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laslo sili - positive prevention in serbia


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6th Regional Conference in Sarajevo, May 17-18 2012.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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laslo sili - positive prevention in serbia

  1. 1. Positive prevention in SerbiaPresenter: Laslo ŠiliAssociation “ Attitude +”
  2. 2. Background of this story is: Serbia where along with the increased number of infections the stigma and discrimination increased too. Serbia failure in the 90 was : -Fight against HIV epidemic was pushed to the margins, - The country faced a severe socio- economic crisis, wars, etc.
  3. 3. Background:Recently started training with thetopic of positive prevention,Many people do not even knowwhat that term means.The good news is :The society recognized the issues ofHIV as a wider social problem.
  4. 4. What kind of methods we use?Involvement of PLHIV response to HIVpandemic in Serbia.-strengthen the PLHIV activistsIn Serbia established PLHIV associationswhich works on programs:- psychosocial support to PLHIV,- public policy issues and in the field ofpositive prevention.
  5. 5. Methods:Positive Prevention program aim is:• empower individuals,• promote healthy relationships with sexual partners,• strengthen the overall well-being of HIV positive individuals,• reduce the possibility of new HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.• program addresses the various health needs.
  6. 6. Methods :The program addresses the various healthneeds such as:•disclosure,•self-esteem,•negotiating and practicing safer sex,•diet,•nutrition and•transmission risks.The program aim is:Support and resources on common issues.
  7. 7. What kind of results we get?• Strength and usefulness of the role of PLHIV in the response to HIV• Existence and decentralized organizations• Work on public policy issues related to HIV and in the field of positive prevention• PLHIV community have representatives in all relevant bodies for rights and status of PLHIV.
  8. 8. What kind of results we get?Main activities of organizations is:provide educational workshops,various areas of positive prevention,promoting safer sex practices, andimproving overall well-being.Covering topics such as: transmission, serosorting, serodiscordant couples, physical activity, and nutrition, Implemented trainings for PLHIV great opportunity to learn how to deliver education sessions and facilitate workshops.
  9. 9. Meaning of positive prevention:Positive Prevention is more than just preventingtool.•its about maintaining and improving overallhealthThe positive prevention program is more thanuseful ! It has ability to:Emotional fulfilling,sexual relationships and to live well withHIVAIDS.Emphasizes the importance of own healthmanagement .The program gives :information, tools, skills, interaction, sharedexperiences and possible solution.
  10. 10. My personal opinion is:We need to learn more!The basic task of every one is to understand the meaning of positive prevention.To understand the benefit they can get and the purpose of this entire struggle!
  11. 11. The real benefits of positive prevention is:• Greater involvement to your community.• Increased support.• Confidence building skills.• Ability to construct and maintain healthier boundaries.• Increased understanding of HIV & AIDS, STIs, and Hepatitis transmission.• Enhanced self-esteem.• Decision-making skills.• Improved skills in negotiating safer sex practices.• Social networks.• Knowledge about how to live WELL with HIV.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION:We need a lot more time to promote :• PLHIV community on the global level,• greater involvement in all matters relating to prevention,• care and treatment ,• as well as the creation or rewriting of laws• resolving the rights and status of PLHIV• reducing the stigma and discrimination• greater involvement in social life.
  13. 13. THANK YOU     Association “ Attitude +” Subotica