COLIS 2013 IL Panel


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My slides from the COLIS 2013 panel on information literacy. I was asked to discuss the new and emerging idea of 'information experience'.

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COLIS 2013 IL Panel

  1. 1. A focus on experience allows a broad understanding and interpretation of people’s engagement and interaction with the information environment. A focus on experience takes into account the interrelations between people and their broader environments in a manner which considers people and their world as inseparable. It also provides deep insights into the ways in which people relate to their informational life-worlds. Information experience an emerging research domain… Bruce, C & Partridge, H. (2011) Identifying and delineating information experience as a research domain: a discussion paper. In Social Media and Information Practices Workshop, 10-11 November, Boras, Sweden
  2. 2. Theoretical foundations & history the lived experience of informational life worlds • Phenomenology • Hermeneutics Life in Frame by
  3. 3. A few recent examples of IL research conducted in the Information Experience research domain: • Health information literacy, phenomenography, relational perspective to IL (Christine Yates) • Health information literacy, grounded theory, socio-cultural perspective to IL (Julie Lee) • Early career academics IL in developmental networks, grounded theory, relational perspective to IL (Faye Miller) But……information experience as an object of study? • Information experiences of people in social media during natural disaster, informed by ethnography (Helen Partridge & Christine Yates) • Information experiences of new mothers in social media, grounded theory (Kate Davis) Operationalised in empirical research?
  4. 4. …. more nuanced understanding of what is information, what people experience as informing. … richer understanding of the relations between people and the environment in which their engagement with information takes place. More work is needed though to further articulate, delineate and explore information experience as a research domain and as a research object. Offerings to the future of IL research Bruce, C, Partridge, H., Hughes, H. & Davis, K. (in press) Information experience: approaches to theory and practice. Emerald. Due for publication 2014
  5. 5. thank you. @partridh @qutisg