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Discribes my work experience

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  1. 1. Leadership
  2. 2. Situation Project work from university Organization of pharmacy event Required to make a team of 10 members Short time given by the management
  3. 3. Action Consulted the college authorities Got information about specific requirements Selected other 9 members to create a team Assigned the particular work to each member Served as a link – College and team members
  4. 4. Result Made event delightful Appreciated by dean of the college Rewarded as student of the year of the college
  5. 5. Flexibility / Adaptability
  6. 6. Situation Got a job in a multinational company No previous job experience Newer to corporate environment Job location - Far form home town
  7. 7. Action Gave a commitment – Adaptation Read and understood the SOPs Communicated with Head Office and Subordinates Gained knowledge of company’s objectives
  8. 8. Result Got Adopted quickly with the job environment Better communicated with clients and partner organizations Completed the project work on time Appreciated by Hiring authorities - Increment
  9. 9. Technological Skills
  10. 10. Situation Everyday deals with ‘Temperature Measuring Software’ Significant in Medicine Transportation Suddenly Software stopped working Difficulties to get Quality Approvals Original license file required
  11. 11. Action Informed concern authorities Got authorization to reinstall Understood and followed critical steps to solve Applied technological knowledge to get it done
  12. 12. Result Successfully installed Temperature measurement Quality approval / release Medicine consignment delivered Appreciated by Head office