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Media kit 31511

  1. 1. Media Kit - Bringing you New Customers<br />Our Expertise<br />Target Cafe has a long successful history of delivering permission-based email advertisements to local consumers Born from direct mail and email marketing careers, we believed there was a better way for businesses to get their<br />advertising message out to consumers in their relevant market areas.<br />Our Technology<br />TargetCafe’s ensures delivery of email advertisements to the consumer’s inbox with your offer. Our proprietary email delivery technology coupled with our huge database of 125 million subscribers, puts the power of email marketing in the hands of all businesses. TargetCafe has created a unique value proposition for businesses wanting to advertise on a local or national level, or wanting to stay in touch with their current customer base<br />Our Data<br />TargetCafe maintains a dynamic database of 125 million unique subscribers, representing 57% of the U.S. internet community in addition to adding new movers on a monthly basis. Each subscriber has requested offers, specials and promotions<br />from businesses in their communities TargetCafe knows where each of these subscribers lives -<br />when a consumer opts into receiving email advertisements, they provide their<br />Full name<br />Current postal address (updated regularly for new movers)<br />email address (often multiple)<br />Date and time stamp when the consumer opts into becoming a subscriber<br />Geo-Targeted Email Advertising<br />With TargetCafe’s Zip Code targeted Email advertising service, getting new customers is fast and easy. TargetCafe maintains an opt-in database of 125 million consumers, segmented by residential postal address. Just like postal direct mail,<br />with TargetCafe you can send advertisements and coupons by Email directly to consumer Inboxes, delivering new revenue opportunities.<br />How can I get new customers?<br /><ul><li>Target Café can help with Email offers to get new customers
  2. 2. Generate more foot traffic & sales
  3. 3. Grow your customer email database
  4. 4. National campaigns and localized offers
  5. 5. Guaranteed deliverability
  6. 6. Viral components
  7. 7. Real-time tracking</li></ul>Match & Mail<br />At TargetCafe, it’s as simple as attaching a file.Simply upload your mailing list and creative into TargetCafe’s easy-to-use interface and immediately increase performance with multi-channel marketing.TargetCafe will exactly match your direct mail list to our opt-in database of 125million consumers, and deliver your advertisement directly to their Inbox.<br />How can I send Emails to consumers on my direct mail list?<br /><ul><li>Bridge expensive postal mail to email
  8. 8. Help acquire new customer acquisition
  9. 9. Add incremental revenue
  10. 10. Market to your list
  11. 11. True multi-channel campaigns
  12. 12. Deliver stronger ROI per campaign
  13. 13. Add digital component</li></ul>Email Append<br />Simply upload a customer list to TargetCafe’s secure FTP site. TargetCafe will<br />match the customer file to our opt-in consumer database of 125 million records,<br />send an approved message to the customers inviting them to receive future<br />Email communications, and return the Email addresses appended to the<br />customer file.<br />How can I quickly grow my Email database?<br /><ul><li>With customer retention
  14. 14. Reactivation of lost customers
  15. 15. Immediate cost savings lower CPA’s
  16. 16. Establish online relationships
  17. 17. Multi-channel marketing
  18. 18. Strong ROI
  19. 19. Email Change of Address</li></ul>With TargetCafe’s Email Change of Address service, many undeliverable Emails<br />can be replaced with deliverable Emails. Simply upload your bounce file to TargetCafe’s secured FTP site. TargetCafe will match the bounce file to our opt-in consumer database of 125 million records, send an approved message to the customers inviting them to receive future Email communications, and return the Email addresses appended to the customer file.<br />How can I find new email addresses for bounces<br />in my Email database?<br /><ul><li>Recover lost email addresses
  20. 20. Recover lost revenue
  21. 21. Re-establish online relationships
  22. 22. Strong ROI
  23. 23. In the News – online and offline product awareness
  24. 24. TargetCafe’s rapid gain of market share has created a buzz,
  25. 25. resulting in significant attention from the media, including •
  26. 26. To read about and watch what is being said about
  27. 27. TargetCafe, please visit our website at
  28. 28.</li></ul>Testimonials<br />__________ lets see if we can get a couple friends on this<br />Pricing<br />Product Price Min. Order<br /><ul><li>TargetCafe
  29. 29. Match & Mail
  30. 30. Custom Prospect
  31. 31. Email Append
  32. 32. ECOA
  33. 33. NCOA</li></ul>Sign up for TargetCafe`s Now, Call the number below. Be the first in your area to take the next step into email and viral marketing. Print and inserts are becoming the old school. Let your new customers experience the diverse ways the be contacted and receive your unique offers?<br />Our Clients<br />Current and past clients include Holiday Inn, Pizza Hut, Hollywood Video, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, Readers Digest, Pottery Barn, American Girl, Home Decorators, Frontgate, William Sonoma, Spiegel, Noodles, ADT and Minneapolis Star Tribune.<br />