in flood zones must be rebuilt with proper flood controlling equipment
  9. 9. • A forest fire is a natural disaster consisting of a fire which destroys a forested area, and can be a great danger to people who live in forests as well as wildlife. Forest fires are generally started by lightning, but also by human negligence or arson, and can burn thousands of square kilometers.
  10. 10. • Extinguishing fire improperly.• Burning candles in tents.• Burning crackers in the forest.• Parking cars in the forest.• Throwing industrial waste in the forest.• Lighting cigarette in the forest.• Accumulating dry leaves and bushes at one place.
  11. 11. • Destroys in the vegetation of plants.• Destroys in the vegetation of animals.• Destroys the water of lakes, rivers, ocean and seas.
  12. 12. • A tornado is a powerful column of winds spiraling around a center of low atmospheric pressure. It looks like a large black funnel hanging down from a storm cloud. The narrow end will move over the earth, whipping back and forth like a tail.
  13. 13. • Tornadoes are formed when hot air and cold air are mixed.• The clouds grow larger and larger. Finally, a thunderstorm is brewed up with a strong updraft.• The moisture in the warm air rises and condenses into large clouds.
  14. 14. • Tornadoes can make People die.• The tornado can destroy a lot of homes, stores, and much more.• It can make serious injuries.
  15. 15. • When a part of the earths upper mantle or lower crust melts, magma forms.
  16. 16. • Low water, high silica (very viscous) - pasty lava - often building domes.• Low water, low silica - runny lava flows (not viscous).• High water, low silica(not viscous) - fountain of runny lava.• High water, high silica (very viscous) – explosion.
  17. 17. • Volcanic Ashes• Debris Avalanches, Landslides, Tsunamis• Blast• Lava• Types of Lava Flows• Gas