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git fast & minimal


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fast, quick and minimal GIT for noobs

Published in: Technology
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git fast & minimal

  1. 1. GitGitParuthi{.exe}Paruthi{.exe}
  2. 2. InfoInfoIf u r here then u mightIf u r here then u mightalready know “what isalready know “what isGIT” am I right ?GIT” am I right ?This is a fast git tutorialThis is a fast git tutorial,,no deep deep stuffs...
  3. 3. SowhatisGITSowhatisGIT is a distributed revisioncontrol and source codemanagement (SCM)system with an emphasison speed.Time to move to thefastest distribute sourcecontrol.
  4. 4. WhomadethisWhomadethis Initially designed anddeveloped by Linus Torvalds for Linuxkernel developmentCurrent License : GPLv2: GPLv2 open source license
  5. 5. FeaturesFeaturesBranching and MergingBranching and MergingSmall and FastSmall and FastDistributedDistributedData AssuranceData AssuranceStaging AreaStaging AreaFree and Open SourceFree and Open Source
  6. 6. CreateanewCreateanewrepositoryrepository[ git init ] – command[ git init ] – commandwill create a newwill create a newrepository(workingrepository(workingcopy)copy)[ git init --bare ] :[ git init --bare ] :command will create thecommand will create theserver side of theserver side of therepository (this is whererepository (this is wherewe save our changes)we save our changes)
  7. 7. gitglobalgitglobalconfigurationconfigurationgit config “user name"git config“"git config –globalcolor.ui "auto“
  8. 8. Clone/CheckoutClone/CheckoutfromarepositoryfromarepositoryLocal :-Local :-[ git clone[ git clone/path_of_src_repository/path_of_src_repository] : command creates a] : command creates aworking copy of a localworking copy of a localrepositoryrepository
  9. 9. Clone/CheckoutClone/CheckoutfromarepositoryfromarepositoryServer :-Server :-[ git clone[ git cloneusername@host:/path_ousername@host:/path_of_repository ] : commandf_repository ] : commandcreates a working copycreates a working copyof a repository fromof a repository fromserverserver
  10. 10. AddfilestogitAddfilestogit[git add filename ]:[git add filename ]:command adds thecommand adds thefilenamefilename[git add *] : command[git add *] : commandadds all the files in theadds all the files in thefolderfolder[git add *.py] :[git add *.py] :command adds all thecommand adds all thefiles with “.py” extentionfiles with “.py” extentionin the folderin the folder
  11. 11. GetcurrentstatusGetcurrentstatus[git status] : command[git status] : commandgives the current statusgives the current statusof files. Added, staged,of files. Added, staged,untracked, modifieduntracked, modifiedfiles…files…
  12. 12. CommittheCommitthechangeschangesIt is time to save theIt is time to save thechanges to the gitchanges to the git[git commit –m[git commit –m“comments about the“comments about thecurrent code changes”] :current code changes”] :command will save thecommand will save thechanges.changes.
  13. 13. PushtotheserverPushtotheserver[git push <remote[git push <remotename> <branchname> <branchname>] : command willname>] : command willpush the code in thepush the code in thelocal folder to thelocal folder to theserver.server.
  14. 14. PullthechangesPullthechanges[[git pull <remotename><branchname>] :] :command will updatecommand will updatethe local code andthe local code andmerge with the newmerge with the newcode from the server.code from the server.
  15. 15. Sourcecodehostingfor.git Following Web sites providerepositories[info from wikiinfo from wiki]: GitHub ; Assembla ;Bitbucket CloudForge ;CollabNet ; Gitorious ;GNU Savannah ;Google Code ; JavaForge;SourceForge ; BerliOS ;CodePlex Choose based on yourChoose based on yourrequirement.requirement. I have tried only GitHub,I have tried only GitHub,Bitbucket and assembla allBitbucket and assembla allare good.are good.