APP Academy: Marketing (Virtual Classroom) - Information Kit


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APP Academy: Marketing (Virtual Classroom) - Information Kit

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APP Academy: Marketing (Virtual Classroom) - Information Kit

  1. 1. @partnerforce APP Academy Marke&ng  –  Info  Kit  
  2. 2. Benefits Pre-Work Live Event Post-Work Discussion Question Panel Parking Lot Quick Polls Vote Early & Often Real-time Feedback Stay Focused Stay Engaged Stay on Time Virtual Classroom Success! Resources APP Academy (Online) – ISV Guide –
  3. 3. APP Academy: Marketing - Vision The APP Academy: Marketing represents a collection of our best practices and lessons learned from , our AppExchange Partner Program, and from our most successful partners.
  4. 4. Session Goals •  Understand marketing resources and tools •  Optimize your message and create killer content •  Create brand excellence for large-scale impact •  Manage an AppExchange listing that wows •  Identify your top lead generation strategies & alignment with sales •  Lead inspired campaigns and run PR like a pro •  Modernize online marketing and take your events to the next level •  Inspire & motivate your marketing team!
  5. 5. Hour 1 (Build Your Brand) Intro & Overview High Impact Messaging & Big Brand AppExchange: The Insider’s Guide Marketing Strategy: 360° View Break Hour 2 (Generate Demand) PR & Social Media: Expand Your Brand Online Marketing: Amplify Your Reach Events: Maximize Your ROI Resources, Summary, Q&A End APP Academy: Marketing (VC)
  6. 6.   Office Hours   Marketing Best Practices   Event Management   AppExchange   Social Media   Recorded Training   Marketing FAQ APP Academy Module – Partner Marketing
  7. 7.   Startup Inspiration   Industry Expertise   Sales Strategy   Marketing Best Practices   Technical Wisdom   Event Planning   Product Launch   Financing   Corporate Philanthropy This is an excellent resource on how to build a successful cloud computing business. We recommend you purchase this book for yourself and your team members. We will refer to this book during the session (purchase is not required). Read ‘Behind the Cloud’ by Marc Benioff
  8. 8.  Understanding B2B Online Marketing  Building a B2B Brand Online  Search Engine Optimization  Using Paid Online Media  Optimizing with Metrics  Conversion Rate Optimization & Usability   Managing Your Leads  Integrating Marketing with CRM Lauren Vaccarello is a contributor to the APP Academy. Lauren is the Senior Director of Online Marketing at where she focuses on developing cross-channel strategies that bridge the gap between awareness and demand-generation. Find the book at Read ‘Complete B2B Online Marketing’ by Maura Ginty & Lauren Vaccarello with William Leake
  9. 9. • Validate Your Planned Approach • Layout Your Partnership Options • Work towards a signed Partner Contract • Foster Your Go-to-Market Execution • Network with others Talk To Your ISV Account Executive (AE)
  10. 10. Office Hours PR Office Hours Dreamforce Office Hours Marketing Office Hours Security Review Office Hours
  11. 11. Check out The Business App Blog   How To’s   Technical Best Practices   Sales Tips   Marketing Insights   Thought Leadership   Industry Trends   Recommendations   Program Updates
  12. 12. Partner Community Is Now Live For All Partners!
  13. 13. PARTNERS – Login Process Go To Select ‘Get Access’. Use your Salesforce org + Partner Portal login. You’re In! Welcome to the Partner Community! This is a ONE-TIME step. Need Help? Go to for an FAQ.
  14. 14. Partners need BOTH logins for the next few months  Collaboration (Chatter)  Education  News, Events, & Alerts  Log Cases  Free Training Signup (LMS) New! Partner Community  Create Dev & Test Orgs  Leads (SI)  Opportunities (SI)  Projects (SI) Partner Portal
  15. 15. Follow the ‘Official: Partner Community” Chatter Group Select ‘Email Daily Digest’ to receive program updates
  16. 16. Follow Us on Social Media Salesforcepartners