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Nirvigna - Rendering Hi-Res graphics on commodity cluster


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This is about my project , Nirvigna. (another very old stuff I was working few years back)

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Nirvigna - Rendering Hi-Res graphics on commodity cluster

  1. 1. Agenda - The Problem - Solution is Nirvigna - What is Ray-Tracing - What is Pov-Ray - OpenSSI – The cluster - Nirvigna : out of the box - Current Status - Demo – Its the fun time
  2. 2. The Problem Animation industry is doing it the hard way... - 3D Graphics rendering tasks are complex and time consuming. - Rendering infrastructure is very costly - Infrastructure includes specially designed software and hardware combination. hence the animation film costs more...
  3. 3. Solution is “Nirvigna” Nirvigna does it the easy way... - It is a toolkit to enable production of high quality 3D graphics on commodity cluster - Distributed animation frame rendering. - 3D graphics through POV-Ray Tracer - Easy Scene Description Language - Utilizes power of cluster computing from OpenSSI project hence the animation film production can be less costly...
  4. 4. What is Ray Tracing? “Ray Tracing is a rendering technique that calculates image of scene by simulating the way light rays travel in real world” - User needs to specify position of Lights and Camera. - Results in high resolution 3D scene. - Simulation of shading and reflection.
  5. 5. What is Pov-Ray? “ Persistence of Vision (POV) – Ray is a open source ray tracer which can generate high quality 3D graphics” Feature: - Easy SDL - Quality upto 48-bit color - Rich primitives - Supports output in many image file formats , like , PNG, TIFF, PPM
  6. 6. OpenSSI- The Cluster “ OpenSSI is an open source cluster environment developed by collective efforts of HP and Compaq” Feature: - True Single System Image - Transparent Process Migration - Clusterwide PIDs & Clusterwide shared resources - Efficient load leveling
  7. 7. Nirvigna- Out of the box
  8. 8. Nirvigna- Out of the box
  9. 9. Current Status - Literature Study - Analysis - Prototyping - Implementation
  10. 10. Demo