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Account Planning in Salesforce (January 21, 2016)

Part of the Expert Success Series

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Account Planning in Salesforce (January 21, 2016)

  1. 1. Account Planning in Salesforce Sponsored by the ISV Partner Success Group, Salesforce Co-hosted by The TAS Group @partnerforce @thetasgroup To Maximize Revenue From Your Key Accounts
  2. 2. Speakers Mark Handron VP Strategic Alliances, The TAS Group Doug Chaney RVP ISV Sales, Salesforce Wendy Reed EVP Solutions, The TAS Group
  3. 3. Agenda ​  What is Account Planning? ​  Focusing on Key Areas ​  Cadence & Coaching ​  Q & A
  4. 4. What is Account Planning?
  5. 5. Your Account is a Marketplace
  6. 6. Your Account is a Marketplace Create, develop, pursue, and win business that delivers mutual value for you and your customer
  7. 7. Poll #1 ​  My organization's current stand on Account Planning: 1.  It’s a great idea, but we've never gotten it right. 2.  We’ve done a decent job, but there’s more value to be mined. 3.  We have an Account Planning directive in place. 4.  We've exceeded our target from existing customers last year. 5.  Account Planning – what’s that?
  8. 8. The way customers buy is changing “The age of the customer is upon us. Buyers are more demanding, informed, value-sensitive, and have more choices available to them than at any other point in history.” Forrester, The Selling System in the Age of the Customer, March 2014
  9. 9. Growth = New + Success
  10. 10. Alignment
  11. 11. Customer Relationships
  12. 12. Focusing on Key Areas
  13. 13. Understanding the Customer’s Story
  14. 14. Source: Forrester Executive Buyer Insight Study What’s the Problem? Executives don’t believe that salespeople are well prepared to engage with them... …because they know about their own offerings, not the realities and needs of executives. Salespeople are knowledgeable about: Source: Forrester Research Their own products and services Buyers’ roles and responsibilities Buyers’ specific business Questions buyers ask 40%36% 43%71%
  15. 15. Sales / Marketing / Customer Misalignment Little Business Context Not Customer Focused Product Centric No Insights Inside Sellers Sell Only What They Know…
  16. 16. Things Customers Care About … Goals Pressures Obstacles Initiatives
  17. 17. Things Customers Care About … Goals Pressures Obstacles Initiatives Solutions
  18. 18. Research for Insight
  19. 19. It's all about the 3 ‘C’s Customer Company Research for Insight
  20. 20. Impact on a Customer i.e. Business Problems, Business People Research for Insight
  21. 21. 54%61% Research for Insight Impact on a Customer i.e. Business Problems, Business People
  22. 22. Integrated for Velocity
  23. 23. Poll #2 Which of these trends have impacted your sales organization? 1.  The Digital Imperative 2.  Advanced / Enriched White Space 3.  Efficiency and Efficacy through Full Integration 4.  Alignment of Sales and Marketing to Deliver Customer Insight 5.  The Need for Quality Coaching
  24. 24. Market Segmentation Account Planning Account Management Opportunity Management Territory Named Key Integrated for Velocity
  25. 25. Your Account is a Marketplace
  26. 26. Cadence & Coaching
  27. 27. Tracking and Coaching ​ It’s all about coaching both management and sales teams. In The Plan In Dashboards
  28. 28. Role of Sales Leadership in Peer Review Before Set expectations with presenting & reviewing teams: Rules of engagement Expected outcome of the peer review During Engage the team to prevent multi tasking Evaluate the critical thinking and preparation of the presenting team and the reviewers After Follow up with the team on vulnerabilities, ideas, and actions
  29. 29. 12 Elements of Great Account Planning Action OrientedRegular CadenceSocial and Collaborative Measurable Customer Focused IntegratedResearch Based Targeted Aligned to Business Strategy Map People and Influence Trust White Space
  30. 30. Q A Questions & Answers
  31. 31. Resources Reminders Each participant will be enrolled in our 7-Email Course on Account Planning Each participant will receive a copy of Account Planning in Salesforce Engage Us … Email Us @ Call Us @ +1 866 570 3836 Resources to Learn More About Account Planning Blog On-Demand Webinars White Papers
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