Washington DC ELEVATE ISV Track


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The enterprise presents a huge opportunity for ISVs, app developers, and entrepreneurs in both the commercial and public sector markets. Check-out these slides to learn how you can build commercial apps on the Salesforce Platform and partner with salesforce.com to build the next big app for government or business.

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Washington DC ELEVATE ISV Track

  1. 1. ISV TRACKBuild the Next Big App for theEnterprise# elevatedcWIFI: 1010101010
  2. 2. THE ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITYRon HuddlestonSVP, ISVs and Channels
  3. 3. #elevatedcSafe HarborSafe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995:This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If anysuch uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of salesforce.com, inc. coulddiffer materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statementsother than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product orservice availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regardingstrategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new,planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services.The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing anddelivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operatinglosses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting,breach of our security measures, the outcome of intellectual property and other litigation, risks associated withpossible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history,our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service andsuccessful customer deployment, our limited history reselling non-salesforce.com products, and utilization and sellingto larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results ofsalesforce.com, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter ended April 30,2011. This documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of theInvestor Information section of our Web site.Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statementsare not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services shouldmake the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. Salesforce.com, inc. assumes noobligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
  4. 4. #elevatedc
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  7. 7. #elevatedc
  8. 8. #elevatedc
  9. 9. #elevatedc
  10. 10. #elevatedc2:20 :40
  11. 11. #elevatedcInnovative Companies are Adopting Apps60%of Fast Company’s50 Most InnovativeCompanies are Using theAppExchange
  12. 12. #elevatedcIndustry Leaders are Adopting Apps70%of the Fortune 100 HaveInstalled anAppExchange app
  13. 13. #elevatedcPartners Large and Small areBuilding Big Businesses
  14. 14. #elevatedc4 of the Top TenMost Popular Apps ComeFrom Companies with Lessthan 25 Employees
  15. 15. #elevatedcThe #1 Installed App= 12 Employees
  16. 16. #elevatedc
  17. 17. #elevatedc
  18. 18. #elevatedc
  19. 19. #elevatedcTop AppExchange Search Terms
  20. 20. #elevatedcTop Customer Requested Apps
  21. 21. #elevatedcWhat is today about?
  22. 22. THE PUBLIC SECTOR OPPORTUNITY:Become a Connected Customer CompanyVivek KundraEVP, Emerging Markets
  23. 23. #elevatedcThe Gap Between Consumers and GovernmentThere’s an app for that There’s a form for that
  24. 24. Today’s Platform Connects an “Internet of Things”Terminal ClientDevicesProductsLTESNAMainframeLAN/WANServerCloud1,000,000,000s1,000,000s1,000s
  25. 25. The Customer Revolution1960sMainframeComputing1970sMiniComputing1980sClient ServerComputingx 10x 100x 1,000x 10,000x 100,000x2010sSocialRevolution1990sCloudComputing2000sMobileComputing
  26. 26. Become A Customer Company:Connect With Your Customers in a Whole New WayConnectedProductsConnectedEmployeesConnectedPartnersConnectedCustomers
  27. 27. #elevatedcSalesforce.com is Driving Public Sector Innovation
  28. 28. #elevatedcISV Supply is Growing to Meet DemandPublic Sector Specific AppsFY12 FY13 FY141550101
  29. 29. #elevatedcAnd the Government AppExchange Continues to Grow101%YOY Growth in Apps55%of Public Sector CustomersHave Installed an App
  30. 30. The City of BostonBoston Business Hub is powered by Force.comSingle point of entry for city entrepreneursLeverages 5+ AppExchange apps for Quoting, Content Mgmt and Productivity
  31. 31. NJ Transit900,000 regular travelers, 250M trips/yearLeverages Service Cloud, Chatter and Force.com to connect with ridersUses AppExchange for Business Intelligence and Customer Surveys
  32. 32. BasicGovPartner since 2007Permits & Inspections, Code Enforcement, Licensing and Planning MgmtState & local customers including Mammoth Lake, CA and State of Wyoming
  33. 33. FontevaPartner since 2011Association Member ManagementCommittees & Chapters, Social Communities, Fundraising
  34. 34. Craig P. AbodPresidentCarahsoft Technology Corp.
  35. 35. #ENTERPRISE APPS:INVESTMENT TREND REPORTMODERATOR:Ron HuddlestonSVP, ISVs & ChannelsBJ LacklandCEOLighter CapitalChetan PuttaguntaSr. AssociateNEA
  36. 36. #elevatedc
  37. 37. #elevatedcToday’s PanelMODERATOR:Ron HuddlestonSVP, ISVs & ChannelsBJ LacklandCEOLighter CapitalChetan PuttaguntaSr. AssociateNEA
  38. 38. TRUST & DATA SECURITYPatrick HeimChief Trust Officer
  39. 39.  Success of cloud computing dependenton earning and maintaining customertrust Protecting the privacy of customer datais our company’s core value Details available at:http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/security/Salesforce.com Philosophy on Trust“Nothing is moreimportant t o ourcompany than theprivacy of ourcustomers’ data”-Parker HarrisEVP, Technology
  40. 40. #elevatedc“Courage is... the knowledge of how to fear whatought to be feared and how not to fear what oughtnotto be feared.”David Ben-Gurion
  41. 41. #elevatedcWhat Are Government Concerns? Sending data to an outside party in the privatesector Audits by various inspecting agencies Compliance with FISMA and other securitystandards Confusion about what “cloud” is in the publicsector context
  42. 42. #elevatedcIs Cloud Computing Secure?Wrong question…
  43. 43. #elevatedcAssuming fixed resources, will theshift to cloud computing increase ordecrease net risk to myorganization?Right question…
  44. 44. #elevatedcContext & Dynamics• Cloud & Mobility are irresistible forces• “Cloud Native” generation driving technology• Risk doesn’t disappear when demand goes“underground”• Endpoints getting “dumber” and mobile  More Cloud• Individuals have greater power to harm yourorganization with bad individual choices than everbefore
  45. 45. #elevatedc• Computing complexity continues to accelerate –complexity is the enemy of security• A determined and well resourced adversary cannot bekept out of any computing environment – leadership ismeasured by detection, response and how customersare engaged.• Highly skilled security professionals are not scaling withdemand – can your organization compete with a cloudprovider in hiring the best technical talent?Context & Dynamics
  46. 46. #elevatedc• Like an apartment building….• Large sample of “badness” to monitor• Find Problem  Fix Everywhere (fast!) – hours, not months• Scale to better resist DDoS• Industry collaboration in threat sharing• Reduced “attack surface” when compared to legacy• Common controls at the platform layerCommon Defense
  47. 47. #elevatedcEconomies of Scale / Managed Complexity• Built-in sustainable economics• High availability & disaster recovery are built-in• Cloud provider is positively aligned to simplify andautomate• Ability to recruit, retain and leverage top talent
  48. 48. #elevatedcApplication Security• How do adversaries actually breach security of systems?• Application layer vulnerabilities, people• Significant cost to “do it well”• Very complicated - skills don’t scale well• Re-engineering SDLC• Time to detect and respond
  49. 49. Collective Scrutiny• ISO 27001• SSAE 16 (SOC 1, 2, and 3)• FISMA - ATO at moderatelevel from GSA• PCI DSS Level 1• JIPDEC (Japan Privacy Seal)• Tüv (Germany Privacy Mark)• SysTrust / TRUSTe• >100 customer-initiatedpenetration tests peryear• >350 customer-initiatedaudits per year• Focused penetrationtesting with everyrelease• Most stringent customersets the bar
  50. 50. #elevatedcAppExchange Enterprise Apps 1800+ apps 1.7 Million InstallsSecurity Review Mandatory Adversary Focused Standards Based Recurring (~12 mo)
  51. 51. THE FASTEST PATH FROM IDEA TO APPSarah WhitlockDirector, Technical Evangelism
  52. 52. #elevatedc
  53. 53. #elevatedcMobilityCollaborationSocial UXNetwork EffectsInteroperabilityInnovation
  54. 54. #elevatedc
  55. 55. #elevatedcTablestakes
  56. 56. #elevatedcGlobal Data centers60+ BillionTransactions per qtrTrue multi-tenancy
  57. 57. #elevatedcDeclarative Tools or...Write in any LanguageAPIsSearchIdentitySecurity & Sharing
  58. 58. #elevatedcTablestakesLeverageINFRASTRUCTURE application mobileSOCIAL BUSINESS
  59. 59. #elevatedcProfilesFeedsStatus UpdatesGroupsFile SharingApprovals
  60. 60. #elevatedcHybrid or HTML5SDKsEnterprise ContainerTouch
  61. 61. #elevatedcMarketplaceTurn-key TrialsLicense ManagementBillingUpgrades
  62. 62. #elevatedc
  63. 63. #elevatedcCRMExtensionsServiceMarketingIT & AdminCollaborationOther
  64. 64. #elevatedc
  65. 65. #elevatedc
  66. 66. #elevatedc
  67. 67. #elevatedc
  68. 68. #elevatedc
  69. 69. #elevatedc
  70. 70. 5 SECRETS:BECOME AN OVERNIGHTAPP SENSATIONSara VarniSr. Director, AppExchange
  71. 71. #elevatedc
  72. 72. #elevatedc
  73. 73. #elevatedc
  74. 74. Soft Launch Free Pilots Act on Feedback
  75. 75. Identify Influencers Encourage Reviews Seed the Community
  76. 76. Clean Value Prop Crisp Demo Killer Content
  77. 77. Be Responsive Frictionless Trials Over -Communicate
  78. 78. User Groups Events DeveloperForce
  79. 79. #elevatedc
  80. 80. FROM GARAGE TO GLORYMODERATOR:Richard HasslacherDirector, ISV ChannelsJerry HuskinsCEOFontevaMike TogyiCEOBasicGovTed ElliottCEOJobscience
  81. 81. #elevatedc
  82. 82. #elevatedcToday’s PanelMODERATOR:Richard HasslacherDirector, ISV ChannelsJerry HuskinsCEOFontevaTed ElliottCEOJobscienceMike TogyiCEOBasicGov
  83. 83. Plan for SuccessMay 2013Mike KreadenSr. Director, ISV Success@partnerforceIn/mikekreaden
  84. 84. #elevateDCPartner Success = Customer Success#elevate
  85. 85. #elevateDCBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanToday: Five Phases of Your App
  86. 86. #elevateDCContinue the Conversation@partnerforcep.force.com/blog/salesforcepartners/partnerforcesalesforce.com/partners/isv
  87. 87. #elevateDC#elevateDCApp lifecycle
  88. 88. #elevateDCPass SecurityReviewLaunch AppBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanSuccessful TestingRenewalsClosed-WonOpportunitiesAPP Partner Lifecycle MilestonesSigned PartnerAgreementTechnical Review
  89. 89. #elevateDCPlanning Takes Vision & Resources
  90. 90. #elevateDCAccount Executive (AE)Technical Enablement (TE)Know Your ISV Team Validate Your Planned Approach Layout Your Partnership Options Develop Your Go-to-Market Plan Technical Review
  91. 91. #elevateDCwww.salesforce.com/partnerportalYOUR CONTENT HEREJust change the background layer(right-click > arrange)Partner Portal Is Your Key to Success
  92. 92. #elevateDCp.force.com/appacademyTake the APP Academy Free training for ISV partners Best practices by role Videos, Checklists, FAQ’s Train-the-trainer
  93. 93. #elevateDCKnowledge Is Power
  94. 94. #elevateDCKey Resourcesdeveloper.force.com www.appexchange.comhelp.salesforce.com ISVforce Online Guidep.force.com/guide
  95. 95. #elevateDCJust Remember 2 Things…resources relationships
  96. 96. #elevateDCBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanLet’s Get Startedsalesforce.com/partners/isv
  97. 97. Buildfor SuccessMay 2013Sarah WhitlockDirector, Partner Technical Evangelism
  98. 98. #elevateDCDecision Points for Successful Design
  99. 99. #elevateDCWho Are You Selling To?New Users?Existing Salesforce Users?• Beneficial to CRM users• Typically across industries• No dependence on CRM• Often targets vertical market
  100. 100. #elevateDCWhat Are You Building?• eSignature, Email Marketing, etc.• Extend Salesforce CRM• Standard + Custom Objects• Accounting, Supply Chain, etc.• No reliance on Salesforce CRM• Custom Objects Only
  101. 101. #elevateDCArchitecture models
  102. 102. #elevateDCTwo Fundamental Architecturesnative hybrid
  103. 103. #elevateDCWhy Would I Choose Native?• Simplicity• No infrastructure to manage• Focus 100% on your app• Multi-tenancy baked in• Built-in distribution services• Seamless integration withSalesforce and AppExchange apps• Not suitable for all use casesupside downside
  104. 104. #elevateDCWhen Is Hybrid Best? Phased approach to re-platform on force.com Specialized service not a good fit for force.com Large, complex/long-running calculations Storage-intensive solution Specialized integration with on-premise systems
  105. 105. #elevateDCAre There Tradeoffs To Hybrid?• Flexibility• Re-use existing IP• Leverage existing developer skillsand tool sets• Complexity• You have to maintaininfrastructure• Multi-tenancy not guaranteed• Distribution services are yourresponsibility• Trial experience morechallengingupside downside
  106. 106. #elevateDCLicenses & editions
  107. 107. #elevateDCLicense Types for Internal UsersWhatObjects does your appneed access to?Do you need crm functionality?Example:Campaign,case or opportunitymanagement?
  108. 108. #elevateDCLicense Types for External UsersWill your customer’scustomers needaccess to your app?What kind of sharing is neededinternally and externally?How many externalusers are expected?
  109. 109. #elevateDCHow Do I Decide Which Salesforce Edition to Support?Fewer features & objects thanEnterprise & UnlimitedWhich means NO:Workflow, Record Types, CustomLayouts, Custom Profiles, API, etc.Workflow, Page Layouts,Record Types, API are availableGroup & professional Enterprise & unlimited
  110. 110. #elevateDCHow Do I Support Multiple Editions?Group &Professional EditionEnterprise &Unlimited EditionAnswer: Base Package + Extension Package
  111. 111. #elevateDCRemember Your Resourcesp.force.com/architectArchitect CoreResource Librarydeveloper.force.com/gettingstartedp.force.com/guideISVforce Online Guide
  112. 112. #elevateDCSecurity review
  113. 113. #elevateDCWhy Is There a Security Review?• Mandatory• Enterprise grade• Application focusedTrust is priority #1
  114. 114. #elevateDCWhat’s in Scope?Client andMobile AppsWebApplications
  115. 115. #elevateDCdeveloper.force.com/security• Secure Coding Guidelines• Secure Coding Library• Security Self-Assessment• Partner security office hours• Force.com Security Code Scanner• ISV program partners receive a freeweb application scanning toollicenseSecure Cloud Development Resources
  116. 116. #elevateDCNeed More Help?• Force.com discussion boards• developer.force.com/security• p.force.com/security• @SecureCloudDev• ISV Office hours (book online)• securecloud@salesforce.com
  117. 117. Distribute for SuccessMay 2013Shannon SchupbachPrincipal Developer Evangelist@partnerforce
  118. 118. #elevateDCDistribute Like Salesforce• AppExchange• Free trials• Your branding
  119. 119. #elevateDCThe Power of the Platform: MetadataObjectsMetadata forCustom ObjectsFieldsMetadata forCustom FieldsDataStorage for CustomObject records
  120. 120. #elevateDCPackage: Your Solution & MetadataYour data model (objects, fields, etc.)Your classes, triggers, and pagesManaged Packages• IP protection• License management• Trials• Branding• Upgrades• Support Tools
  121. 121. #elevateDCDistribution with PackagesObjectsFieldsData
  122. 122. #elevateDCRemember Packaging Best Practices Understand what can be packaged and upgraded Most components are automatically addedDon’t forget to include those that aren’t! Use package install scriptsAutomate the installation process Complete your AppExchange listingThis is your brand!
  123. 123. #elevateDC2 Great Ways to Distribute Your AppYour Company Website
  124. 124. #elevateDCCustomers Love Free TrialsTrialforceTemplateCustomerYour Company WebsiteYourLogo
  125. 125. #elevateDCRemember Free Trial Best Practices Create multiple trial experiencesOne for each vertical, industry, etc. Relevant sample data Brand the trial experience Use trials for demos and testing
  126. 126. Sellfor SuccessMay 2013Mike KreadenSr. Director, ISV Success@partnerforceIn/mikekreaden
  127. 127. #elevateDCOur Sales Playbook Is Open
  128. 128. #elevateDCCloud Sales StrategiesNew SchoolInternet Sales ProfessionalsOld SchoolProspect, Sell, CloseOld School Cloud SellingProspect, Sell, Close Dedicated Teams (SR, EBR, AE)Chase All Leads Lead QualificationCold Calling Referral Selling, Email MktgAll or Nothing Seed & GrowPaid Pilot Free TrialsFBS (Feature Based Selling) Million Member Sales TeamHit and Run Customer Success
  129. 129. #elevateDCSalesQualified Leads& OpportunitiesSelling… Customer SuccessOrganic &Marketing LeadsSales Rep(Inbound)LeadsEBR(Outbound)Customer SuccessNewCustomers
  130. 130. #elevateDCOur Sales Coverage Model< 100 Employees100 - ~3,500 employeesTop 2000 Account FamiliesSMBESBDesk & DoEnterpriseSalesCommercial – NamedCommercial – GEOMid-Market
  131. 131. #elevateDCSalesforce.com SUCCESS MethodologySUsers Sell for YouUStart with DiscoveryC Compelling DemosC Connect the DotsE Experience EventsSShow Them the MoneySSell High and Through
  132. 132. #elevateDCSStart with DiscoveryIs The Deal Real? What business problem are we solving? How are they thinking about thesolution? What are the expected benefits? And all the standard stuff: Budget,Decision maker, need, timing, etc.Talk Less, Listen More!
  133. 133. #elevateDCUsers Sell for YouU
  134. 134. #elevateDC1. Demo often but not early2. Customize all the time:… No “out of the box” demos3. Showcase flexibility4. Bring requirements to life5. Show the power of the platformDemos Can Be Your Key DifferentiatorCreate & Deliver Compelling DemosC
  135. 135. #elevateDCConnect the Dots – Never Cold CallCsalesforce.comExecutives&PartnersYourCustomerToolsYou
  136. 136. #elevateDCEvents Drive Engagement$Pipeline$Closed ACV5XAvg. Deal Size4.45Sat. RatingDreamforce significantly exceeded our expectations. From the quality ofleads to the ability to connect with a wide and qualified audience, theresno doubt that Dreamforce is time and money well spent.“”E
  137. 137. #elevateDCSell High and ThroughWalk the HallsIf You’re Not Talking to C-Level Execs…• Your Competitors Are There• C-level’s Know Where Your Deal Sits• They Are Not Buying From YouS
  138. 138. #elevateDCShow Them the Money• Quantify the challenges• Build a model• Focus on ROI and TCO• Document the numbers• Validate the assumptions• IterateBuild Your Business CaseS
  139. 139. #elevateDCKey Sales Resources Your ISV AE ISV Business Org (CRM) Behind The Cloud – Marc Benioff (2009) Partner Portal: Sales Aaron Ross on “Selling The Salesforce Way”#appbootcamppredictablerevenue.com
  140. 140. #elevateDC#elevateDCPatrick GallagherVice PresidentCarahsoft Technology Corp.#elevateDC
  141. 141. #elevateDCOperating in the Government MarketGovernment Budgetsand CyclesContract Vehicles:Federal, State/Local, AgencySubject to Audit andRegulationsCollection of A/R RequirementsExpertise and FocusVery CompetitiveMarketplaceWho Is theCustomer?Prime ContractorsPlay Many RolesSecurity Clearances
  142. 142. #elevateDCPublic Sector Contracting for IT Fed vs. SLED Maturity levels around contracting for SaaS Solutions Contract Vehicles - need broad partner network Subcontracting and ODCs Protect your IP/EULA/MSA Negotiate the PWS/SOW/SLA Security Requirements Payment Cycles and Hurdles Delivery, Acceptance and Renewals
  143. 143. #elevateDCAbout Carahsoft Salesforce.com GSA Schedule partner and Reseller for 7yrs 100 ISV Partners 700 Public Sector Business Partners Partner Centric Model (ISV, SI, Implementation, Fulfillement) Decades of Government Expertise Deep SaaS Contracting Experience Dedicated Sales Team for the Salesforce Ecosystem Market Research Capabilities
  144. 144. MARKET for SuccessMay 2013Becca KrassAppExchange Product Marketing@partnerforce
  145. 145. #elevateDCHow Do You Drive Demand?
  146. 146. #elevateDCBuild Your Message: Understand Your Value Articulate value withyour message Features are part ofyour product, but arenot your message
  147. 147. #elevateDCGenerate Killer Content That Inspires Interest & ActionPeople don’t buywhat you do…… they buy whyyou do it.- Simon Sinek
  148. 148. #elevateDCTake Advantage of the AppExchange Optimize your listing Know your audience Educate with content Engage with reviews Make it easy to buy Measure & iterate
  149. 149. #elevateDCEvents Drive Thought Leadership & Lead Generation Meet people Have conversations thatmatter Go in with a full eventstrategy Don’t forget side-meetingsor post-event happenings
  150. 150. #elevateDC(Good) PR Is About Building Awareness
  151. 151. #elevateDCSocial Advertising Expands Your Reach Show your playful side Learn how yourcustomers think
  152. 152. #elevateDCYour Customers Are Your Best MarketersStories are more powerful than explanations
  153. 153. #elevateDCRemember: Marketing Drives Demand AppExchange Events Public Relations Social Media Customer StoriesGet Expert Advice DuringOffice Hours with Partner Marketing
  154. 154. Support for SuccessMay 2013Sarah WhitlockDirector, Partner Technical Evangelism
  155. 155. #elevateDCUnderstand the Formula for SuccessRelease/supportstrategy+ isvforce TechnologyCustomer success
  156. 156. #elevateDCBe “In the Loop” with our Release All release information is in the Partner Portal (login) Know your Release Dates Don’t overlap Salesforce releases Test, test, test! Listen to your customers
  157. 157. #elevateDCOrg with Your PackageSandbox Testing Is EssentialVanilla OrgCurrent Release Partner Enterprise / Platform Edition Org1 monthbefore Salesforce ReleasePre-release test
  158. 158. #elevateDCMajor Updates Deserve a Push Push major versions directly to any subscriber, notjust in patches– Solves for subscribers being on multiple versions No separate patch org!Very Powerful, Exercise Caution!
  159. 159. #elevateDCSupport Tools & ProgramsSubscriber Support Console Login as a Subscriber Real Time Visibility ToolsApex & Visualforce Tools Subscriber-side debugging Notification on unhandled Apex errorsPartner Support Resources Cases via Partner Portal (@Partnerforce) Optional designated support analyst Per-incident based support option
  160. 160. #elevateDCIf You Only Remember 3 Things… Communicate Support Policies onyour AppExchange listing Stay “in the loop” on our releases Take advantage of our supporttools
  161. 161. Wrap-Up
  162. 162. #elevateDC#elevateDCToday we covered theapp lifecycle
  163. 163. #elevateDCPass SecurityReviewLaunch AppBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanSigned PartnerAgreementSuccessful TestingRenewalsClosed-WonOpportunitiesAPP Partner Lifecycle MilestonesTechnical Review
  164. 164. #elevateDCContinue the Conversation@partnerforcep.force.com/blog/salesforcepartners/partnerforce
  165. 165. #elevateDCBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanJoin Us: Let’s Get Startedsalesforce.com/partners/isv
  166. 166. #elevateDC#elevateDCThank You