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Rohan's current event final


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Rohan's current event final

  1. 1. By Rohan
  2. 2. When Did this Begin? It began in the middle of July, and it is still going on as I speak It is said to be the worst drought in 60 years Because of the Drought, have been devastating shortages in food Most people from Somalia, and Ethiopia are making the dangerous trek to the safety of Kenya
  3. 3. To Sum up… 11million people have their lives at stake because of a drought that is causing a severe food crisis The UN has spent 2 billion dollars trying to aid East Africa, and has used ground troopers to help determined trekkers Even 2 billion isn’t enough to save them! 2 billion only helps 63% of the hungry
  4. 4. Camps In Kenya The camps in Kenya hold only 90,000 people, but now there are 4 times the amount of people taking refugee there!!!
  5. 5. Why I chose this? I chose this because I thought it might be interesting to see how hard these peoples lives are, and how lucky we are we are not in their situation right now. Be happy with what you have.
  6. 6. Why this is interesting It is interesting to know how bad the situation is, and what we can do to help, and prevent another drought. Do you want to Help out with the drought check out his link 5asCFS4F4godhEQvIg
  7. 7. Where is Kenya?
  8. 8. Check out this Video!
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