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Andrew Case Anti-MBA - How to interview


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Andrew Case Anti-MBA - How to interview

  2. 2. BEFORE IT ALL CHANGED Project I created to interview entrepreneurs and authors. Confused in life and trying to find direction. Wanted to have an avenue to connect with people I normally wouldn’t be able to talk to.
  3. 3. PEOPLE I’VE CONNECTED WITH Bill Aulet Director of Entrepreneurship at M.I.T. Bryant McGil Best selling Author and Speaker Derek Sivers Founder of CD Baby
  4. 4. WHY DO INTERVIEWS? To learn - you can ask questions you are struggling to find the answer to A.K.A free consulting session. To gain credibility - Helps you with exposure for your project and most people with large followings are willing to share your work. To develop confidence - You realize that these people you put on imaginary pedestals are no different then you are. To improve your speaking - Listening to yourself talk will make you cringe at first, but you’ll get better at having deep conversations and learn how to ask good, thoughtful questions.
  5. 5. WHO HAS USED INTERVIEWS? Dale Carnegie Author of How to Win Friends and Influence People “I personally interviewed scores of successful people, some of them world-famous…” Napoleon Hill Author of Think and Grow Rich Andrew Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview over 500 millionaires to find a success formula that could be used by the average person.
  6. 6. MODERN EXAMPLES Tim Ferriss 3X NYT Best Selling Author and Angel Investor “I spent the last 2 years traveling around 20 countries interviewing high performers - both entrepreneurs and employees…” Danielle & Laura Kosann Founders of The New Potato Interview foodies in New York to talk about their favorite restaurants and typical meals. Interviews include Jessica Alba, Martha Stewart, and more
  7. 7. THE EMAIL FORMULA Grab Attention + Describe Your Project + The Close = Interview ~20% of the time
  8. 8. CASE STUDY Paul DeJoe CEO of Ecquire Wrote Quora article on entrepreneurship that had 3000+ up votes. Regularly writes for Fast Company and other websites. Speaker at TedX and other events.
  9. 9. THE EMAIL PT. 1 Grab Attention - (2 Sentences) • Make it all about them and show you are familiar with their work. • Remember: NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU! Ex. from Paul DeJoe interview - “Loved reading your article on Fast Company about waking up early and the struggles as a Founder in your Quora post. I had a period of waking up at 4 a.m. and it led to some of the most productive periods in my life.”
  10. 10. THE EMAIL PT. 2 Describe Your Project - (2-3 Sentences) • What is it about? Why are you doing it? • Remember: Keep it short and sell it (10 sec. elevator pitch) Ex. from Paul DeJoe interview - “I'm reaching out to you about a project I am doing called Before It All Changed. I am interviewing entrepreneurs about the struggles/limiting beliefs they had as they were building their businesses and how they overcame it. The project is going to be for kids my age (22), who want to start businesses but are just not confident enough in themselves to do it.”
  11. 11. THE EMAIL PT. 3 The Close - (2-3 Sentences) • Why should they do it? What’s in it for them? • Remember: Be very specific on time and date. Ex. from Paul DeJoe interview - “I think your story would be great for the project and the simple tactics you use (waking up early, tackling the most important item first when you start your day, etc.) would be great for people my age to hear. I'm currently setting up interviews in February and if you are available, can you do a 30 minute interview via Skype on February 10th at 4:00 PM EST?” (bolding is mine)
  12. 12. HOW TO CONNECT The best way I found: their contact form on their website. You can connect with them on websites like too You can also pay for LinkedIn premium (I don’t do this). Bottom Line: It’s far easier than you think to reach people.
  13. 13. REJECTIONS Really not that bad. If you’re not getting rejected, you are not trying. I get rejected regularly, but who cares? Ex. - Personal Rejection from Darya Rose (Kevin Rose’s wife)
  14. 14. PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW Research anything and everything you can on the person: • LinkedIn • Books • Other interviews they did • Blog Prepare an outline of the interview Write out 10 questions that are specific to their work. Make sure these are questions you can’t find the answer to online.
  15. 15. LAST THING JUST PRESS SEND! and stop overthinking it.
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?