APP Academy: Getting Started (SF) Info Kit


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APP Academy: Getting Started (SF) Info Kit

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  • A great resource on the business side is Marc Benioff’s book, Behind the Cloud. Reading this book is like sitting down with Marc and learning that faced many of the same issues you may be facing today. And it shows how we met those issues head on with determination and innovation. Marc discusses global strategy, sales and marketing plays, financing, even how to give back through the 1:1:1 foundation model. Many of our most successful partners have found this book extremely useful, especially for companies just getting started. You can purchase this book in many formats at
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  • APP Academy: Getting Started (SF) Info Kit

    1. 1. APP Academy: Getting StartedInformation KitMarch 20, 2013San Francisco @partnerforce
    2. 2. APP Academy: Getting Started Welcome, we look forward to seeing you there! When: March 20, 2013 at 8:30am (Breakfast) Where: 1 Market @ Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94105 6thFloor, Spear Tower Costs: Program is free, meals provided; you are responsible for travel & lodging Contact:John Richter ISV Success (Enablement) 415-572-0592 (mobile)
    3. 3. APP Academy: Getting Started IMPORTANT: If you cannot attendthe session for any reason please email John Richter ASAP. We have a waiting list and would like to accommodate as many partners as possible. Thank you for your consideration. Contact: John Richter,
    4. 4. Session Goals• Understand key components of the full partner lifecycle• Embrace the Customer Company strategy & how it applies to your commercial application• Identify your place within the lifecycle, along with next steps• Consider key decision points in the lifecycle• Review key concepts like ISV Business Org, Trialforce, Security Review, LMA, AppExchange, & Customer Console• Navigate the Partner Portal & utilize other resources• Be empowered to Sell, Market, & Support like• Get inspired about your business and have fun!Our overall goal for the session is for you to understand the key milestones in the ISV partner lifecycle, learnhow to succeed at each milestone, and become an advocate for best practices within your own company.
    5. 5. Sample Agenda Morning Afternoon08:30 AM – Breakfast 01:00 PM –Package & Distribute09:00 AM – Introduction 01:30 PM – Social App Strategy09:15 AM – Lifecycle Overview 02:00 PM – Sales Best Practices09:45 AM – Mastering Master Orgs 02:30 PM – Marketing Best Practices10:15 AM – Break 03:00 PM –Break10:30 AM – Plan for Success 03:15 PM – Support Your Customers11:00 AM – Architect & Design 03:45 PM – Workshop 04:30 PM – Summary & Survey11:30 AM – Security Review 05:00 PM –End12:00 PM – Lunch
    6. 6. APPAcademyTopics covered during the session by lifecycle phase (subject to change) Plan Build Distribut Sell Support e Setup Partner Development Orgs Setup SEO/SEM Setup Partner Test Orgs Marketing Strategy & Training Setup Packaging Org Sales Strategy & Training Setup ISV Business Org Build a Sales Kit Onboarding Meet with Security Team Lead Management Portal Access Build and Test App Build a Sales Pipeline Go-to-market Planning Successful Testing Closed-Won Opportunities Technical Review Pass Security Review Case Management Architect & Design App Setup Trialforce (TMO) Customer Console Setup Signed Partner Agreement Setup Order Management (OEM) Support Training Install LMA in ISV Biz Org Partner Premier Support Create AppExchange Listing Release Management Record App demo video (viral) Renewals Launch App
    7. 7., 1 Market @ Embarcadero, Spear Tower, San Francisco, CA 94105 Spear Tower
    8. 8. Spear Tower (6 th Floor, Kilauea 3) Kilauea ::When you arrive at Spear Tower (across from the Food Court on the 1 st Floor), tell Security you are here for a training on the 6 th Floor. Be prepared to show your ID. ::Check-in with reception on the 6 th Floor to receive your ID badge ::You will be directed to the session room from reception :: If you need directions or assistance dial John Richter’s mobile – (415) 572-0592
    9. 9. Partner Portal – ISV Partners - News Alerts!APP Academy Topics (A-Z) FAQ
    10. 10. APPAcademy – free training for your team  Free training for ISV partners  Contains best practices by Roles  Videos, Checklists, FAQ’s  Build your own Custom Training  Online (available 24/7)  Virtual Classrooms (no travel costs)  Live Sessions (with our experts)
    11. 11. Read ‘Behind the Cloud’ by Marc Benioff         This is an excellent resource on how to build a successful cloud computing business. We recommend youpurchase this book for yourself and your team members. We will refer to this book during the session(purchase is not required).
    12. 12. Follow us on Twitter @partnerforce • Announcements • Webinar Replays • Release Updates • Dreamforce Alerts • Program Changes • Partner News • New Resources
    13. 13. Pre-Session Checklist Bring Your Own Laptop or Tablet (wifi available) Review the APP Academy (Online) before attending *Tip: Share this link with other team members Read Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff Follow us on Twitter @partnerforce Be prepared to discuss: (1) where your company currently fits in the ISV/OEM lifecycle, (2) your plan for next steps (3) the roles you have in place to support those plans (4) how your company is delivering a Social App
    14. 14. Frequently Asked QuestionsHow much does the program cost?This program (valued at $2000 USD) is free to membersof our AppExchange Partner Program. Meals are provided.You are responsible for transportation & lodging.Can I bring a colleague who was not pre-registered?Yes, but please notify us in advance of anyone who would like to attend. Only pre-registered partners will haveaccess.Is purchasing Behind the Cloud (book) required for the session?No. It is not our intention to sell books, but many of our partners have found this to be a very inspirational as wellas practical guide, which is why we highly recommend it.Can I have a copy of the slides from the session?The slides for almost all of the delivered content are available via our train-the-trainer package.On theAPP Academy main page, select the train-the-trainer resources. I need directions, have an issue, whom should I contact?Contact John Richter at jrichter@salesforce.comor 415-572-0592 (mobile).
    15. 15. See you there!