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Social media and e commerce


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Social media and e commerce

  1. 1. Social Network & E-commerce Prepared by : Parth N. Acharya (080410116002)
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE • is an electronic commerce company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. It is an online retailer for books, electronics, and automobiles in India. was started in 2007. The company is headquarterd in Ahmedabad, has offices in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, and has a total of 300 employees. • In 2008, Infibeam created a student support site known as Later, they acquired, a photo printing website based in Bangalore. In August 2010, launched for US consumers. Infibeam also launched an EBook reader, Infibeam Pi, its successor Pi2, and a media device, Infibeam Phi. • In Sept, 2010, Infibeam was rated as one of the Top 5 Digital Brands in the e-commerce category by a survey of the Economic TImes. • Infibeam also provides an e-commerce platform to retailers like NDTVshopping, HiDesign, etc. • Infibeam has launched, allowing online businesses to create their own e-commerce store. In the past, online commerce portals have tied up with large publishers, and had to pay them a fee – something on the lines of a traffic / user acquisition fee – for selling. What Infibeam has done is, created a standard format for sales.
  3. 3. PROJECT PROFILE• Using Social Media ( for eBusiness (• The entire project is divided into three steps in order to generate a new wave on Social Media.• The steps are :• 1. Get more people to know about Infibeams presence on Facebook. o Solution : Create an application that can catch maximum eyeballs.• 2. Launch a Facebook Store for Infibeam.• Post Project Step :• 3. Create a Feedback Management System for all the platforms of Infibeam.
  4. 4. Introduction to Project :The projects main idea is to use more efficiently in order to create a business from theFacebook users.To achieve such a goal, one has to understand that establishing an online store on a new platform requiressome steps to be followed.My project consists of such steps.The one by one course of such actions can create a wave of new generation social marketing.Step 1: Step one is to make the prelaunched sence is continuously trying to get the best out of social media through mass communication onFacebook.comBut there was a need to create a hype, so that the presence of Infibeam on Facebook can be felt.To achieve it, I, along with Infibeam executives decided to grab an opportunity on the day of Valentine’s.,launching an application that can calculate Love Count. As expected, the application got viral and wereceived more than 250 clicks in first one and a half minutes of its launch because of our marketingstrategy through which the participants above 90% of Love Count could win a 1000 Rs voucher fromInfibeam.Result: The page today has more than 18 lakh likes and its increasing day by day.
  5. 5. Introduction to Project (Cont.):Step 2 :The next step is to launch a Facebook store in which Facebook users can buy things fromInfibeam.comThis part of the project is most critical because it is the part that decides the real value of onFacebook.This part mainly includes the introduction of one particular section of Infibeam, named as ‘Hot Deals’ onFacebook.Step 3: And the last step of the project is all about the assessment of the above two steps. A FeedbackManagement System is to be made that can be appended to multiple platforms of Infibeam like the mainwebsite, Facebook application and the mobile site.
  6. 6. Software Process Model
  7. 7. Software Process Model Waterfall Model
  8. 8. STEP ONE
  9. 9. ScreenshotsStep 1:
  10. 10. STEP ONE: Result• 250 hits in first one minute• Potential to catch eyeballs of 18Lakh+ people• Introducing Infibeam to active social networking.• Creating an Identity among Facebook Users of India
  11. 11. STEP TWO
  12. 12. ScreenshotsStep 2:
  13. 13. Screenshots
  14. 14. Screenshots
  15. 15. Screenshots
  16. 16. Screenshots
  17. 17. Screenshots
  18. 18. STEP TWO: Result• Enabling Facebook to use as a business platform• Creating business opportunity, attracting mass to generate revenue• Become first in India to attract potential customers on Facebook to buy products online
  19. 19. STEP THREE
  20. 20. STEP THREE: Strategy• Create a feedback management system for Infibeam• Should be adaptable to Infibeam’s Facebook Profile