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Cricket+Football Quiz finals

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  1. 1. Finals
  2. 2. Pounce, Bounce, do whatever.
  3. 3. ID both the Cricketers.
  4. 4. Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee
  5. 5. These are two of only 3 players to achieve this milestone in ODI cricket. What milestone and complete the list.
  6. 6. Double Century in an ODI. The only other player being former Australian Women’s cricketer- Belinda Clark.
  7. 7. These players have a rather dubious ‘record’ among players whose careers have gone on for a significant period of time. What’s the so called ‘record’
  8. 8. Bruce Reid, Bhagwat Chandrashekhar and Chris Martin.Players who have taken more wickets than they have scored runs.
  9. 9. “X bowled almost as well, making the ball curl in the air either from leg or from the off and causing it to come off the pitch at a tremendous pace.“"When England went in a second time, X bowled even better than before“"India fared so badly that they lost seven wickets for 108 .... However, it was X, this time, who displayed his lower-order batting prowess, hitting 51 with the help of one six. He added 74 runs for the eighth wicket with Lall Singh, who scored 29 runs. Ultimately, X was the last man out for 187, and India lost by 158 runs.” All this praise was heaped on X by Wisden after the match. X played out the rest of his career versus England, comprising of 6 more tests. In the 7 tests he played in his career he took 28 wickets at a bowling average of 30.64.
  10. 10. Amar Singh, who formed a brilliant bowling partnership with Mohammad Nissar in India’s early tests.
  11. 11. “Riley shrewdly maintains focus on how the players co-opted the merciless tactics of their invective- hurling adversaries for their own, and the regions, self-actualization.” ial at there can be soc luab le lesson th playing a s port An inva hed to que nces attac oure the b est conse ven if y a ball.Its a a co nscience e r catching rous without wing, wha cking o their ing film around at thro p a con ride an bout e ad Ali. ti d x- Just as k Muhamm Aust nued to to reco colonia ralia be d v ls ns. enie er a dig uniting d th nity to a em that ssert by th e En glish and Which Movie and about what?
  12. 12. X had a hiatus in his career when he went on the controversial 1982 South African rebel tour, which resulted in all the players concerned being banned from Test cricket for three years. X was not handed the captaincy until the team arrived in South Africa at the beginning of March. It could be argued that more attention was on X however as he was reaching his peak as a Test Player, others were in the twilight years of their cricket careers and so the ban was arguably felt more acutely by the captain. X claimed in the film "The Wilderness Years" that others decided he "had no place in England cricket", hence his decision to join the tour.X recently said that the present England team have the ability to battle the inconsistency that has plagued them for years and win a World Cup. X himself played in 3 World Cup finals, ending on the losing side in all of them. ID X.
  13. 13. Graham Gooch.
  14. 14. The X was perfected by Y who was immortalized in having this trick of evasion named after him. To make this move, the person would look to pass or cross the ball, however, instead of kicking it, he would drag the ball behind his planted foot with the inside of his other foot, turn through 180 degrees and accelerate away outside a bemused defender. It remains one of the most commonly used dribbling tricks in the modern game.Give me both X and Y.
  15. 15. Johan Cruyff, The cruyff turn.
  16. 16. On 31 May, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher put pressure upon the FA to withdraw English clubs from European competition, and two days later UEFA banned English clubs for "an indeterminate period of time". On 6 June FIFA extended the ban to all worldwide matches, but this was modified one week later to allow friendly matches to take place. The ban did not apply to the English national team. English clubs were banned indefinitely from European club competitions. In the end, English clubs were banned for five years. The British police undertook a thorough investigation to bring to justice the perpetrators.Why was this ban placed?
  17. 17. The Heysel Stadium disaster, in which a lot of Liverpool fans tried to climb over the fence resulting in the death of several Juventus fans.English Clubs were banned from all European competitions from 1985- 1990, with Liverpool being banned for an extra year.
  18. 18. The clubs nickname is Die Fohlen (English: The Foals), coined in the 1970s due to having a young team with a fast, aggressive playing style. The official mascot of the club is the foal Jünter.Under coach Hennes Weisweiler the young side displayed an offensive minded philosophy and powerful play that attracted fans from all over Germany. The team stayed on the attack and matched Bayerns achievement with three consecutive titles of their own from 1975 to 1977. X lost the 1977 final of the European Cup to Liverpool, but also made four appearances in the UEFA Cup with wins in 1975 and 1979 against losses in 1973 and 1980. The clubs spectacular run had come to an end with eight trophies to their credit, and although they would continue to be competitive for many years, success would be much harder to come by.Which club?
  19. 19. Borussia Monchengladbach.
  20. 20. August 1912 Tom Chorlton November 1913 Jackie Sheldon September 1920 Tom MillerMay 1921 Fred HopkinFebruary 1929 Tommy ReidJanuary 1938 Ted Savage November 1938 Allenby Chilton February 1954 Thomas McNultyApril 1964 Phil ChisnallList of?
  21. 21. The only transfers between Manchester United and Liverpool.
  22. 22. X is the first player to have won the Champions League 4 different times and from 3 different Clubs. He was part of the Ajax side in 1995, the Madrid side in 1998 and the Milan Side in 2003 and 2007. ID.
  23. 23. A popular nickname for the club is i lupi (the wolves), the animal has always featured on the clubs badge in different forms throughout their history. Currently the emblem of the team is the one which was used when the club was first founded.In the myth from which the club take their nickname and logo, the twins (sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia) are thrown into the River Tiber by their uncle Amulius, a she-wolf saved the twins and looked after them. Eventually the two twins took revenge on Amulius, before falling out themselves.Which club?
  24. 24. Roma
  25. 25. The Preferential List
  26. 26. Rules Don’t Panic. You are allowed to write 5 names for the answer, any extra names and you shall be put down. If you get the top person in the list in the 5 names you have written, 5 points, 2nd-4 , 3rd- 3, 4th- 2, 5th- 1. If a name you have written doesn’t belong to the top 5, you take no points home. A total of 15 points can be scored on each question. ………Aaaaaaand we begin.
  27. 27. 1.List the top wicket takers in ODIs
  28. 28. 2.List the Top Run Scorers In Ashes
  29. 29. 3. List the Batsmen with the Most Double hundreds in Test Matches.
  30. 30. 4. List the top scorers in the European Cup/Champions League.
  31. 31. 5. List of Top Transfer fees of all time.
  32. 32. 6. List the clubs with the most European Cups/Champions Leagues.
  33. 33.  Exchange your sheets and wish your team- mate’s luck was better than yours.
  34. 34.  5- Muttaiah Muralidaran 4- Wasim Akram 3- Waqar Younis 2- Chaminda Vaas 1- Shaun Pollock.
  35. 35. 5- Sir Donald Bradman4- Jack Hobbs3- Allan Border2- David Gower1- Steve Waugh
  36. 36.  5- Donald Bradman 4- Brian Lara 3- Kumar Sangakkara 2- Wally Hammond 1- Sehwwag/ Attapattu/ Jaywardene/ Miandad/ Tendulkar/ Ponting.
  37. 37.  5- Raul Gonzalez 4- Ruud Van Nistelrooy. 3- Andriy Shevchenko 2- Lionel Messi 1- Thierry Henry.
  38. 38.  5- Cristiano Ronaldo 4- Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3- Ricardo Kaka 2- Zinedine Zidane 1- Luis Figo/ Fernando Torres.
  39. 39.  5- Real Madrid 4- AC Milan 3- Liverpool 2- Bayern Munich 1- Ajax/ Barcelona.
  40. 40. Mother Of Quotes
  41. 41. “His Excellency is a conscientiousobjector.”
  42. 42. “Only one team was playing in thespirit of the game.”
  43. 43. "The other advantage Englandhave got when Phil Tufnell isbowling is that he isnt fielding"
  44. 44. Asked if he would like to managethe "best club in the country", hereplied: "Why, is Matt Busbypacking up?"
  45. 45. “When the seagulls follow thetrawler, it is because they thinksardines will be dropped into thesea.”
  46. 46. “What Carew does with a football,I can do with an orange.”
  47. 47. Exchange Your Sheets and HoldOn to your Horses.
  48. 48. Douglas JardineAnil KumbleIan ChappellBill ShanklyEric CantonaZlatan Ibrahimovic
  49. 49. Bid for Glory
  50. 50. Rules If you haven’t panicked yet, keep it up. You will be shown the topic on which the question is based before the question, you can place a bid of 20/10/sit out like a dummy on the question. Write your answers on a piece of paper. Anybody shouting the answer will definitely be persecuted. If you get the answer wrong, then there will be a deduction of half the points of the bid you placed. Dummies may go through this round satisfied.
  51. 51. Indian Domestic Cricket
  52. 52. Indian Domestic Cricket. X was a schoolmate of future cricketing star Sachin Tendulkar. Like Tendulkar, he was coached by Ramakant Achrekar. When Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli shared in a then-record unbroken 664-run partnership for their school in a Harris Shield match, he was on the same team and was due to bat next. X was named as the vice-captain of the Indian U-19 cricket team for their tour of England in 1994. He was regarded as one of the countrys finest prospects and was labelled the "new Tendulkar". He also played for the India A side in the 1994- 95 season alongside Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly. However, despite a first-class career average of over 50, he slowly began to disappear from the plans of the national team selectors. While his contemporaries Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly went on to have long and successful international careers, he was never selected for the full India national cricket team in either Tests or ODIs. He is the top scorer in the Ranji Trophy.
  53. 53. ICC Cricket World Cup
  54. 54. ICC CWC  X mostly played in the ODI team. He went on to the 1999 World Cup, where he played in every match bar one where he was injured, and hit the winning runs in the final. However, upon his return to Australia, he was dropped from the ODI team in favour of Damien Martyn, who was the reserve batsman.  Later in 2002, Mark Waugh was dropped from the Test team, and X was recalled for the first time in almost four years. After missing the first part of the 2003 Cricket World Cup, X went on to take the winning catch in the final against India in Johannesburg.  World Cup hero? Not really, just deserved a mention.  ID X.
  55. 55. Manchester United
  56. 56. Manchester United  X played as a forward from 1980 to 1998, notable for his near 11- year spell at Manchester United, as well as important tenures at Scottish clubs Celtic and Motherwell. He was nicknamed "Choccy", as his last name rhymed with the delicacy “________________".  Something that we keep chewing now and then.
  57. 57. Serie A
  58. 58. Serie A In 1960, X joined Internazionale from Barcelona, bringing with him his midfield general Y, who would win the European Footballer of the Year in the same year for his role in Barcelonas La Liga/Fairs Cup double. He would transform Internazionale into one of the greatest teams in Europe. He modified a 5–3–2 tactic known as the Verrou to include larger flexibility for counter attacks. The Catenaccio system was invented by an Austrian coach named Karl Rappan. Rappans original system was implemented with 4 fixed defenders, playing a strict man-to-man marking system, plus a playmaker in the middle of the field who plays the ball together with two midfield wings. X would modify it by adding a fifth defender, the sweeper or libero behind the two centre backs. The sweeper or libero who acted as the free man would deal with any attackers who went through the two centre backs. Internazionale would finish 3rd in Serie A his first season, 2nd the next year and first in his 3rd season. And then followed a back-to-back European Cup victory in 1964 and 1965.
  59. 59. Bundesliga
  60. 60. Bundesliga  In his book "Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football", David Winner writes, “X was short, squat, awkward-looking and not notably fast; he never fit the conventional idea of a great footballer, but he had lethal acceleration over short distances, a remarkable aerial game, and uncanny goalscoring instincts. His short legs gave him a strangely low center of gravity, so he could turn quickly and with perfect balance in spaces and at speeds that would cause other players to fall over. He also had a knack of scoring in unlikely situations."
  61. 61. FIFA World Cup
  62. 62. FIFA World Cup  While at Perugia he was involved in the infamous 1980 betting scandal known in Italy as Totonero, and as a result of this X was disqualified for three years though this was later reduced to a two year ban. However, X always claimed to be innocent and be victim of an injustice. In his book Ho fatto piangere il Brasile (I Made Brazil Cry) one of the people that accused him in 1980 admitted that the accusations against him at that time were invented.  X returned just in time for 1982 FIFA World Cup, but Italian journalists and tifosi lamented he was in very poor shape. This view seemed to be confirmed by Italys first, appalling three matches, in which he was allegedly described as a ghost aimlessly wandering over the field.
  63. 63. Long Visual Connect