Great tips to find the cheap granite countertops


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Great tips to find the cheap granite countertops

  1. 1. Great tips to find the cheap granite countertopsThe granite is one of the most prestigious types of materials that provides richlook to counter tops. But for the same reason, it is difficult to get granitecounter tops at cheap prices. If you research online, you may find severalsellers who will be willing to offer you granite countertops at discounted rates.But you have to be terribly cautious as many of them may be fake or faux granitecountertops that may look deceptively original. You have to be smart enoughwhile buying cheap granite countertops otherwise you may be cheated.Actually cost of the granite counter tops varies depending on some basiccharacteristics such as absorption, density, compressive strength, abrasionresistance, hardness, bending strength. When buying granite you must takeprofessional help to assess the genuineness and purity of the granite.Buying granite countertops from reputed stores that are certified for qualityproducts is the one of the assured ways to buy pure granite countertops. Butmost often these branded stores will sell granite countertops at very high prices.Here are some useful tips to buy good quality granite counter tops at relativelycheaper prices and save money. • The quality of granite countertops are graded based on tiers. A granite countertop of tier 1 type is the costliest because of its premium quality. However, you can opt for tier 2 and tier 3 that are also of superior quality and the difference in quality will only be marginal. • The cost of the granite countertop has a lot to do with the thickness of the material. A thinner countertop will save you a quite a bit of money when compared overly thick granite countertops. • Buy countertops from a reliable local dealer as buying granite countertops from major sellers may prove expensive because of their overhead expenses. In fact, you can even opt for a prefabricated countertop from a local dealer to save on the cost. • Never buy granite countertops in haste but shop around at various places to find the cheapest granite countertops. It is rather well known that granite has quite a high mark-up and so great discounts should be available if you ask. Offering to pay cash on the spot can also fetch you an extra discount. • Some of the best deals for granite counter tops are always found online. Many online dealers offer a seasonal discount and if you search the Internet patiently you can bring down the prices. • Buying granite countertops during a holiday sale will help you obtain a bargain sale. The competition for customers can be fierce in the granite business and you should use that to your advantage to get the best deals.
  2. 2. • You can opt for granite tiles instead of a granite countertop if you are on a tight budget. Granite tiles are much thinner than the countertops and can be laid in the same way as traditional tiles. In fact, large square granite tiles that have been fitted professionally can look fabulous. • You should be able to get a lower price if you buy the granite countertop from the same dealer who is doing the installation, as he will be more inclined to offer an extra discount, as he is getting two sources of revenue.If you have done your pre-study right and are adequately knowledgeable aboutthe quality gradations of granite slabs, then you can make an informed decisionabout buying reasonably good quality granite countertops at the lowest possibleprice.Visit: