JASE Inbound Marketing Model


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The JASE Inbound Marketing model consists of three main aspect: 1) creating strategic content; 2) inbound links; and 3) social signals. http://jasegroup.com/inbound-marketing

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JASE Inbound Marketing Model

  1. 1. @JASEgroup
  2. 2. Inbound marketing inherently focuses on creating powerful content that will lead potential customers to your brand, product or service line through online methods like searching, referrals, and links from other web entities such as blogs, video and social communities.* * Source: jasegroup.com/inbound-marketing@JASEgroup
  3. 3. Inbound marketing is a compliment set of marketing techniques focused on driving quality prospects to your business and its products. Inbound marketing has become widely accepted because it supports the way consumers make purchasing decisions - using the Internet to learn more about the products and services that best meet their needs.* * Source: jasegroup.com/inbound-marketing@JASEgroup
  4. 4. Social Video Bookmarking Online Press Sharing Releases Photo Email Sharing Marketing Social Media Outdoor Marketing Advertising Search Website Direct Mail Engine Marketing & Blog Advertising@JASEgroup
  5. 5. Social Bookmarking Online Press Video Sharing Releases Email Photo Sharing Marketing Social Media Outdoor Marketing Advertising Search Engine Website Direct Mail Marketing & Blog Advertising Search Strategic Inbound Quality Social Smart Web Engine Landing Links Content Signals Development Optimization Pages@JASEgroup
  6. 6. Social Bookmarking Online Video Press Sharing Releases Photo Email Sharing Marketing Social Outdoor Media Advertising Marketing Search Website Direct Mail Engine Marketing & Blog Advertising Quality Search Engine Smart Web Strategic Inbound Links Social Signals Content Optimization Development Landing Pages Brand Monitoring Analytics Research ROI Calculations Reengagement Planning@JASEgroup
  7. 7. JASE Group is a SWaM certified innovative Inbound Marketing & Advertising Agency, uniquely focused on digital technologies, and mobile, social and progressive media platforms. JASE’s talented team specializes in leading edge services such as Inbound Marketing, Creative Advertising, Technology and Social Community, that includes creative advertising campaigns, brand management solutions, inbound marketing strategies, web design services, and eBusiness solutions. We don’t just focus on these critical elements of your business, we dedicate our thought processes to your business success and brand credibility. Servicing a variety of markets including Authoring, Charities, Construction, Dry Cleaning, Environmental Services, Financial, Health, Human Resources, Investment, Law, Non-profit, Optometry, Printing / Screen printing, Real Estate, Shipping / Fulfillment, Sports, and Travel, we have a wide range of experience which enables us to provide business solutions that are integrated, successful, and measurable digital strategies. At JASE we love creativity and design but we don’t stop there, we work with our clients to ensure results. We tap into our expertise around brand strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising and online marketing, creative web design, and technology solutions that complement you and your brand. Our eBusiness solutions are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of your team, as each custom software application is concepted and created from your exact requirements. If you would like to talk, please contact us here – we look forward to working with you! JASE Group, LLC jasegroup.com Six Fourteen Georgia Avenue, 3rd floor Norfolk, VA 23508-2912 office: (757) 962-0134 fax: (877) 342-5273@JASEgroup
  8. 8. This slide intentionally left blank.@JASEgroup