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  • FRAUD COMPANY(Raygain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

    2nd Floor, TSL Building LSC- 3,
    Sector- 6,Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 110075,
    Phone: (+ 91) 11 4045 0000
    Fax: (+ 91) 11 4045 0099)

    Company Owner- Rajesh Pandey is big career destroyer for Students and fresher. Wo chahta hai ki 2-3 saal free me employee se kaam karwaye, khud paisa kamata hai kaam karwa aur employee ko salary nahi deta. salary mangne pe wo bolta hai nahi hai salary tum agar company se jana chahte ho ja sakte ho lekinn yaad rakhna Relieving Letter bhi nahi milega.

    i m telling u my own story or time which i spent with the company....

    1) Company is fake it is operating in Dwarka in 2 rooms.
    2) It's website all materials and contents and services is fake.
    3) once u join it,u will be given a dummy project by saying that this is just for checking ur skills and based on skills u may put in LIVE project.......But my friend,it doesn't have even a single LIVE project.
    4) it wont provide u a Trainer too to train their employee for any Technology(DOTNET,JAVA etc)....on asking to any TL regarding Coding....they say :-'coding ka tumhe kuch ni bataya jayega,tumhe ye karna hai,kahin se bhi,kaise bhi.....no one is there who can help u in coding'...... u will be given systems only...just get inside as ur shift starts,occupy one of the system,do gossip with ur friends,go back to ur homes as ur shift ends......they don't have any project for either technology.
    5) u wont be given SALARY on time...if u want to talk to the owner of the company....this will be ur unfullfill dream......he never talks to anyone.
    6) After completion of ur training u will be kicked out of the company surely......bcoz they have been recruiting 10-15 students everyday since August and they don't have availability of seats...so,u will be definitely be kicked out after 3 months or may be after two months.
    7) basically it is not a company,it's a shop where they are sitting for ROBERY

    plz don't pay them even a single penny.this is totally fraud......i have spoiled my money and time both........but it's my humble request to all human being and try to get rid off these kind of companies.......
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Raygain - Market Research Service Offerings

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation Assuring Global Service Standards Company Website: www.raygain.comDisclaimer: The information contained in this document is proprietary to Raygain and is confidential in nature. This document cannot be reproduced in any form, either in whole or in parts, ordisclosed to other individuals/ entities other than the intended recipients without prior written permission from Raygain.While due care and attention has been taken in the preparation of this document, Raygain does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy or error or any action taken in reliance on theinformation contained in this document. All warranties whether expressed or implied by statute, law or otherwise are hereby disclaimed and excluded to the extent permitted at law.
  2. 2. Table of Contents About Raygain Our Market Research Service Offerings
  3. 3. About RaygainRaygain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Raygain) is a full-service Market Research firm supportingboth international and domestic clients across the entire market research value-chain.We conduct qualitative and quantitative research and have the expertise and experience inexecuting projects in various industries and regions offering customized solutions to our clientshelping them derive maximum value from research. Identifying client’s research needs,suggesting possible approaches, designing and executing projects, and providing analyticaland business insights are some of our strengths.The research solutions are extremely cost-effective and can be customized as per client needs.Some areas of research covered by our team are as follows: Competitive Intelligence Customer/Employee Satisfaction Surveys Market Sizing Studies & Trends New Product Development Brand Positioning & Brand Perception Studies Brand Strategy New Concept Testing
  4. 4. Market Research OverviewRaygain’s strong Market Researchteam specializes in end-to-end projectexecution. We identify the clients’research needs, suggest possibleapproaches, design and executeprojects and provide analytical andbusiness insights.Our Market Research team comprisesa mix of Economics, Commerce,Science, Arts graduates, Engineers,MBAs and Statisticians.Our researchers have hands-onexperience in the following industries: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Information Technology FMCG & Retail Manufacturing Logistics Telecommunications Automotive
  5. 5. Market Research (MR) Service Offerings Market Data Data Other Research Collection Services Services Customer  Phone  Data Processing  Survey Satisfaction & • CATI B2B/B2C • Cleaning Programming Brand Loyalty Interviews • Verbatim Coding • In-Depth • Tabulation  IT Applications New Product/ Interviews Concept • PAPI  Analytics Evaluation • Recruitments • Quantitative Advertising • Qualitative Brand  Web Positioning and • Online Surveys  Reporting Perception • CAWI • Basic Charting Studies • Panels • Executive Employee Reports • Interpretation & Satisfaction Commenting Surveys Event Effectiveness
  6. 6. Market Research Capabilities Market Research Solutions • Customer Satisfaction & Brand Loyalty • New Product/Concept Evaluation • Brand Positioning and Perception Studies • Advertising • Employee Satisfaction Survey Data Collection Data Services Survey Programming & IT Applications
  7. 7. Market Research Solutions Customer Experience in conducting studies in the areas of Competitor Benchmarking, Satisfaction & Brand Customer Segmentation and Customer Satisfaction Tracking Loyalty New Experience in conducting studies in the areas of Consumer Preferences, Product/Concept Design Optimization, Demand Predictions and New Product Design. Evaluation New Product/Concept Experience in conducting studies in the areas of Strategic Alignment, Brand Evaluation Repositioning, Competitive Benchmarking and Brand Tracking. Experience in conducting studies in the areas of Purchase Intention and Advertising Preference, Brand Recall and Affordability. Experience in conducting studies in the areas of Employee Segmentation Employee and Satisfaction, Design and Implementation of programs/policies and Satisfaction Survey Behavior Prediction
  8. 8. Market Research Capabilities Market Research Solutions Data Collection • Phone • CATI B2B/B2C Interviews • In-Depth Interviews • PAPI • Recruitments • FGDs • Web • Online Surveys • CAWI • Panels Data Services Survey Programming & IT Applications
  9. 9. Data Collection Ability to recruit executives for Specialists in phone/F2F/FGDsB2B/B2C Interviewing interviews with clients: • Ability to conduct F2F interviews globally • Ability to conduct & moderate FGDs in India Interviews: Qualified and • Ability to engage senior experienced executives in 30-60 minute interviewers for in- long discussions depth/qualitative • In-house Data Analytics discussions support
  10. 10. Market Research Capabilities Market Research Solutions Data Collection Data Services • Data Processing • Cleaning • Verbatim Coding • Tabulation • Analytics • Quantitative • Qualitative • Reporting • Basic Charting • Executive Reports • Interpretation and Commenting Survey Programming & IT Applications
  11. 11. Data Services • Latest toolsData Processing • Data cleaning/ validation/ merging and coding Capabilities • Multiple output formats supported (Text, Word, Excel, PDF) • Expertise in all major MR Techniques • Qualitative/Quantitative AnalysisAnalytics Team • Strong focus on modeling and development of new approaches/methodologies • Basic Charting (Data to PowerPoint) Charting and • Reports Reporting • Executive Reports (including detailed summaries/ insights) • Reports in PPT, MS Word and PDF formats
  12. 12. Market Research Capabilities Market Research Solutions Data Collection Data Services Survey Programming & IT Applications • Survey Programming • IT Applications
  13. 13. Survey Programming and IT Applications • Multiple Tools Advanced • Experienced Programmers Programming • Multimedia support (Audio/ Video/ Flash) Capabilities • All major Languages Supported Ability to use ASP.NET/ Java/ SQL for • In-house capabilities of software development Complex and Customized Surveys • Set-up survey questionnaires (select relevant questions) Employee • Send Invitations satisfaction • Monitor Data on real-time basis surveys • Generate Customized Client Reports
  14. 14. Quality and Technology Overview Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA & QC) • Duplicate Respondent Detection • Check of Open-End Responses • Cleaning Scripts • Data Validation Technology Technology Overview • Hardware - Robust and Secure Servers (with Active Back-up) with Audio/Video streaming technology • Software - ASP/.NET for custom IT Applications
  15. 15. Thank YouRaygain Technologies Private Limited 2nd Floor, TSL Building (Plot No. 9), LSC No. 3, Sector 6, Dwarka, New Delhi, India - 110075 Mail: sales@raygain.com Home Page: www.raygain.com Phone: (+91) 11 4045 0000 Fax: (+91) 11 4045 0099