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E marketing project-part_1

  1. 1. Media Sharing
  2. 2. • Media sharing occurs through online social networks and digital communities with a comprehensive platform and diversified interfaces to aggregate, upload, compress, host and distribute images, text, applications, videos, audio, game s and new media.• It is a communication process that requires the participation of both the sender and receiver.
  3. 3. • All YouTube users can upload videos up to 15 minutes in duration.• YouTube offers users the ability to view its videos on web pages outside the site• Some smartphones are capable of accessing YouTube videos, dependent on the provider and the data plan.• Finding funny videos that one would like to share with family members or friends having a few laughs are a great feeling.• YouTube is accessible to almost every song created and is a great way to down load music, and also being able to access it on ones game console.
  4. 4. • Main product or service of Media Sharing is not only to talk to friends or listen to music and watch videos but it also presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses• The Potential customers of Media Sharing are people who know how to use computers and are of age to browse the web, and anyone who is willing to get into the networking system.• There are no direct competitors on the Media Sharing, but with in certain areas there are• The Substitutes for Media Sharing are all the current top websites or its current competitors in the industry. Twitter is probably the most common to Facebook and AOL’s new site is the biggest competitor to youTube.• The external forces that effect Media Sharing might be the economic forces, social, cultural and demographic forces, and competitive forces.• External forces affect the types of products/services an entity develops and offers the nature of its marketing positioning and marketing strategies.
  5. 5. • Strengths• Ultimate support provider that is Google; which being the world’s largest search engine serves as a back bone for it• The site is accepted professionally as the entrepreneur holders feel it safe and publicly promotional to expose their content to the target customers• Incomparable mass and traffic size is unmatchable with any other broadcasting site as it gets millions of clicks every second that is quite remarkable• Owners that are satisfied with the services of Youtube seek help from Youtube for promoting their advertisements
  6. 6. Weaknesses Opportunities• Earning of money from the videos • The producers who are satisfied with the generated by the user receives great services of the company are uploading managerial problem as it’s difficult to their videos adding to not only their track the payments that owes to the up promotions but also the company’s loaders profits.• Users can upload copyright videos or • Media strategy developed through Google contents helps in promoting the services of Youtube• The Youtube services are directly altered by optimizing such channels through by the decreasing profits received by the freedom of action company, affecting the management of • Different business models have feasibility the budget by the company in a long run of alternation in their business to have success in future.
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis Threats• Very tough competition is raised among the online market of broadcasting as number of copies to the Youtube has been made with more attractive outlay than YouTube.• The violation of rules and regulations by the users alarms the sound existence of the stations like Youtube as the percentage of spasm content in more than the useful one• Involvement of the government is increasing day by day for doing amendments in the services which affects the users or followers percentage, as most of the users were attracted towards its optimistic approach towards broadcasting.
  8. 8. AgeGeographic Location Race SexCultural Background Company Desire
  9. 9. SegmentationAGE: Breaking down certain age groups into segments allow for Media Sharingcompany’s to stay relevant.Geographic Location: Makes it easier for company’s to narrow in on what certainareas of the country and world people are interested in.Race/Sex: Using race and sex of the population will make company’s narrow in onwhat men and woman want.Cultural Background: Being able to use cultural background to appeal to customers ishuge. It will allow company’s to advertise the greater aspects of their company, whileallowing for them to relate to them on a personal levelCompany Desires: Company’s will be able to advertise on these cites, which will givethem a new way of marketing for their specific company or product.
  10. 10. • Using this company we will position our product and service through social media and that being “video advertisements.”• By using these advertisements we give other company’s and products a chance to purchase media space on some of our most popular video’s. • We will position our company’s as a launching pad for Media Sharing, along with a new wave of advertising on the internet.
  11. 11. • Premium subscriptions-targeted to businesses who want to be able to upload an unlimited number of photos per month. For a small yearly fee, users get to create as many sets and collections as they want, and there are also no ads listed on their pages.• Flickr could sell certain photos like iStock and other stock photography sites do. They could also do brand advertising for companies that want more exposure to the site.• charge everyone a subscription fee.• -risk = There are a lot of other free photo sharing sites on the web, including Photobucket and Zoomr. This means that people may just migrate as opposed to buying.
  12. 12. • YouTube runs in-stream advertisements – but few would bother taking notice of the textual ads which appear at the bottom of the video they are watching. Even though this in-stream ad technology has pushed up the amount of revenue being generated, creating a dependency on advertising campaigns or programs like Google AdSense will never cover the costs needed to be covered.• Obtain premium advertisers – i.e. attracts different professionals to create an advertising campaign for their business. The more popular the website, the more expensive your advertising campaign would be.• Google is working out a strategy to make this Herculean video broadcaster one of their best moneymaking machines.
  13. 13. How to Use YouTube• Log on to the YouTube site and find several categories that you can browse to watch videos. To start, sign up for a free account. An account can save your ratings and favorite videos.
  14. 14. • Watch the promoted videos. Television network and movie studios often offer free peeks at their new shows and trailers on YouTube. To see the newest studio offerings, look under "Promoted Videos."
  15. 15. • Upload your own videos to YouTube. Click the "Upload" link on the main page. Sign in with your login information and upload the file with a title and description.
  16. 16. • SlideShare is a free web application that allows anyone to upload a PowerPoint, OpenOffice or Keynote presentation and make it available for viewing online.• You can openly share it with the entire web community or restrict it to a select audience of your choosing.• You might want to show it to a selective audience as training or show it to the world as a way to promote your business or cause.• You can tag your presentations, embed them into your blog or website, browse others presentations, and comment on individual slides.
  17. 17. • Once it is uploaded, you have some settings and information to complete. Under PRIVACY, you can choose to share it with EVERYONE, ONLY ME, or ALL MY CONTACTS. You can also select CREATE A NEW CONTACT LIST where you can enter the email addresses of the select people you want to view your presentation.• There are eleven choices under LANGUAGE that you can choose. Create a TITLE, add TAGS, and fill in the DESCRIPTION box. You can also choose the CATEGORY it most closely fits in and select to allow download of your file by viewers.• Once you have filled in all the information about your presentation, click on PUBLISH, and SlideShare will convert your file for online viewing!
  18. 18. • Click on the Start Uploading link on the main page. Browse your computer for your file, and click on it when you find it. Your file will immediately start uploading, with its upload progress showing until it is complete.