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Kollywood Quiz Finals 2013


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Kollywood Movie quiz containing Minimalistic posters, Locations.

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Kollywood Quiz Finals 2013

  1. 1. by Parthiben & Jayanthan
  2. 2. 1 • Which famous director said this ? “If I were born in Tamil Eelam, I would have certainly joined the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as a warrior and sacrificed my life for the Eelam, since I am born in Tamil Nadu, there is Eelam feeling in me.” • After his death, his body was wrapped in the flag of Tamil Eelam as he wished. • Inspired by the impact the film “Kizhake Pogum Rail”(1978) made on him, he wrote a fan mail to the film-maker Bharathiraja and the letter ran to more than a hundred pages. Bharathiraja took him under his fold as an apprentice. • He directed his best friend Y in a good 25 films out of his 50 movies.
  3. 3. Manivannan, Sathyaraj
  4. 4. 2 Which Actress ? • Maniratnam approached this top heroine those days to do a powerful character role in his Tamil debut. But the actress refused point blank. He determined not to work with her, but now she is almost assisting all his movies. She is _____
  5. 5. • Suhasini Maniratnam, his wife. That role was done by Radhika later in the movie Pagal Nilavu.
  6. 6. 3 • Vijayakanth has a record of being the only actor having his 100th film as commercial hit while the 100th movie of Rajini, Kamal, Sarath Kumar and Prabhu were a flop. Name his 100th Movie?
  7. 7. Captain Prabakaran • • • • Kamal Hassan - Raja Paarvai Rajnikanth - Sri Raghavendra SarathKumar – Thalaimagan Prabhu - Rajakumaran
  8. 8. 4 Identify the Actor & Actress • The heroes of Tamil cinema get to be young forever while the heroines quickly graduate to playing roles even beyond their ages. • Consider this actor-actress pair for instance. Over the span of 16 years (1975 to 1991), the actress has played the actor’s wife, sister, mother-in-law and mother. • Name the actor, actress and at least one of the movies each of those relationships was portrayed in.
  9. 9. Rajnikanth, Srividya • Husband & Wife in Aboorva Raagangal • Brother & Sister in Manidhan • Mother-in-law & in Maappillai Son-in-law • Mother & Son in Thalapathi.
  10. 10. 5 Identify the movie • Vidya Balan was supposed to debut in this movie opposite to Srikanth. Later she was replaced by Trisha on grounds of non-performance. Name that unlucky movie?
  11. 11. Manasellam
  12. 12. Audience • Late Silk Smitha and Rambha have a common thread, what is it?
  13. 13. • Their actual name is Vijayalakshmi and hit fame with assumed screen name.
  14. 14. 6 Identify the Person • Who conducted one man painting show of 40 works?
  15. 15. Lingusami
  16. 16. 7 Connect these 3 songs • Na Na (Couples Retreat) • Pudhiya Manidha (Endhiran) • Vidai Kodu Engal (Kannathil Muthamittlal)
  17. 17. Rahman Family Debut • • • Na Na (Couples Retreat) Pudhiya Manidha (Endhiran) Vidai Kodu Engal (Kannathil Muthamittlal) – Ameen (Son) – Khatija (Daughter) – A. R. Reihana (Sister)
  18. 18. 8 • • • Identify X “X" is a production and distribution company founded in 2006 by K.E. Gnanavel Raja who is the cousin of actors Surya-Karthi. The interesting fact is that, all movies produced by them are starred by either Surya or Karthi. The movies are 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Sillunu Oru Kaadhal Paruthiveeran Singam Naan Mahaan Alla Siruthai Alex Pandian Biriyani (Not Released) All in All Azhagu Raja(Not Released)
  19. 19. 9 Identify the Singer • Ms. Sripada is the founder and CEO of translation services company Blue Elephant and a successful playback singer who’s worked with Grammy and Oscar award winner A.R. Rahman. She was selected to participate in the prestigious FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Program from May 1-25, 2011 and she is among 35 young women entrepreneurs from around the world to participate in that program. • She participated and won the singing competition of Sun TV, Saptasawarangal, following which she was introduced by Singer Srinivas to film composer A. R. Rahman
  20. 20. Chinmayi Sripada
  21. 21. 10 • Illayaraja had refused two movies saying that he couldn't identify with the script even though he had a successful collaboration with those directors earlier. They in turn bad mouthed him in the media. Who are they?
  22. 22. Thankar Bachan & Gnanasekaran • Raja refused 'Thendral' and 'Periyar' even though their previous 'Azhagi' and 'Bharathi' were musical hits.
  23. 23. 11 • • • Identify the Movie When Venus Pictures came out with an advertisement of their film X in a 1958 newspaper with Sivaji Ganesan in the leading role, the same day actor MGR announced a same-titled film in the same paper. Not wanting to make an issue out of it, Venus pictures continued shooting the film, as the script was ready and released it on the date announced. Eventually, MGR changed the title of his film to Nadodi Mannan, and released it much later. It is also said to be adapted from the French novel The Man in the Iron Mask, written by Alexandre Dumas in 1850. X also was the inspiration behind Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi, a 2007 historical comedy film starring comedian Vadivelu as the twins.
  24. 24. Uthamaputhiran
  25. 25. 12 Connect • • (Manathil siru siru - Arasatchi) (Uyirin Uyire – Kakka Kakka) (Adra Adra Nakka Mukka - Kathalil Vizhunden) (Shakalaka Baby - Mudhalvan) (Andankaaka Kondai - Anniyan) • (Yedho Yedho - Laysa Laysa) (Puyale Puyale - Kovil) (Muthal Mazhai - Bheema) (Dailamo Dailamo - Dishoom) (Rahtulla - Ghajini) (Mutharkanave - Majnu/ Kadhalikkum - Chellame)
  26. 26. Oh Maha Zeha – Lyrics • • Oh Mohalai...(Manasukkul - Arasatchi) Oh Maha Zeeya…Oh Maha Zeeya… (Uyirin Uyire - Kakka Kakka) Nakka Mukka Nakka…. (Nakka Mukka - Kathalil Vizhunden) Oh Shakalakka… (Shakalaka Baby - Mudhalvan) Oh Randakka…(x2) (Randakka - Anniyan) • Oh Laahi Oh Laahi… (Yedho Yedho - Laysa Laysa) Ayaka Yahi Yahi… (Puyale Puyale - Kovil) Me Hoo…Me Hoo…. (Muthal Mazhai - Bheema) Dailamo Dailamo… (Dailamo Dailamo - Dishoom) Rahtulla Sonali Oh… (Rahtulla - Ghajini); Sonali Oh - (Mutharkanave - Majnu/ Kadhalikkum - Chellame)
  27. 27. Audience Identify the movie • The Government of Tamil Nadu made provisions for an entertainment tax exemption for Tamil films having titles in words from the Tamil language only • This is in accordance with Government Order 72 passed on 22 July 2006. • Name the first Tamil film to be released after this new order which changed their original title of halfEnglish and half-Tamil ?
  28. 28. Something Something • Unakkum Enakkum
  29. 29. 13 • • • • Identify the Actress One of the most prominent actresses of the golden era, X was born into a Muslim family in Melapalayam, Thirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, British India. She and her sister learnt Bharatnatyam in Chennai, where Guru Trichunder Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai and in Bombay Guru Jayalaxmi Alva, doyen among Nattuvanars taught and performed on stage together. Her father, who was a district commissioner, died while she was in her teens. She made her acting debut opposite Gemini Ganesan in ‘Kaalam maari pochu’ and currently will be appearing as kamal Hassan's mother in Viswaroopam 2.
  30. 30. Waheeda Rahman
  31. 31. 14 Identify the Director • This director was the king of masala in Tamil cinema, having delivered 3 huge box-office hits in 4 years [2001 to 2004]. But he entered the industry rather quietly in 1999, directing a political thriller under his original name. The film could be classified as a political thriller and was distinctly unlike his subsequent 3 movies. • Name the director, his original name and that first film.
  32. 32. Dharani • The director is Dharani, the man behind Dhill, Dhool and Gilli. The political thriller he directed in 1999, under his original name V.C.Ramani, was the Napoleon-Mammootty starrer Edhirum Pudhirum.
  33. 33. 15 Who is missing
  34. 34. M N Nambiyar Most no of roles in a movie • 9 = • 10 = • 11 = Sivaji Ganesan (Navarathri), Kamal (Dasavatharam), M N Nambiyar (Digambara Samiyar)
  35. 35. 16 • • • Movie On the night of 11 October 1943, the Japanese bombed the Indian city of Madras (now known as Chennai), causing commotion all over the city. In Triplicane the next morning, Rajan , a radio engineer and communications researcher, is found murdered with his own hand gun. His neighbour Chinnaiah Pillai hears the gunshot and complains to the police. A local Police Inspector named Purushothaman Naidu arrives and investigates the scene. He is joined by C.I.D. officer Sivanandam there. This forms the plot of the movie X. Significantly this movie was thought to be inspired by the 1950 Akira Kurosawa film Rashômon but was actually an intelligent adaptation of a British movie Woman in Question made by Anthony Asquith. What is the significance of the movie?
  36. 36. • Antha naal first Tamil Movie without either dance,Songs, Fight
  37. 37. 17 Audio – Identify the Singer • Udal Mannukku – Iruvar • Unnodu Naaniruntha – Iruvar
  38. 38. Arvindsamy
  39. 39. 18 • • Identify the Movie It was the first Tamil film to be shot in the palaces of Jaipur and the war sequences were filmed in X, which featured several soldiers from the Indian Army. The high cost of the film was attributed to the transportation costs incurred to move chariots from Chennai to X, where the war sequences were filmed. Permission from the government was sought, cavalry and infantry from the Indian Army were brought to the locations at X and the first rows of the charging armies on horses and elephants had soldiers from the Indian Army. The battle scenes were shot with troupes of the 61 Cavalry Regiment, using 80 elephants, 400 horses and three cameras. cont…
  40. 40. • • • Other scenes were shot at palaces in Jaipur. Shooting for the film also took place at the Bangalore Palace in the Cantonment area, making it the first film to be shot there. After the filming was complete, all the chariots specially made for the war sequences in X, were donated to the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur.
  41. 41. Karnan and Kurukshetra(X)
  42. 42. Audience • Gautam Menon's "Kakka Kakka" is made into Gharshana in Telegu, which other Manirathnam’s movie is also known by same name in Telegu ?
  43. 43. • Manirathnam's 'Agni Nakshatram"
  44. 44. 19 • • • X Y is one of the classic movies ever made in tamil cinema. The title of the movie X Y is based on the name of the protagonist Y prefixed with his occupation. The movie had a scene where the protagonist loses his mother when he is away. In real life too the protagonist purchased an imported car with all his life savings and went to meet his mother only to see the last rites of his mother being performed. Name the movie and the actor
  45. 45. Server Sundaram and Nagesh
  46. 46. 20 • Who are the popular actor & director who makes a walkin appearance in the shopping mall during the song 'Poongaviyam' from 'Karpoora Mullai'?
  47. 47. Suresh Gopi & Fazil (Fazil directed the movie and Suresh Gopi did the Raja's role in Malayalam version - Ente Surya Puthriykku)
  48. 48. 21 • Which movie had the longest fight sequence in the History of Tamil Cinema.
  49. 49. Chandralekha
  50. 50. 22 • • • Who about what/whom I was one of the jury members at the 58th National film awards committee that chose X as the best actor. His performance moved me. I was looking for a real person to carry this character in my film. I needed to believe the character, his emotions and his journey. Who else but X could give me what I wanted?" Who about what/whom ?
  51. 51. • Barat bala on Mariyaan and casting Dhanush as hero
  52. 52. 23 • Name the only Tamil Movie produced by Amithabachan (Amitabh Bachchan Corporation) which roped in several leading stars for the project including Kamal as singer ?
  53. 53. Ullasam
  54. 54. 24 Connect
  55. 55. Tamil debut in KB’s movies
  56. 56. Audience One day, an emaciated looking man came to his house. At that time, X was playing carom board with a friend. When the man approached X, X did not look up at him. He continued with his game. X simply asked him whether he had eaten. The man said he had not eaten for three days. X told him to go and eat a hearty meal first. Of course X knew that the man was hungry because he had no money. He called one of his friends who were around him watching his game. He told him to reach into X's shirt pocket and take out the money. The friend did so. Cont…
  57. 57. Cont But what came out was a thick unopened wad of five rupee currency notes. The friend tried take out a note. In those days, a five rupee was a big sum. X got angry. He scolded him, "ada thariththiraththukku thunai ponavane ! innum kuuda thaaraalamaa pichchuk kuduven?". (" O, He who gives company to poverty, why don't you extend your magnanimity and take out some more?") The friend took out a thicker portion containing quite a number of notes and gave them to the poor man. When the man came back, X heard his story and needs and gave him substantial help. In the meanwhile...... X continued playing......."
  58. 58. NSK
  59. 59. 25 • Identify the film of which this video clip is a remake
  60. 60. Kadhalika Neramillai
  61. 61. 26 • Only Indian actress to be honoured by the soviet Union for her Dance and contribution to the art ?
  62. 62. Padmini
  63. 63. 27 What’s special about these films? Ends Actual End
  64. 64. Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy • The duo rejoined in 1995 after 29 years for Engirundho Vanthan [1995]
  65. 65. 28 Connect
  66. 66. Kadal Songs • Vairamuthu didn’t write lyrics for Kadal. It was taken from his previous works and used for three songs. • Thanneer Desam - Chithirai Nela • Vairamuthu Kavidhaigal - Nenjukkule • Vairamuthu Kavidhaigal - Moongil Thottam
  67. 67. 29 Connect
  68. 68. Hyperlink Cinema • Aaytha Ezhuthu (2004) • Vaanam (2011) • These films are not hypermedia and do not have actual hyperlinks, but are multilinear in a more metaphorical sense.
  69. 69. 30 • Name the two actresses and the film they appeared together in ? All it takes is a single film to turn one’s image around. Consider these 2 actresses. The first one X went unnoticed in a deglamorized role in a 1993 flop while the second one Y was introduced in a glamorous role and even did a vampish dance number in a Sathyaraj starrer. But both underwent image makeovers in 1996. While the former became a sex symbol by letting her skirt fly high a la Marilyn Monroe in a big hit, the latter became the epitome of the homely heroine after a super hit. The new images of the actresses were clear when they played sisters in love with the same man in a 1998 film. Name the two actresses and the film they appeared together in.
  70. 70. Devayani, Ramba • The two actresses are Devayani and Rambha. The film they appeared together in was Ninaithen Vandhaai, where they played sisters in love with Vijay. As for the rest of the trivia, Rambha appeared in the '93 flop Uzhavan while Devayani showed no signs of her homely side in movies like Thottachinungi and Sivasakthi, the Satyarajstarrer. Rambha turned sex symbol in Ullathai Alli Thaa while Devayani adopted a homely image in Kaadhal Koattai, both of which were released in 1996.
  71. 71. 31 • •   X is the author of books like Minnal Mazhai Mohini, Udal Porul Anandhi, Panam Pen Pasam. x was a lawyer from Trichy until he joined Gemini studios to pursue his career in films. X came to be called as Y due to his memorable portrayal of inspector Y in the 1950 Tamil film, Ezhai Padum Padu based on Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.He also enacted the famous Jee Bhoom Baa in Pattanathil Bootham.
  72. 72. Javert Seetharaman
  73. 73. 32 • • • • • •   Identify the movie X is the name of a Tamil stage play by Komal Swaminathan later adapted to a tamil movie. Inhibitants of a drought-ridden village in Tamil Nadu, Athipati, try a cooperative method to bring water to their village, but their attempts are thwarted by unscrupulous politicians who try to use the water problem for their political gains. The film Director has revealed that there is no existing copy of the negative of the film anymore. The film Heroine was widely speculated to bag the national award for the best heroine for that movie but eventually lost out to Rekha for Umrao Jaan. The state government even thought of banning the film.
  74. 74. Thaneer Thaneer
  75. 75. Audience • In 12B movie which famous Hindi actress acted as Jo’s mother ?
  76. 76. Moon Moon Sen
  77. 77. Round Where was it shot ?
  78. 78. 1 • • • • • Identify Manam Virumbudhe Ragasiya Kanavugal Kannukkulle Kadhalaa Kannalane Aaruyire - Nerukku Naer - Bheema - Thamizh - Bombay - Guru
  79. 79. Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal – Madurai
  80. 80. 2 Identify the waterfalls • Kaadhalin Dheepam Ondru - Thambikku Endha Ooru • Un Samaiyal Araiyil from Dhil  • Aalankatti Mazhai from Thenali  • Chudidhar Anindhu from Poovellaam Kaettuppaar • Ilaiya Nadhi Iniya Nadhi from Manasellaam • Poo Virinjaachu song from Mugavari
  81. 81. Pykara Falls, Ooty
  82. 82. 3 Hosanna song
  83. 83. Malta
  84. 84. 4 Konja Neram – Chandramukhi En Anbae – Sathyam
  85. 85. Pamukkale, Turkey
  86. 86. 5 Poove Vaai Pesum Podhu -12B Azhage Azhage - Oru Kal Oru Kannadi
  87. 87. Wadi Rum, Jordan
  88. 88. 6 Amali Thumali [KO]
  89. 89. Norway
  90. 90. 7 Which famous title song was completely shot here ? Eilean Donan Castle ––Scotland Eilean Donan Castle Scotland
  91. 91. Kandukondain 2
  92. 92. Round Minimalistic Posters
  93. 93. 8
  94. 94. 9
  95. 95. 10
  96. 96. 11
  97. 97. 12
  98. 98. 13
  99. 99. 14
  100. 100. 15
  101. 101. 16
  102. 102. 17
  103. 103. 18 • Name the only movie in which SPB has dubbed for Kamal in Tamil ?
  104. 104. • SPB had even spoken lines for Kamal in his Tamil dubbed movie 'Sippikkul Muthu' • (video needed)
  105. 105. 19 • Which is the first Cinemascope Tamil movie which features Sivaji Ganeshan playing the title role and also music by Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan ?
  106. 106. Raja Raja Cholan
  107. 107. 20 • Identify the singer who received National award for his debut song ? • He was the first singer to get the Best Male singer National award for a Tamil song.
  108. 108. Unnikrishnan - Ennavale
  109. 109. 21 • If Viswaroopam is the first Tamil movie to use Auro sound, which is the first tamil movie to use Dolby Digital ?
  110. 110. Kuruthi Punal
  111. 111. 22 FITB • 'Chithiram Pesuthadi' Myshkin was working in _____________ before venturing into movies.
  112. 112. Landmark • Salesman in Landmark so that he can access all good books on movies.
  113. 113. 23 • First Tamil movie to be shot in Sync sound where the actors need not dub later is _______
  114. 114. Maniratnam's "Ayutha Ezhutthu"
  115. 115. 24 Identify the singer • Who is the female playback singer for the song ‘Kalaasala Ka ?lasala’ from Osthi
  116. 116. L R Eswari, TR
  117. 117. 25 Connect
  118. 118. • Twentieth Century Fox
  119. 119. The End