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Session Topic: Inbound Marketing Techniques for Lead Generation
Date: May 21, 2010, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Event: ROI Business Training Series
Location: Keller Williams conference room, 1709 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Sponsors: JASE Digital Media, Virginia Mortgage Information, Poco Productions, Mashable
Venue Sponsor: Keller Williams Realty Hilltop
Lunch Sponsor: FreshCrust Trattori

Session Talking Points:

Inbound marketing focuses on creating powerful content that will lead potential customers to your brand, product or service line through online methods like searching, referrals, and links from other web entities such as blogs, video and social communities.

For this reason, inbound marketing can generate quality leads because it focuses on the audience that is already interested in your brand, company, and product or searching for your services.

A couple of years ago our company, JASE Digital Media, decided that we were going to commit wholeheartedly to inbound marketing. The marketing and advertising strategies we had previously used for our company just were not working as effectively as we hoped.

Our process began as a test project around our blog material and extended out to a few of the social communities we were actively involved in. We began creating a massive amount of content then instigated, created and encouraged as many links back to this content as possible.

Guess what? It worked. And it still works. Every day.

Here are a few ways our inbound marketing strategies have influenced our daily business life:

1.Lead generation from our company website and blog has easily tripled in the volume of quality leads. We have essentially hired an additional sales member (our website) without the payroll of an additional person.
2.With inbound marketing we apply less efforts to traditional time consuming advertising campaigns - no more phone book ads, no more (offline) television commercials, no more radio advertising, no more trade show exhibits.
3.Our internet marketing initiatives have made us more effective towards the goals of our sales team. The leads we generate from our online web entities are more qualified than previous offline initiatives’ leads.
4.We are more efficient. Period. Time spent is more directly attributable to results.
5.Our current online marketing initiatives are much less expensive than traditional campaigns. Couple this with the points made above, and we have a winner.
6.Since we spend much less time worrying every single detail of outbound marketing items such as media buys and almost-impossible-to-measure-ROI, we have more time to work on our clients’ initiatives.
In this session we will talk about these points, and a few more. And we will discuss together how you and your business can benefit directly from a well-planned and well-executed Inbound Marketing Plan.

Session Moderator: Naoma Doriguzzi

Session Speaker: Keith Parnell

Keith is the founder & CEO of JASE Digital Media, an author & blogger at and a speaker & trainer at He frequently performs interactive talks and how-to sessions for companies, non-profit organizations, conferences and seminars. He is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker on a variety of topics including digital media, new media, online marketing, social media, inbound marketing strategies, brand management solutions, and successful advertising techniques.

Keith regularly hosts Coffee with the CEO / Hampton Roads Coffee Break sessions in the Hampton Roads (VA) area that encourages open conversations and brainstorming between business professionals. Check the Digital Media Seminar events schedule for more information.

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Inbound Marketing Techniques for Lead Generation - Agenda

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