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Granite countertop articles

  1. 1. Granite Countertop Articles<br /><ul><li>Granite Countertops Colors
  2. 2. Granite Kitchen Countertops
  3. 3. Formica
  4. 4. Ceramic Tiles
  5. 5. Corian
  6. 6. Wood</li></li></ul><li>Granite Countertops Colors <br />Granite countertop is the popular countertop among home constructor and builders. Granite countertop can be used as a countertop in kitchen and bathrooms. It gives more beauty and makes it an ideal material for home designs and it is said to be easiest and durable countertop for kitchen and bathrooms. It is the favorite and beautiful countertop for most of the home owners for their kitchen and bathrooms. Granite retains its value and gives the better improvement to the home property. The color compliment of granite makes the stone more popular among the home owners and builders.<br />The most popular granite colors are Brown and beige tones which suits well with many kitchen countertops. The color allows more flexibility in decorating. Nowadays, the most popular among homeowners is black and blue color which reflects with the prices. The color combination of granite differs and the stone will be unique.<br />The color combination for kitchen countertop will differ. There are so many varieties to be noted in the color and movement of each stone and slab. When granite countertop colors are purchased for kitchen or bathrooms as countertop, it's important to mention the specific name, color and design of the model. Each suppliers, fabricators, installers and retailers will have color name on their own<br />
  7. 7. Granite Kitchen Countertops<br />Nothing will exceed the natural beauty and stylishness of the stone granite. Compared to the installation of the granite tile kitchen countertop, nothing will go in depth and character. When you decided to remodel your kitchen, consult with the design expert to show the samples and rich sophisticated textures and colors for granite tile kitchen countertops. From the lighter colors to the dark colors, you can choose the best perfect shade for you kitchen cabinets.<br />There are so many numbers of choices available for the kitchen countertops. Choices varies from natural stones like granite, marble to synthetic such as Formica, Ceramic tiles, Corian and many other products. When the granite countertop is with durable and suitable edges, it will be easy to use and keep clean. Since the surface is clean and smooth and dude to its resistance capacity like water, heat, stain and scratch, and its maintenance like chip or crack repairing, granite is highly installed<br />
  8. 8. Formica<br />Formica is formed by joining the thin layer of plastic to the particleboard or wood. It comes in different and attractive colors, designs, and imitate like granite and it is comparatively inexpensive and highly durable with his edging option. It is easy to clean, and it is smooth in substance and it is stain resistance. Some people like Formica seem to be good. The cleaning material used for the kitchen, will damage the kitchen and make it dull and scratched. Formica cannot be repaired. It is a brand of composite material which is based on the manufacturing of the Formica Corporation. It is a classic material, heat resistant, and it is easy to wash and clean.<br />
  9. 9. Ceramic Tile Ceramic TileCeramic Tile<br />Ceramic tiles tied with the grouting tiles come in array of designs and colors. Ceramic tiles are usually considered by some owners an attractive, durable, stain, water, heat resistant and also scratch proofed. They are repairable with difficulty, with attractive prices, more expensive than laminates, needs frequent cleaning, because it gets dirt very quickly. Cleaning the ceramic tiles will be a time consuming process and avoid getting irritating. These tiles are prone to chipping and cracking. Ceramic tiles seem to be very good, but its drawback is its maintenance and impractical solution for kitchen use.<br />
  10. 10. Corian<br />It is made up of acrylic and polyester plastic. Corian comes in varying colors and designs, includes granite and it is available in matte or glossy finish. It is a water resistant and does not contain any stain and it is easy to clean and wash. Corian will not be affected by using chemical as a cleaning agent and any repair can be easily made. It’s not a heat resistant. Placing any hot containers on the surface will create damages to the surface. <br />It is essentially synthetic, and its finish cannot match the quality and ancient times of natural stone. It meets some of the criterion of a good counter top, but its lack of resistance to heat and scratching do not offer value to a cost conscious consumer. Corian can be classified into three types. They are semi gloss, matte or satin, and high gloss. The corian countertops give the matte finish. To clean the dirt and residue from the surface soapy water and ammonia based cleaners can be used. Strong stain needs strong based cleaners. <br />
  11. 11. Wood<br />Countertop is also made up of wood. It is made using the strips of thick wood joined together. Wood countertops are durable, attractive and functional. Wood countertops are easy to clean and the scratches can be repaired easily using sandpapering. Wood countertop does not available in more color and design and they need more care and maintenance. Wood countertop do not last for ever compared to other countertops. Wood countertops are not heat, moisture, and scratch and stain resistance. This countertop needs more treatment and they are more expensive. It is important, versatile and beautiful raw material used for most of the counter top. Countertops are made up of different types. But wood countertop gives a specific protection because, it is a stain resistant. But maintenance prevention should be taken to avoid any damages, stain and any dirt. Wood countertops can be made on different varieties of wood and also on the specification of the customer<br />
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