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dejana rankovic - lobby and advocacy for plhiv


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6th Regional Conference in Sarajevo, May 17-18 2012.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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dejana rankovic - lobby and advocacy for plhiv

  2. 2. Overview• Serbian experience• Multisectoral approach and results achieved• Lessons learned• Conclusions and Recomendations• Contribution to regional networking and creating joint SEE advocacy agenda
  3. 3. Serbia 2012:• Established Union of PLHIV organizations• Established Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS• Number of laws amended• Recommendations of legal experts on particular issues (Criminalization of HIV transmission)• Support of all stakeholders• Increased media coverage
  4. 4. Multisectoral approach• National Expert Group• Empowerment of PLHIV• Parliamentary group on HIV/AIDS
  5. 5. National Expert Group• Gathering judiciary experts• Scorecard of legislation related to PLHIV• Consultation process• Creating proposals• Advising policy makers on legislations and services• Cooperation with MPs• Forums and debates on HIV/AIDS and human rights• Prosecuting court cases related to stigma, discrimination and violation of basic human rights
  6. 6. Empowerment of PLHIV• Forming and supporting organisations and self-help groups• Training in organizational management, project development, lobby and advocacy• Development and production of educational material• Establishment of the Union of PLHIV organizations in Serbia (USOP)
  7. 7. Parliamentary group on HIV/AIDS • Identifying MPs who are interested to join the group and gathering the group • Holding seminars for MPs on HIV/AIDS, human rights and public health • Holding regular consultations with PLHIV and other civil society organizations, Parliamentary Committee on Health, National Office for HIV/AIDS and other stakeholders • Proposing a legislation on the rights of PLHIV to Parliament • Influencing debate and legislation on HIV/AIDS • Visits to other Parliamentary Groups on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health
  8. 8. ResultsLaw prohibiting discrimination Amendment submitted by Parliamentary group on HIV/AIDSArticle 250 of the Criminal law Amendment submitted by member of Parliamentary group on HIV/AIDSLaw prohibiting mobbing Amendment prepared by Expert group and Parliamentary group on HIV/AIDSRequest of the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament to the Prime Minister Successful partnering and performing the supervising role of the National Assembly of the Republic of SerbiaNational plan of development of Health Protection Adopted amendment to other documents within the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, submitted by Parliamentary on HIV/AIDS
  9. 9. Lessons learned• There is space for improvement for coordinated action in setting priorities on behalf of the entire PLHIV community and its approach to the development of assistance and support to PLHIV.• There is still work ahead to develop clear and coordinated policies and plans for future development.• Intensive communication with all stakeholders and beneficiaries is crucial to ensure dialogue• Personal contacts of stakeholders and politicians with PLHIV ensures much better understanding of PLHIV problems and support in the Parliament
  10. 10. Recommendations• Create national partnership of Members of Parliament and CSOs aiming to protect human rights of PLHIV and affected groups• Create partnership on the regional level with the joint strategic programe aiming to ensure the full realization of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of people living with and affected by HIV.• Establish regional CSO network that is able to present joint strategic programmes• Government institutions in every country in the region recognize the importance of the issue and value of civil society participation in the processes of protection of human rights of PLHIV
  11. 11. THANK YOU!