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MA Sem 3, Elt 1: Course Content Division


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ELT 1, Semester 3, Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University

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MA Sem 3, Elt 1: Course Content Division

  1. 1. English Language Teaching 1 Course Content Division Semester 3 Eng_dept_bu
  2. 2. ELT 1 Course Content Uint 1 Chap.18 English for academic purposes by Liz Hamp-Lyons p.126 Chap.19 English for specific purposes by Tony Dudley Evans p.131 Chap.29 Intercultural communication by Claire Cramsch p.201 Research Papers by Indian Linguists and Authors
  3. 3. ELT 1 Course Content Unit 2 • Chap.12 Second Language Acquisition by Donald Freeman p.93 • Chap.13 Bilingualism by Agnes Lam p.87 • Chap.25 Task-based language learning by Dave Willis and Jane Willis p.173
  4. 4. ELT 1 Course Content Unit 3
  5. 5. ELT 1 Course Content Unit 4 • Chap.10 Second language teacher education by Donald Freeman p.72 • Chap.17 Classroom iinteraction by Ami Tsui p.120 • Chap.22 Syllabus design by Michael P. Breen p.151 • Chap.23 Language awareness by Leo van Lier p.160 • Chap.24 Language learning strategies by Rebecca Oxford p.166
  6. 6. ELT 1 Course Content Unit 5 • Chap.5 Grammr by Daine Larsen-Freeman p.34 • Chap.6 Vocabulary by Ronald Carter p.42 • Chap.7 Discourse by Michael McCarthy p.48 • Chap.14 Sociolinguistics by Sandra Silberstein p.100