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The love game masculine women, feminine men - part 2


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The love game masculine women, feminine men - part 2

  1. 1. The Love Game - Masculine Women, Feminine Men - Part 2When it comes to the mating game, all men and women sub-consciously look for clues to eachothers masculine and feminine qualities. But I wish they just stopped there. No! They test eachothers qualities to the dizzy limit. A woman who as a girl-child was encouraged to express too much of the feminine energy quickly loses interest in a man who is always ambivalent, undirected and afraid to take risks. Because she was not encouraged to develop her own masculine energy, her feminine energy needs his masculine energy to restore her inner balance and harmony. Shes put off by a man who gives her just more fluidity, creativity, sensitivity, introspection, and nurturing (feminine energy).A woman whose feminine energy is overpowered by her masculine energy on the other hand willfind such a man more attractive. She needs more feminine energy in her life, so she finds hisabundance of feminine energy very attractive - initially anyway.CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE LOVE GAME BOOKDownload this document if link is not clickableA man who as a boy-child was encouraged to express too much of his masculine energy will finda woman whose masculine energy overpowers her feminine energy a put off. His masculineenergy needs feminine energy to restore inner balance and harmony. He avoids her oremotionally shuts himself off because all he gets is more action, force, movement and firmness(masculine energy).Because he was not encouraged to develop his own feminine energy, he finds a woman whoexpresses too much feminine energy more attractive - initially anyway. He needs her abundanceof feminine energy to bring fluidity, creativity, sensitivity, introspection, and nurturing to his lifeand therefore restore balance and harmony.And youd think that a man whose feminine energy overpowers his masculine energy would bemore attracted to a woman who is equally putting out more of the feminine energy. Nope! Thesemen are put off by more feminine energy in their lives. Their abundant feminine energy needsmasculine energy to restore inner balance and harmony. So they seek out women who bring
  2. 2. more action, force, movement and firmness (masculine energy) into their lives.Logic says: Let the "masculine woman" pair up with the "feminine man" and the "masculine man"with the "feminine woman". Basic common sense. Right?Youre right. In the initial stages of the relationship this balancing of energies works great. In factthis arrangement works great as long as the two people make sure the other does not upset thebalance of energies.The spoiler in this perfect harmony is change. If one partner suddenly starts feeling the need tofind his or her own balance of energies, that need leads to growth which inevitably leads tochange. The balance is upset. The "perfect" relationship starts having energy imbalanceproblems.You find that a woman who was initially perfectly happy with a man with too much fluidity,creativity, sensitivity, introspection, and nurturing now starts complaining about his inability totake the lead, make hard decisions, take risks, be adventurous, etc. She now wants him toexpress more masculine energy to balance off her escalating feminine energy.Ah! those famous words, "Im just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her". Howgirly and sweet! The only problem is that those words are coming from a woman who previouslypursued a man with the aggressiveness and force normally associated with boys and men puttingout unrestrained masculine energy.A man who initially was perfectly happy with a woman who was aggressive, forceful and whobrought more action and firmness into his life now starts complaining about her bossiness andcontrolling behaviours, constant judgemental attitude and nit-picking, insensitivity, emotionalaloofness etc."She tells me what to do and orders me around like a child. Where is my respect?"Meow! Who wears the pants in the relationship?Likewise, a woman who was initially attracted to a man because he was too masculine now startscomplaining about his coldness, insensitivity and emotional unavailability."Hes cold, insensitive and emotionally distant to me and our kids. I know he is doing itintentionally to hurt me".News flash! thats the same macho man/Alfa male you married a fewyears ago and even had kids with. You just see more clearly now that the flashing stars in youreyes are gone.The man who was initially attracted to a woman because of her too much feminine energy startscomplaining about her timidity, clinginess and neediness, passiveness and superficiality. He now
  3. 3. finds her too compliant or too dependent on him and wants her to be able to make decisionswithout asking him, be more socially aggressive and sexually exploratory."I just wish she was more feisty and aggressive". Remember, sensitive and nurturing?! Thatswhat attracted you to her. Not her ferociousness.When these energy imbalance problems reach a point where two people who started outbalancing their energies by using the others complimentary energy, feel that they can no longergo on clashing energies, they break up or get divorced. They break up not because they fell outof love but because the masculine and feminine energies were no longer complementing eachother. These energies were instead interfering with the others growth and developmentBUT... if both people grow and change together, these energies balance off again at some point.Some couples can live a happy lifetime together feeding off each others energies, growing andchanging together. Here you can say opposites do indeed attract. A lot depends on theindividuals concerned - and how they handle the others growth and change.Not everyone can live happily ever after feeding off the others energies. And there are noguarantees that youll both grow and change together -- or even at the same pace. Thats why ifyoure single and still looking. The best thing you can do for yourself is to reconcile yourmasculine and feminine energy first.Once you begin to think about this and look at yourself with the acknowledge that both energiesare operating within you, you can consciously, deliberately, and purposefully use your masculineand feminine energies to attract a partner who compliments your already balanced energies.Yes. Thats right. You will understand a lot more about the opposite sex, their thoughts, actionsand behaviours because youre already experiencing and expressing the very same energiestheyre experiencing and expressing only the emphasis, degree, quantity and relation to eachother is different.With your masculine energy you will enjoy making the hard decisions and providing an assertivemasculine lead for your partner to follow half the time; and with your feminine energy you willenjoy supporting and following your partners assertive masculine lead half of the time. With yourfeminine energy youll be able to intuitively tune into your partners deepest feelings, showconcern, fluidity, creativity, sensitivity, and nurture him or her, and your energy balanced partnerwill do the same another time.This is the kind of relationship that will inspire love, joy, constructive communication, productivity,fulfillment and eternal gratitude. This is the kind of relationship that will keep the chemistry and
  4. 4. passion between two people of the opposite sex going not just going at it all night long - but for alife time!Part 1 of the article briefly explains the masculine and feminine energies and the role they play inour daily lives.CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE LOVE GAME BOOKDownload this document if link is not clickableArticle source =,-Feminine-Men---Part-2