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Cultural Agenda August and September


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Festivals and events that will take place in Baix Ebre and Montsià in August and September 2012.

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Cultural Agenda August and September

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  2. 2. Party Time Contact information: Institut de Camarles. Carrer Granadella s/n CP: 43894. Tel. 977470444. FAX: 977470413. Adreça electrònica: iescamar- Pàgina web: Editorial Board: Pupils 3-A Mariana Arias Vasco, Anna Cabrera Navarro, Agustí Casanova Garcia, Júlia Colomines Chavarria, Caitlin Davenport, Nerea Favà Franch, Pilar For- cadell Melich, Taoufik Koucha, Laura Llaó Hierro, Alexandra Lomora, Àlex Martí Zaragoza, Marc Martínez Arnal, Laura Mascarell Bertomeu, Gemma Méndez Cabrera, Carles Navarro Ramirez, Jordi Pitarque Curto, Jordi Saba- ter Colomines, Mohsin Shafiq, Anastàsia Smirnova, Josep Valls Casanova, John Anderson Villada Astudillo. Pupils 3-B Màrian Agramunt Alegre, Júlia Alegre Blanch, Laura Caballé Roca, Anna Cañadas Cañadas, Heriberto Capellán González, Melani Cugat Beltri, Ma- ria Curto Ferré, Joel Curto Vidal, Montserrat Fabra Julve, Belén Garcia Sega- rra, Sarai Gázquez Gil, Gabriela Lungu, Júlia Martínez López, Jaume Monllau Hierro, Joana Montagut Herranz, Albert Montesó González, Ramon Pagà Verge, Diana Pons Cid, Julià Subirats Martín, Marina Vila Bey. Coordinator: Olga Bertomeu Forés i Mati Segovia Muñoz. Collaboration: Equip docent de linstitut de Camarles. Thank you: All the town councils that have provided us with all the necessary information about the acts they do, and all the information given2 by the Consells Comarcals from Baix Ebre and Montsià.
  3. 3. Party Time AugustLetter from the Editors.Dear sirs and madams,Once more, we bring to you our workfeatured in this Cultural Agenda. Augustis the last month of the summer. Manytourists assist the several Patronage festi-vals that take place in one of the hottestmonths in the year. We hope you can as-sist all the festivals we offer in the nextpages and have a great party time!Yours faithfully,The editors.Remember that we update monthly in-formation in our blog.For more information and news, visit our website: 3
  4. 4. Party Time August Baix Ebre - Index Alfara de Carles Camarles i Lligallos Deltebre El Perelló L’Aldea L’Ampolla Roquetes Tivenys4
  5. 5. Party Time AugustMontsià - Index Alcanar Freginals Godall La Sénia La Galera Mas de Barberans Masdenverge Els Muntells Santa Bàrbara 5
  6. 6. Party Time August Baix Ebre Alfara 18th Bulls in the Street. St Augustí Festivities. de Carles Camarles 28th Gastronomic Rice Day. Deltebre 6th July - 8th Riumar Festivities. 13rd -22nd Patronage Festivity of Deltebre El Perelló 14th – 15th Perelló Mar Festivities. L’Aldea 31st July – 1st l’Hostal district Festivities. 3rd – 22nd Patronage festivities of l’Aldea. L’Ampolla 3rd 23:00h School Mediterranean Exhibition ballroom dancing. 4th 23:00h - 00:00h The Magic Night . 10th 23:00h Cinema under the stars in fishing port. 12th – 15th Classical Music Competition and popular Master Eloi. 17th 23:00h Cinema under the stars in fishing port. 24th 23:00h Cinema under the stars in fishing port. 15th XXXVI Port Crossing Swimming 29th III Football Trophy of l’Ampolla Roquetes 12th – 15th Mont Caro Festivity 27th – 29th Tradicionarius Tivenys 4th Saint Dominic’s Day Eve 12th Town canoeing6
  7. 7. Party Time August MontsiàMontsiàAlcanar 13th - 21st Patronage festivals in honour of the “Mare de Déu d’Agost”.Freginals 24th until 31st Patronage festivals.Godall 3rd until 9th Patronage festivals.La Sénia 11:00 - 12:00 h Every Sunday sardana( a traditional dance of the Delta de l’Ebre) dances at the worker centre. 18th until 26th Patronage festivals.La Galera 9th - 14th Patronage festivities: dance, bullfighting, popular meals, concerts, etc. In honour of Saint Lawrence.Mas 4th and 5th Artisanal fair. Handmade works and vegetal fibers will be BarberansMasdenverge 29th July - 7th The bulls will be the most interesting event of these patronage festivities. There will be popular meals, music and summer dances!Muntells 8th - 15th aprox. Saint Lawrence festivitiesSanta Bàrbara 6th Saint Salvador Patronal festivities. 7
  8. 8. Party Time August Fireworks Handmade bag8
  9. 9. Party Time August MontsiàSeptember 9
  10. 10. Party Time September Letter from the Editors. Dear sirs and madams, In this edition we’re including the Sep- tember agenda because we haven’t got enough time to do it all during these summer months. We won’t be in school during this time: we have summer holi- days, so we tried to finish it faster. Even so, we will keep including information in our blog. If you want to know more about the festivities, please visit it. Enjoy your summer! Yours faithfully, The editors. For more information and news, visit our website:
  11. 11. Party Time SeptemberBaix Ebre - Index Aldover L’Aldea Benifallet CamarlesDeltebre El Perelló L’Ampolla L’Ametlla de MarRoquetes Tivenys TortosaMontsià - IndexAlcanar La Galera La Sénia Sant Carles de la Ràpita 11
  12. 12. Party Time September Baix Ebre Aldover 4th – 12th Patronage festivals. L’Aldea 4th – 5th Festivals in “L’Estació” district. 10th Solidarity act for the Co-operative - music bands of the six ties, seventies and eighties. 11th - Diada Catalunya Benifallet 7th- 11th Patronage festivals. Camarles 11th Celebration of National Catalonia Day Deltebre 10th- 19th Celebration of Catalonia’s festival week. 19th Rice Festival in Deltebre. El Perelló 10th- 19th Celebration of Catalonia’s festival week. L’Ampolla 12th The “Tres Tombs” parade. 10th 18:30h Sardana dances in square Gonzalez Isla. 16th 11:00h XIII Harvest festival 16th – 30th XIII Culinary Expiriences and Ebro Delta Rice festival.12
  13. 13. Party Time September MontsiàBaix EbreL’Ametlla 23rd In the morning. XXVIII Day of Rice and MarRoquetes 29th “Raval Nova” Festivals.Tivenys 1st - “Eivissenca” festivity. 22nd Presentation of the heiresses and the heirs of the patro- nage festivals. 27th-30th Patronage festivals.Tortosa 15th - 6th October Course with the aim of developing astro- logical thoughts. 13
  14. 14. Party Time September Montsià Alcanar 29th Festival of St. Miquel 11th Dational Day of Catalonia La Galera 24th - 30th Cultural Week and the Mother of God of La Gale ra. It consists of cultural festivities and religious activities, such as the procession of flowers and different conferences and workshops. La Sénia 11:00 - 12:00 h Every Sunday sardana( a traditional dance of the Delta de l’Ebre) dances at the worker centre. Sant Carles The Mother of God of la Ràpita festivities. de la Ràpita Mother of God14
  15. 15. Party Time September Montsià 15