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Caring together pledges


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Caring together pledges

  1. 1. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshirePledgesFrom the Communications RallyMarch 2013
  2. 2. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireAlexi Ness – Clinical Project ManagerTo discuss/share and champion Caring Togetherin the projects I work on and with the people Iwork alongside
  3. 3. Integrating Care in Eastern Cheshire1. Attach the link onto the bottom of my emails.2. Work with comms to raise awareness in theneighbourhood we serve (internal & external).3. Share with partners I work withAndrew Tester – Health & Wellbeing OfficerPlus Dane Group
  4. 4. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireAnne Marriott – East Locality ManagerI will ensure that the Caring Together brand is atthe core of the development of health and socialcare community teams
  5. 5. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireBronwyn Barrow – Associate Director of OD &LearningTo explore ways to raise awareness throughoutengagement programme - Your Voice andthrough day to day contact with colleagues
  6. 6. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireChris Godfrey - PatientPatient Group Awareness: To raise awareness ofintegrated care and the H&W Centre throughthe Toft Patient Group. To ensure continualawareness through the Knutsford Town PlanningImplementation Group. In a personalcontext, take opportunities to promoteawareness in informed discussions with friendsetc
  7. 7. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireCllr Janet Clowes – Portfolio Holder: Health &Adult Social CareInform elected members of CEC of this initiative(especially wards in East Cheshire). Liaise withCE comms team to link to website. Brief socialcare staff of CEC
  8. 8. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireDr Julia Huddart – GP ECCCG Clinical LeadInform elected members of CEC of this initiative(especially wards in East Cheshire). Liaise withCE comms team to link to website. Brief socialcare staff of CEC
  9. 9. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireElaine Adam – Head of Service ImprovementBrief my staff. Put up posters. Use logos etcwhen applicable
  10. 10. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireElisabeth Street – Clinical Pharmacy ServiceManagerTo discuss and explain the brand and integratedcare concept with pharmacy team atMacclesfield Hospital. To attend KnutsfordNeighbourhood Team meetings and feed back topharmacy team
  11. 11. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireHelen Bennett – Head of TransformationCheshire & Merseyside CSUTo share my learning about Caring Together andthe brand approach you are taking withcolleagues across the CSU, in order that we cansupport you effectively if and when you need us.
  12. 12. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireHelen Weston – Community MatronShare principles of Caring Together throughworkstreams of Integrated Care/NeighbourhoodTeams. Attach logo to emails.
  13. 13. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireHilary Heywood – Integral Health SolutionsI will share examples of good practice, tools andtechniques which are innovative and willsupport the development of the Caring Togetherprogramme
  14. 14. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireJulia Cottier – Acting Services Director –CWP EastTo ensure that the branding is used in all visualforms of communication and that staff are ableto explain to our service users what it means
  15. 15. Integrating Care in Eastern Cheshire
  16. 16. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireJacki Wilkes – Head of Clinical Developmentand Health OutcomesTake responsibility to ensure all plans arereferenced to the principles of Caring Together
  17. 17. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireJane Critchley – Senior Manager – IndividualCommissioning and Peronalisation CECTo continue to lead and motivate staff in theengagement and involvement of the integratedcare agenda - Caring Together
  18. 18. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireRichard Ellison-SmithTo work with colleagues to identify areas wherewe can bring Caring Together to life in terms ofthe real behaviours and changes needed tomake it work
  19. 19. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireRob Stead – Medical Director ECTI will ensure Caring Together is a theme in myrole as Medical Director at ECT
  20. 20. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireSam Nichol – Integrated Care ProgrammeDirectorTo put the brand on every item I sendout, email, letters, minutes etc and also to liveby the Caring Together principles in everyinteraction I have and in developing theprogramme plans for integrated care
  21. 21. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireStewart Gardiner – Councillor CEC for Knutsford1. To mention Caring Together wherever andwhenever possible throughout East Cheshire. 2.To invite a representative of Caring Together toattend a Knustford Town Council meeting
  22. 22. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireSue Dean – Project ManagerUse materials provided with out project workinggroups to better describe their contribution andencourage them to get their teams to registeron the Eng HQ
  23. 23. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireTori Bell – ECCCG Clinical Project ManagerPromote the Caring Together brand tocolleagues from the local authority, thirdsector, other CCGs and acute trust whenworking on commissiioning services together.
  24. 24. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireVal Aherne – Deputy CEOWriting a Board paper tomorrow and willinclude this. Really sorry to be leaving at thisstage (professionally). I will now join the publiccampaign and have ideas to share with you
  25. 25. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireJustin Johnson – Strategic DevelopmentManagerRaise awareness at staff meeting 26/3
  26. 26. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireKaren Burton – Clinical Project Manager1. Include in all emails etc and 2. Ensureincluded on all agendas for my projects e.g.Nursing homes, self managementsupport, raising the awareness of CaringTogether
  27. 27. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireJohn Parker – Workforce PlannerI will spread the word by promoting the brandthat this is genuinely a different and openprocess
  28. 28. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireKath Senior – Director of Nursing, Performance& QualityI will commit to raising the profile of CaringTogether getting it on Trustwide agendas andengaging staff to contribute to the engagementHQ. The brand will be used in as many Trust andpatient activities as possible. I will add logos tomy email signature.
  29. 29. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireLiz Kirk – Learning & OrganisationalDevelopment Business PartnerTake every opportunity to talk about CaringTogether with colleagues
  30. 30. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshirePaul Bowen – GP Chair• Ill ensure I allow the aspirations set out by thecomms group to motivate the rest of theprogramme into action/progress. We need tobe sure the progress of service design keepsup with the promises of the campaign.
  31. 31. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireRebecca Patel – Public Engagement ManagerI pledge to actively encourage people to sign upto the engagement HQ and to ensure thatpatients, carers and staff engaged in the CCG areaware of Caring Together and its progress
  32. 32. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireMatthew Cunningham1. I will not say integrated care - I will say CaringTogether. 2. One day a week I will dedicate toCaring Together. 3. I will develop a CaringTogether staff champion programme of the CCG
  33. 33. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireNikki Hotchin – Clinical Projects CoordinatorBrilliant session. I will pledge to share andsupport and embed the principles, aims andvalues of Caring Together in my day to day roleand thinking within the CCG
  34. 34. Integrating Care in Eastern CheshireLiz McGill – Chair ECTShare messages with staff. Provide visability formessage. Understand resource requirements sowe might identify people where possible. Shareresources and sign up to principles