Kollywood Quiz Prelims 2013


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Kollywood quiz prelims with 25 questions

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Kollywood Quiz Prelims 2013

  1. 1. by Parthiben & Jayanthan
  2. 2. 1 Connect
  3. 3. Lyricist Vaali as Actor
  4. 4. 2 Identify the director • He often picture's critical moments in Rain or in a train • He has rarely shot in foreign locales. Most movies of his has been made within India. • Most of his female leads will be naughty, vibrant, innately good with sparks of sophistication.
  5. 5. 3 • • • • Give me the movie name During British period, Railways was controlled by English officers and promotion to higher rank was denied for deserving Indians for they belonged to Hindu religion. Conversion to Christianity was a precondition laid for promotion and few persons belonging to X got themselves converted to Christianity to claim promotion. After enjoying all perquisites associated with Railways officers, these people one by one reconverted back to Hindu fold on retirement. Having got beaten in their own game, English have associated X with cheats and it stayed for long in usage, until removed from the English Dictionaries because of protest. But still reference to X continues and a popular Tamil film of 1990s X-Y had the name of the protagonist Y prefixed with X for its title.
  6. 6. Kumbakonam Gopalu
  7. 7. 4 Identify the actress X • X was originally supposed to play the role of Rajini's sister in the movie Ranga. • She had to drop out as Y had called up the producers and told them that she will not be enacting the role and told them that KR.Vijaya will do the role instead. • Instead X entered politics.
  8. 8. Jayalalitha
  9. 9. 5 Connect
  10. 10. Alumni’s of Trinity College of Music, London (clockwise) Ilayaraja, AR Rahman, Karthik Raja, Harris Jayaraj
  11. 11. 6 • Video Identify the Dancer
  12. 12. Helen
  13. 13. 7 Identify A B C X • ‘A’ won the Filmfare Best Tamil Actress Award for portraying the character of ‘B’ in the movie ‘C’ and critics lauded her performance. • The success of the film led to a film ‘X’ being named after a song in the movie ‘C’, starring actress Kushboo appearing in a strong negative role much alike ‘B’.
  14. 14. Minsara Kanna • A – Ramya Krishnan • B – Nilambiri • X – Minsara Kanna
  15. 15. 8 Identify the Actor • X debuted by directing the serial Top Tucker in DD in the year 1988. His Debut as an actor was in the Vikraman film ‘Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen’. He was also the story writer for the movie Aadhavan.
  16. 16. Ramesh Khanna
  17. 17. 9 Identify the movie • A film around 1960 starring M. G. Ramachandran, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, M. N. Nambiar in lead roles. It is a film involving aliens who kidnap a girl from planet Earth so as to make the citizens of their planet learn arts from her. She is rescued by the hero from the villain alien. It is supposed to be the first alien visitation fiction film of Indian film industry.
  18. 18. Kalai Arasi
  19. 19. 10 • A kid who was playing flute onscreen in the song 'Panivizhum Iravu' from Mouna Ragam, later made a big name for himself in acting, choreography and direction. Who was it? • Video
  20. 20. Prabhu Deva
  21. 21. 11 Connect
  22. 22. Movies directed by P. C. Sreeram
  23. 23. 12 Identify the movie • X was a 1992 Tamil language film directed by Bharathiraja and written by Sujatha Rangarajan. It starred Karthik Muthuraman and Ranjitha in the lead roles. The story and music was provided by Ilayaraja. • Featuring an international cast, the film was a period movie set in British India and was based on a triangular love story between a goldsmith (Karthik), a gypsy woman (Ranjitha) and the district collector's sister. • Some critics opine that later movies such as the Hindilanguage blockbuster Lagaan and the 2010 Tamillanguage movie Madrasapattinam were inspired by X.
  24. 24. Nadodi Thendral
  25. 25. 13 What’s blanked out ?
  26. 26. Rakkama kaiya thattu Song by Ilayaraaja
  27. 27. 14 Identify the first Tamil(Indian) movie song to be released as single track ?
  28. 28. Lesa Lesa The title track of Lesa Lesa was the first song in India to be released as a single prior to a film soundtrack album release.
  29. 29. 15 Audio - Connect • Iruvar • ெபெண்: யாயும் யாயும் யாராகியோரா ெனென்று ோநேர்ந்ததெததன்னெ யாயும் யாயும் யாராகியோரா ெனென்று ோநேர்ந்ததெததன்னெ ஆண்: யானும் நேீயும் எவ்வழி அறிந்தும் உறவு ோசேர்ந்ததெததன்னெ. • En Swasa Kaatrae • - Narumugaiyae - Theendai கன்றும் உண்ணாது, கலத்ததினும் பெடாது, நேல் ஆனெ் ததீம் பொல் நேிலத்து உக்கா அங்க, எனெக்கம் ஆகாது, என்ைனெக்கம் உததவாது, பெசேைல உணீஇயர் ோவண்டும்ததிததைல அல்கல் எனெ் மாைமக் கவிோனெ
  30. 30. கறுந்ெததாைக/Kurunthokai யாயும் ஞாயும் யாரா கியோரா, எந்ைததயும் நுந்ைததயும் எம்முறைறக் ோகளிர், யானும் நேீயும் எவ்வழி யறிதும், ெசேம்புலபெ் ெபெயனெீர் ோபொல, அன்புைட ெநேஞ்சேம் ததாங்கலநே் ததனெோவ. -ெசேம்புலபெ் ெபெயனெீரார். What is my mother to yours? How is my father related to yours? Although you and I knew not each other in any way, Just as red earth and pouring rain: the love-filled hearts merged. (Kurunthokai - 40)
  31. 31. 16 Connect Thirkkaadha Kaattukkulle  Rosappoo Chinna Rosappoo Adada Mazhai-da Kurukku SiruthavalE Mottugale Mottugale Karuppu thaan enakku Megathil Ondraai Nindrome Usure Pogudhey Ven Megham Nenjinile Narumugaiye Oru Dheivam Thandha Poove Enna Satham Indha Neram Megam Karukkudhu Raasa Raasa from En Swaasa Kaattrae from Suryavamsam from Paiyya from Mudhalvan from Rojakoottam from Vettri Kodi Kattu from Kadhal Sadugudu from Raavanan from Guru from Uyire from Iruvar from Kannathil Muthamittaal from Punnagai Mannan from Kushi from Maanasthan
  32. 32. Athirapally Falls
  33. 33. 17 NewYork Nagaram Song • Identify the location
  34. 34. Switzerland
  35. 35. 18 Yeno Panithuli Panithuli • Identify the Location
  36. 36. Iceland
  37. 37. 19
  38. 38. 20
  39. 39. 21
  40. 40. 22 Audio - Love Letter kodukka (Song From KLTA) • Identify the original song from which the tune is inspired/copied ?
  41. 41. Naan Unnai Vazhthi Movie: 100/100
  42. 42. 23 • • • This article is about which incident January of 1967 in Madras was excitingly busy. The Madras Corporation was preparing to host a grand reception for noted singer M.S. Subbulakshmi who had just delivered a concert at the United Nations. Political parties were stepping up campaigning for the impending elections, and cricket enthusiasts were seeking out tickets to watch the third test between West Indies and India. For fans of MGR, however, the release of his new film Thaiukku Thalaimagan was the most important event in the month. On January 12, they were getting ready to put up festoons and celebrate the release the following day. But things took a different turn that day. -The Hindu
  43. 43. MGR was shot by fellow actor M.R. Radha
  44. 44. 24 Identify the Movie • ________ is said to be a journey through the 7 shades of love that are defined in ancient Arabic literature. Those shades are defined as attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death. • Pink Floyd bass guitarist Guy Pratt for post Roger Waters albums Delicate Sound of Thunder, The Division Bell and Pulse played bass for a song in this movie.
  45. 45. Uyire [1998] • The character played by Shahrukh Khan passes through each shade during the course of the film.
  46. 46. 25 Connect
  47. 47. சுபம் - The End