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Advanced chemicals nano-particles


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Advanced chemicals nano-particles

  1. 1. P a g e  | 1    Adva anced Material M ls: Advaanced Ceram & Nanop mics particles Meta & Alloy Nanoparticles al N s Preci ious Metal Nanoparticles N s Oxide nanopartic cles Nanoodiamonds Polyccarbosilane Preci ious Metal Compounds C SOFC Materials C SOFC Componen C nts Aerospace Epoxy Adhesives y Speci Catalysts ial s High purity chemmicals PropeellantsLabo oratory Equipm ments | Analytic Instr A cal rumentsNanofi fibers Electro ospinning Un (NEU) nitVacuu Assisted Process Dev um P vice Align CNTs Arrays Synth ned A hesizer—basi Model ic Align CNTs Array Synthe ned A esizer—Stranndard Modell Align CNTs ar ned rray Synthessizer—Profeessional Mod del Nanooparticles creating devic ce Carb Nanotubes Productio Device by Chemical V bon on y Vapor Depo osition_CVD D751 Carb Nanotubes Productio Device by Chemical V bon on y Vapor Depo osition_CVD D753 Carb Nanotubes Productio Device by Chemical V bon on y Vapor Depo osition_CVD D1203 CVD Coating De D evice with heating Metal wire Multti-Functional Vacuum Deposition De l D evice-powde er Multtifunctional Vacuum Coa V ating Device e-Sheet Nitro ogen-Doped CNTs/Short CNTs t CNT paste Ts Align CNTs Array Transfe Sheet ned A fer ZNO nano bar cr O reation devic ce  Jyoti Electron nics | jyoti@jyotimicrosyst                        32, Capital Commercial Cente er,           TeleFax:‐079‐265777 717/27                                                      Ashram Road,       M‐094265 11222/09727 70 11222                                                  Ah hmedabad‐3880009, Gujara at, India  
  2. 2. P a g e  | 2   Detailed list of compounds 1. Advanced Ceramics & NanoparticlesCarbide & Nitride & Boride nanomaterialsCarbon Nitride nanoparticles C3N4_30-50nmGallium Nitride nanoparticles GaN_50nmTitanium Boride nanoparticles TiB2_60nmTitanium carbonitride_Ti(C1-xNx) nanoparticles Ti(C1-xNx)_25nmTitanium Oxynitride_ TiO2-xNx nanoparticles TiO2-xNx_30nmVanadium Nitride_VN Nanoalloy VN_40nmAluminum Nitride nanoparticles AlN_50nm AlN_100-500nmBoron Nitride nanoparticles BN_50nmBoron Carbide nanoparticles B4C_50nm B4C_<10micronSilicon Nitride nanoparticles, nano-whisker Si3N4_20nmSilicon Carbide nanoparticles SiC_50nm SiC_100-130nmSilicon Carbide NanowhiskerSilicon Boride nanoparticles SiB6_60nmTitanium Carbide nanoparticles TiC_40nmTitanium Nitride nanoparticles TiN_20nm & 100nmTungsten Carbide nanoparticles WC_20-40nmZirconium DiBoride nanoparticles ZrB2_50nmAdvanced CeramicsBoron Carbide, high purity, powderTitanium Boride (TiB2)Silicon Carbide Fiber SiC fiber SiC nanofiberIntermetallic composite vacuum metalizing boats BN-TiB2Preceramics Polycarbosilane_PCS_1500-Polycarbosilane 2500     Jyoti Electronics |                       32, Capital Commercial Center,           TeleFax:‐079‐26577717/27                                                     Ashram Road,       M‐094265 11222/097270 11222                                                 Ahmedabad‐380009, Gujarat, India  
  3. 3. P a g e  | 3   2. Metal & Alloy NanoparticlesMetal nanoparticlesAluminum nanoparticles Al_18nm Al_50nmCopper nanoparticles Cu_25nm_50nm_80nmCobalt nanoparticles Co_28nm Carbon coated Co nanoparticlesGold nanoparticles Purity: 99.95%, APS<100nmIndium nanoparticles Indium_50nmIridium nanoparticles Purity: 99.95%, APS<100nmIron nanoparticles Fe_25nm_50nm_80nm Carbon coated Fe nanoparticlesMolybdenum nanoparticles Mo_60nmNickel NanoparticlesPlatinum nanoparticles Purity: 99.95%, APS<100nmPalladium nanoparticles Purity: 99.95%, APS<100nmRhodium nanoparticles Purity: 99.95%, APS<100nmRuthenium nanoparticles Purity: 99.95%, APS<100nmSilicon nanoparticles Si_50nm Si_100nmSilver nanoparticles Ag_35nm_20nm_50nm_80nmTungsten nanoparticles W_80nmTitanium nanoparticles 99%, <100nmTin nanoparticles Sn_50-80nmTtantalum nanoparticles 99%, <100nmBoron nanoparticles B_50nmZinc nanoparticles Zn_35nmAlloy NanoparticlesNitinol nanoparticles Made by physical process, 99% purity, APS<100nmAgIn Nanoalloy Made by Chemical process, 99+%, APS<100nmCuIn Nanoalloy Made by Chemical process, 99+%, APS<100nmCuInGaSe Nanoparticles Made by Chemical process, 20-30nm, 99.999%, 5NCuInS nanopoarticles Made by Chemical process, 20-30nm, 99.999%, 5NFeCo Nanoalloy Made by physical process, 99% purity, APS<100nmFeNi Nanoalloy Made by physical process, 99% purity, APS<100nmCarbonyl PowderCarbonyl Iron Powder (CIP) CIP-01 CIP-02 CIP-03Iron-Nickel Alloy Carbonyl PowderCarbonyl Coated PowderCarbonyl Nickel Powder(CNP) NB-01 NB-02 NB-03 Jyoti Electronics |                       32, Capital Commercial Center,           TeleFax:‐079‐26577717/27                                                     Ashram Road,       M‐094265 11222/097270 11222                                                 Ahmedabad‐380009, Gujarat, India  
  4. 4. P a g e  | 4   3. Precious Metal NanoparticlesGold NanoparticlePalladium NanoparticlePlatinum NanoparticleIridium NanoparticleRuthenium NanoparticleRhodium Nanoparticle 4. Oxide Nanoparticles:Nano OxidesAlumina (Al2O3) nanoparticles Alpha Al2O3 Gamma Al2O3ATO nanoparticles ATO_40nmCalcium Oxide Nanoparticles APS=50nm, Purity>99%Cobalt Oxide nanoparticles Co3O4_50nmCobalt Iron Oxide Nanoparticles APS=30nm, Purity>98%Copper oxide nanoparticles CuO_60nmChromium Oxide nanoparticles APS=50nm, Purity>99%Iron Oxide nanoparticles Fe3O4_60nm Fe2O3_alpha_gammaITO nanoparticles ITO_100nmIndium Oxide nanoparticles In2O3_30-70nmLiFePO4 nanoparticles LiFePO4_40nmMgO nanoparticles MgO_40nm_100nmMg(OH)2 nanoparticles Mg(OH)2_80nmMn3O4 nanopowder Purity>99%, APS<100nmMoO3 nanoparticles MoO3_100nmNiobium(V) Oxide Nanopowder Purity>99%, APS<100nmNickel oxide nanoparticles NiO_50nm NiO_30nmSiO2 nanoparticles SiO2_10nm_80nmSnO2 nanoparticles SnO2_50-70nmTiO2 nanoparticles Antanase TiO2 Rutile TiO2High purity Titanium Oxide, 3N~4NVanadium Pentoxide nanoparticles V2O5_100nm_99%WO3 nanoparticles WO3_20-100nmZnO nanoparticles ZnO_20nmZrO2 nanoparticles ZrO2_20nm ZrO2_100nm 3YSZ_50nmSOFC powders Jyoti Electronics |                       32, Capital Commercial Center,           TeleFax:‐079‐26577717/27                                                     Ashram Road,       M‐094265 11222/097270 11222                                                 Ahmedabad‐380009, Gujarat, India  
  5. 5. P a g e  | 5  3YSZ nanoparticles 3YSZ_50nm3YSZ_02 nanoparticles5YSZ nanoparticles 5YSZ_20nm8YSZ micron-powder8YSZ nanoparticles 8YSZ_20nmCeO2 nanoparticles CeO2_20nmGDC nanoparticles GDC_20nmLSM Cathode Powder LSM_50-80nmLSCF Cathode Powder LSCF_50-60nmNiO nanoparticles NiO_30nmSSC powder_ Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3SDC nanoparticles_(SmO1.5)0.2(CeO2)0.8Complex Oxide nanomaterialsBaZrO3 nanopowder Purity>99.9%, APS<80nmFeCr2O4 nanopowder Purity>99%, APS<100nmNiCr2O4 nanopowder Purity>99%, APS<100nmYttrium Aluminum Oxide nanopowder Y3Al5O12_20nm_99.9%  5. Nanodiamonds  Silicon Carbide Nanopowder Silicon Carbide Whisker Boron Carbide Nanopowder Boron Nitride Nanopowder Titanium Nitride Nanopowder Titanium Carbide Nanopowder Zirconium Carbide nanoparticle Aluminum Nitride Nanoparticle Silicon Nitride nanoparticle Titanium Boride Tungsten Nanopowder Alumina Nanopowder   6. Polycarbosilanes Silicon Carbide fiberNanofiberPolycarbosilaneNanofiber Electrospinning UnitAerospace Epoxy AdhesivesCarbon Aerogel Jyoti Electronics |                       32, Capital Commercial Center,           TeleFax:‐079‐26577717/27                                                     Ashram Road,       M‐094265 11222/097270 11222                                                 Ahmedabad‐380009, Gujarat, India  
  6. 6. P a g e  | 6  Silica AerogelOxamide 7. Precious Metal Compounds  Platinum acetylacetonate Palladium acetylacetonate Rhodium acetylacetonate Iridium acetylacetonate Hafnium acetylacetonate Potassium bis(oxalato) platinate(II) Potassium bis(oxalato) palladate (II) Potassium tris(oxalato) rhodium (III) Tetraammineplatinum dinitrate Tetraammineplatinum oxalate Tetraamminepalladium dinitrate Tetraammine palladium oxalate  8.  High purity chemicals Tellurium (Te), 5N-7N, Lump, Ingot, Powder.Bismuth (Bi), 5N-6N, Lump, Ingot, Powder.Indium (In) , 5N-7N, Virgulate, Ingot, Granule.Cadmium (Cd) , 5N-7N, Virgulate, Ingot, PowderTin (Sn) , 5N-6N, Virgulate, Ingot, PowderZinc (Zn) , 5N-6N, Virgulate, Ingot, PowderSulfur (S), 5N-6N, Virgulate, PowderAntimony (Sb) , 5N-7N, Virgulate, Ingot, PowderSelenium (Se), 5N-6N, Virgulate, PowderCadmium Telluride (CdTe) , 5N, Lump, PowderBismuth Trioxide( Bi2O3), 5N, PowderIndium Antimonide ( InSb), 5N, Lump, PowderPolycrystalline Indium Selenide (In2Se3), 5N, Ingot, Granule, PowderTellurium Dioxide (TeO2), 5NZinc Oxide (ZnO) , 5N, 18nm, PowderHigh purity Titanium Oxide, 3N~4N  Jyoti Electronics |                       32, Capital Commercial Center,           TeleFax:‐079‐26577717/27                                                     Ashram Road,       M‐094265 11222/097270 11222                                                 Ahmedabad‐380009, Gujarat, India