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Cultural Agenda May


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Published in: Education
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Cultural Agenda May

  1. 1. May 1
  2. 2. Party Time Contact information: Institut de Camarles. Carrer Granadella s/n CP: 43894. Tel. 977470444. FAX: 977470413. Adreça electrònica: iescamar- Pàgina web: Editorial Board: Pupils 3-A Mariana Arias Vasco, Anna Cabrera Navarro, Agustí Casanova Garcia, Júlia Colomines Chavarria, Caitlin Davenport, Nerea Favà Franch, Pilar For- cadell Melich, Taoufik Koucha, Laura Llaó Hierro, Alexandra Lomora, Àlex Martí Zaragoza, Marc Martínez Arnal, Laura Mascarell Bertomeu, Gemma Méndez Cabrera, Carles Navarro Ramirez, Jordi Pitarque Curto, Jordi Saba- ter Colomines, Mohsin Shafiq, Anastàsia Smirnova, Josep Valls Casanova, John Anderson Villada Astudillo. Pupils 3-B Màrian Agramunt Alegre, Júlia Alegre Blanch, Laura Caballé Roca, Anna Cañadas Cañadas, Heriberto Capellán González, Melani Cugat Beltri, Ma- ria Curto Ferré, Joel Curto Vidal, Montserrat Fabra Julve, Belén Garcia Sega- rra, Sarai Gázquez Gil, Gabriela Lungu, Júlia Martínez López, Jaume Monllau Hierro, Joana Montagut Herranz, Albert Montesó González, Ramon Pagà Verge, Diana Pons Cid, Julià Subirats Martín, Marina Vila Bey. Coordinator: Olga Bertomeu Forés i Mati Segovia Muñoz. Collaboration: Equip docent de linstitut de Camarles. Thank you: All the town councils that have provided us with all the necessary information about the acts they do, and all the information given2 by the Consells Comarcals from Baix Ebre and Montsià.
  3. 3. Party Time MayLetter from the editors.Dear Sirs and Madams,Welcome to our fifth edition of the Cultural Agen-da of Baix Ebre and Montsià. This time there are alot of festivities and gastronomic trade fairs be-cause spring has come and now the weather isfantastic! We announce you all that we shallchange some things of our agenda after we pub-lish it on paper. In our web page there will bemore festivities that we will add during the month.So visit: more information.We hope you’ll enjoy it and you all keep readingour editions.Yours faithfully,The EditorsFor more information and news, visit our website: 3
  4. 4. Party Time May Baix Ebre - Index Alfara de Carles Benifallet Camarles L’Aldea L’Ametlla de Mar L’Ampolla Tortosa4
  5. 5. Party Time MayMontsià - Index Alcanar Amposta La Sènia Santa Bàrbara 5
  6. 6. Party Time May Baix Ebre Alfara 27th Saint Julià celebrations De Carles 10:00 Popular sardine 12:00 Mass and profession 14:00 Popular lunch, “fideuà” 17:00 Chicken and “cremate” (burnt rum Benifallet 28th – 30th 1st Festa de les Coves (Caves Festival) Commemorate day of the caves of Benifallet. Camarles 12th Second hand market : the market from 10 o’clock until around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. L’Aldea 30th-31st Hermitage’s party L’Ametlla de Mar 28th – 30th. Sant Pere festivals at l’Ametlla de Mar. 1st Cycling day, walk from Ampolla to Ametlla. 1st -15th First fiftieth gastronomic journal of red tuna. 5th Sixth meeting of corals bands 12th First meeting music bands of young people. 26th Rhythmic Gymnastic meeting.6 Benifallet Caves
  7. 7. Party Time May MontsiàBaix EbreL’Ampolla 15th IRONCAT. Catalonia’s Triathlon Competition at l’Ampolla. 22nd – 23rd Fishing Tournament of the coast “Curricà” at L’Ampolla. 6th XXII Diada de L’Ostra del Delta (Delta Oyster Day) 11.30 h.– 12.30h Demonstration of how to open oysters. Live music and street entertainers. 8th – 23th XX Gastronomic eventsTortosa 12th April 08.00h.- 11th May, 09.00h.10 anys de l’As sut” (Exposition). The Director of Campus Terres de l’Ebre and the Group of Protohistory and Archaelogy (GRESEPIA) of the URV invite you to visit the exposition “10 years of the Weir” in the hall of the Terres de l’Ebre Campus, in Tortosa. 28th April, 16.00h - 2nd May, 17.00h. EXPOEBRE and EBREAMBIENT fairs 2012. Expoebre is a fair where people show and sell prod ucts of the Terres de l’Ebre. Ebreambient is a fair about environ mental conservation (recycling, reusing...) It’s going to take place in Tortosa. 25th – 27th Photography workshop at: The Ports Natural Park. 7
  8. 8. Party Time May Montsià Alcanar SAINT GREGORY FESTIVITIES 11.30 h Mass sung by the choir in honor of Saint Gregory, patron of the village. Later, a procession and blessing of the township. 11th 19 h Presentation of the book of Arab tales Nassira El Hadri El- Yousfi at the library. 12th 18.30hOpening of the festival. Then, singing songs to the houses of the heiresses 2012 20 h Workshop production of lanterns in the style of yesteryear, which is used to route the night.l 21 h Brotherhood luch. 22.30 h Black History Walk Santa Barbara by way of the old cemetery. The route should be a maximum of seriousness and respect. We do not recommend bringing children there. 24 h Revival party. Amposta 3th Lecture cycle Cicle de Conferències “La saboga, un peix fluvial singular” (The shad, the singular fluvial fish) La Sènia 5th Bòlit competition at the provisional sports field. 6th Sardana dances at center worker. 14th of April - 13th of May Culinary experiences at various bars throughout the village. Participate and you might win a free holiday.8 People dancing “Sardanes”
  9. 9. Party Time May MontsiàMontsiàSanta 1st Brotherhood lunch at the local warehouse.Bàrbara 10:00 Procession with horses and carts. Route through the town. 4th 20:00 Inauguration of an exposition about women in Montsià and health issues, that can be seen during the weekend. 22:00 Presentation of the culinary yearbook and a few surprises. 5th 12:00 Guided tour of the Museum of Life and the inauguration of the expo of the Senia river, until the 13th, but not on Mon days 15:00 Guided tour of the Museum of Life, and then a stroll into town by carriage. 16:00 Childrens workshops: crafts, painting, drawing, clay model ing, etc at the local school. 17:00 Guided tour of the Museum of Life, and then a stroll into town by carriage 18:00 A demonstration on the elaboration of marigold cream at the local women’s association. 6th 11:00 A demonstration on the elaboration of marigold cream at the local women’s association. 15:00 Marathon of pictures of historical events in Santa Bàrbara 15:00 175th anniversary of the Independence of Santa Bàrbara. 16:00 Street paving and starting construction of the retirement home. 17:00 Tree planting at the sports centre, inauguration of the municipal swimming pools and first exposition of housewives. 19:00 Bullfighting. 9
  10. 10. Party Time May Montsià 13th 11:00 Old-fashioned workshops, where it is possible to recreate products similar to those of our ancestors, on the main street. 12:00 An dance and singing session. The dances are traditional ‘jotes’, a fast, improvised quickstep, typical of Zaragoza, but also very popular in the Ebro region. 17:00 People from the parades will be dressed up with traditional costumes, they will have a procession through the streets and finally ask the ‘pubilles’ parents for their permission. 18.30 Gathering at the Municipal Park by all the participants of the festival. 18.00 Parade from the Municipal Park to the main square. 19:00 Official proclamation of the 2012 ‘pubilles’ in the tradicional manner. 19.45 Announcement of the stall winner. 20:00 Another session of ‘jotes’. 19th 22 h Theater representation El marit de la Marina és mariner, off Nicasi Camps at the cultural center. 26th 19.45 h Concert of Santa Barbara choral and Venus choral at Archipriestal church Marigold Cream10
  11. 11. Party Time May “La Jota” Bullfighting (Santa Bàrbara) 11