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Best movie the hunger games review


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Best movie the hunger games review

  1. 1. Best Movie: The Hunger Games ReviewThe first of the movie franchise of the highly-anticipated The Hunger Games trilogy has been ablockbuster since its release last March. Fans had been ecstatic and couldnt hide theirexcitement as they look for scoops not just on filming updates, but also on the leading starspersonal lives. Being a fan of the books myself, I was really looking forward to the movie. This willbe The Hunger Games review, in which Ill talk about both the book and the film. Written by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games revolves around a television show in which tributes from the twelve districts of future America will fight to death until one remains as a victor. Katniss Everdeen volunteers as a tribute, replacing her younger sister who has been chosen to represent her district. Everything becomes more complicated when she becomes the love interest of Peeta Mellark, the boy tribute of her district.The book series has already created a stir among several book lovers. It is a science-fiction andadventure read with a sprinkle of romance. And definitely, the love triangle has made it all themore interesting. We cant hide the fact that female teens are into romances and The HungerGames is just the perfect book to read.CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE LOVE GAME BOOKDownload this document if link is not clickableThe book has gained a positive reception. Everyone who has read it felt that it was brilliantlywritten, and who wouldnt? The plot is very original and it also tackles controversial issues likepoverty, inequality of social status, and freedom. It is not a surprise that affirmative The HungerGames reviews have also circulated online.The film adaptation is absolutely not far behind from the success of the book series. It seems thatthe odds are also in favour of The Hunger Games movie. Even people, especially teens, whohavent read the books, had gone to theatres just to watch and know what the fuss is all about,and after which they shared their thoughts and positive responses on social networking sites. Ihave also read many The Hunger Games reviews describing the movie as a great andentertaining watch.
  2. 2. The movie definitely didnt disappoint the audiences. I was hooked and thrilled with each scene.The visual effects were riveting. The action scenes were heart-pounding. Watching the splendourand the eccentricity of the Capitol was very enjoyable. The movie, which runs for two hours andten minutes, never had any dull moment.However, there were notable differences between the book and the film adaptation. Thecharacter development was lacking and some scenes that I have been waiting for were notshown. For instance, the film did not highlight that the mutts were actually the genetically-alteredbodies of the dead tributes.Overall, the movie was a huge success. The books own appeal, combined with intensivepromotions, has undeniably made this possible. Positive comments and The Hunger Gamesreviews have only added to the success of the franchise. Im sure everyone now is lookingforward to the next installment.CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE LOVE GAME BOOKDownload this document if link is not clickableArticle source =