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Terrassa is the biggest city in our area. Some of us live there and you'll enjoy it on Monday!

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  1. 1. Egara was the first name of Terrassa as a town ofthe Roman Empire and that’s why the citizens ofTerrassa are called Egarencs. The town hall The town hall now before
  2. 2. The first news of Terrassa come from theRomans who founded the city of Egara.During the middle ages, the town grewaround the “Plaça Major” (called today“Plaça Vella”).
  3. 3.  During the XIX century Terrassa was one of the cities where the industrial revolution had a higher incidence, with a large number of factories and industries engaged in the textile industry.
  4. 4.  Today many modernist buildings still survive from that period like Museum of sciences and techniques of Catalonia, “Masia Freixa”, “Vapor Aymerich”…
  5. 5.  Industrial growth was accompanied by demographic and urban expansion.
  6. 6.  In Terrassa there are some important monuments and important places: Plaça Vella, which is the most important square in Terrassa. Castell Cartoixa is a castle that is situated in a park called «Vallparadís». Torre del Palau is the remaining tower of a middle age castle.
  7. 7.  Casa Alegre de Sagrera is now a museum, it was Joaquim de Sagrera’s house, a textile manufacturer. Masia Freixa, in Sant Jordi Park, is one of the most famous modernist buildings.
  8. 8. Plaça Vella Castell Cartoixa Masia Freixa Parc de Sant Jordi Casa Alegre de SagreraTorre del Palau
  9. 9.  In Terrassa, just like in the rest of Catalonia, people usually dance “sardanes” in festivities and it’s a tradition to make human tower castles.
  10. 10. Bastoners de Terrassa Minyons de Terrassa Nans de Terrassa
  11. 11.  Terrassa is 20 km far from Barcelona. There are 212.724 inhabitants. It’s 6 km far from Viladecavalls. It’s possible to get there by bus, by car or by train.