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Salesforce Partner PR Guidelines

  1. 1. Partner PR Guidelines + Policies ​Questions? ​Email
  2. 2. Working with Salesforce PR Partners are the linchpin of Salesforce's success, extending the value of the Salesforce platform in new and exciting ways. We are proud of, and open to, working with our partners to help support their success through PR and marketing activities. This deck provides an overview of how to work with Salesforce's partner PR team in the most effective way possible. It includes information such as: ​ Obtaining approval for PR materials, including press releases ​ Making the most of pre-approved language for PR materials ​ Requesting executive quotes ​ Social media and blogging policies
  3. 3. Guidelines for using Salesforce brands in PR materials All partner contracts state that any public mention of Salesforce, or any of its brands, must be approved by Salesforce. For PR, this includes references in: ● Press releases ● Company boilerplates (approved annually or as updated by partner) ● Salesforce executive quote requests ● Results scripts ● Media pitches To obtain approval for public mention of Salesforce in PR material, final drafts must be submitted to, cc’ing your partner account manager (PAM). Approvals for blog posts, website content (not press releases), case studies, videos and other marketing collaterial should be approved by your PAM, not the PR team.
  4. 4. The process At Salesforce, trust is our #1 value. That's why we ensure all materials that could be read by customers adhere to Salesforce PR, marketing and brand standards. Below is an overview. Review Timeline ● Our product, PR, IR and legal departments fact-check all partner press releases to ensure our customers have up-to-date, accurate and clear information. ● The Salesforce press release approvals process can take up to 14 days for Platinum partners and 30 days for partners at the Gold, Silver and Registered tiers. We do our best to expedite as fast as possible. ● We are unable to provide status updates on releases, given the volume of press release approvals. Joint Press Releases ● Joint announcements are extremely rare. They are determined on a case-by-case basis during the negotiation and signing of partner contracts and typically involve a significant financial investment by both parties, joint product development, joint sales activities and more. Salesforce Ventures Press Releases ● Salesforce must approve all press releases or external documents that mention Salesforce Ventures, or any of our products. ● Salesforce reserves the right to alter and/or decline any proposed mentions or quotes. ● Each request is evaluated individually by Salesforce PR. ● Ventures press releases must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired issue date.
  5. 5. Barriers to content approval Partners that issue press releases or other public-facing materials with Salesforce branding without obtaining approval from Salesforce PR will be asked to remove the material from each public instance and publisher. Other actions may be taken if non-approved collateral is repeatedly made public. Collateral will not be approved if it contains any of the following: ● Best-of-breed claims for a product, offering, solution or service without attribution from a reputable third-party (IDC, Gartner, etc.). These include words such as: first, first-to-market, best-in-class, best-in-breed, only, strategic, dominant, joint or top ● Mentions of Salesforce, or its associated brands (Sales Cloud, etc.), when it is unrelated to partner news or offering ● Branding references that don’t comply with the Salesforce style guide and brand policies ● Statistics and numbers that are not supported by an authoritative third-party source ● Salesforce-owned content ● Reference of a partner or customer name (including quotes or name-drops) without written permission from those parties ● Solely announcing a sponsorship of a Salesforce event or plans to speak at a Salesforce event -- sponsorships can be mentioned but only as a secondary message in a release with other newsworthy elements (new product, new customer, etc.) ● Solely announcing a new partnership or change in tier -- tier can be mentioned but only as a secondary message in a release with other newsworthy elements (new product, new customer, etc.) ● Announcements in support of a Salesforce product or service that is still in pilot or beta. Salesforce products and services must be GA before partners are permitted to issue a related press release unless Salesforce PR has provided permission.
  6. 6. TEMPLATE PRESS RELEASE GUIDELINES Press release templates expedite the approvals process, empower partners with Salesforce branding within an announcement headline, subhead and first paragraph, and provide an executive quote. Press releases that follow templates can be expedited much faster through approvals. Templates are provided for the following announcements (Partner Community login required to access): ​ New AppExchange App ​ Salesforce Fullforce Solution ​ Salesforce Masters Designation ​ Customer Success ​ Commerce Cloud Partner Program ​ Commerce Cloud Success Requirements: ​ For partner app releases, apps must have passed all security reviews and be live or listed on the AppExchange. ​ Partner to drive the press release development. ​ Partner to provide Salesforce a minimum of four weeks to provide an approved version of the announcement (two weeks for Platinum partners). Press release guidelines CUSTOM PRESS RELEASE GUIDELINES Scope of Salesforce participation in partner press releases: ​ Minimal brand references of Salesforce ​ Salesforce brand references must fall below the first paragraph, unless otherwise approved by Salesforce PR. Unless otherwise approved by PR, Salesforce will not provide: ​ An executive quote ​ Approval for the use of Salesforce branding to be used in a headline, subhead or first paragraph unless included in template Requirements: ​ Partner to drive the press release development. ​ Partner to provide Salesforce a minimum of four weeks to provide an approved version of the announcement.
  7. 7. Social media + blogging guidelines Contributing to social channels such as a company blog or external outlets presents a great opportunity for partners to share market perspectives and expertise. Members of the Salesforce Partner Program are entrusted to accurately represent Salesforce branding and follow the blogging guidelines. We ask that you follow the following guidelines while communicating about tour events and Salesforce on social media: - You are representing yourself and your actions can reflect upon Salesforce. Be open, honest and transparent about your affiliations with Salesforce wherever possible. - Respect your audience. Refrain from personal insults, slurs or obscenity. Do not disparage Salesforce, other partners, companies or customers. - Do not share confidential information or engage in rumors of speculation. As a member of the partner ecosystem, you may be privy to certain information before it is communicated to the public. Be respectful of this trust and understand that you are bound by our non-disclosure policy. - Share factually accurate information. - Comply with the communications guidelines for using Salesforce branding.
  8. 8. Resources Partner PR Guidelines & Press Release Templates: Salesforce Newsroom: Partner Branding Guidelines - Partner Community - Partner Alerts! - Partner Community News - Partner Community Calendar (Events) – Partner Community Office Hours - Still have a question? Post it to Partner Community here or reach out to your partner account manager.
  9. 9. Thank you