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Rhinoplasty Surgery Wonjin


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Rhinoplasty surgery Wonjin always tries to give each and every patients an ideal nose only for them. From the nose bridge to the tip of the nose, a smooth and perfect 3D nose. The more you consider, the more you have to choose WONJIN Plastic Surgery Korea

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Wonjin

  1. 1. Wonjin Rhinoplasty
  2. 2. Wonjin Rhinoplasty My nose tip is very blunt, can my nose be sharper? Big wide nose, flat looking face! Filler made her nose flatter She got nose filler because of her friend told her to get a simple surgical procedure. Through that her nose got a little higher but her round wide nose tip didn’t seem to get better. What was the reason?
  3. 3. Wonjin’s Diagnosis Round big nose and prominent hooked nose Through complete medical examination, her nose was round, big, flat, and hooked at the same time. Plus her skin was thick and the bridge of her nose was prominent so we needed to have surgery for improvement. Especially, to make the nose tip sharper from round big flat nose is difficult case, so Wonjin concentrated the most on her nose tip.
  4. 4. Wonjin’s Rhinoplasty Core Technology Step 1. Slim and classy nostril reduction Step 2. Good looking slightly curved nose line First, we focus on the widely spread nose tip cartilage. Nostrils were thick so we got rid of the fats to make the nostrils slim Then we got rid the prominent nose bridge and used a think designed prostheses to make the nose look softly curved and high
  5. 5. Step 3. The secret of flexible nose tip Wonjin’s Rhinoplasty Core Technology Last, we made the nose tip flexible to prevent recurrence. Most of the nose tip cartilage is usually soft so it’s weak to hold on to. But Wonjin is using absorbable columella to hold it tight, then made the nose tip high using its own cartilage.
  6. 6. Wonjin Rhinoplasty Advantages of Wonjin Rhinoplasty • The nose tip becomes slimmer and pointy With a absorbent support fixture, cartilage correction, and fat removal, the nose tip will look much more attractive. • The nose tip does not sink back down  The nose tip is strongly supported so that it is fixed. • The cartilage in the tip is not visible  After autologous cartilage grafting, it is wrapped with the fascia for protection. • The volume of the tip becomes slimmer  The cartilage is reduced and the fat and tissue from the thick skin are removed. • The scars are not visible The inside of the nose is incised so that there is no scar on the outside.
  7. 7. Wonjin Rhinoplasty Case 1. Wide cartilage Case 2. Flat nose tip or weak cartilage The widened cartilage is refined and gathered to the center.  If this is not enough, an autologous cartilage is grafted to make the tip sharp. After the wide cartilage has been gathered, the autologous cartilage is grafted and then supported with an absorbent support fixture.
  8. 8. Wonjin Rhinoplasty Case 3. Thick skin and much fat Case 4. Wide cartilage in the nostrils The fat from the nose tip is removed and the cartilage is tied towards the center and the nose is made much slimmer. The wide cartilage is reduced to a smaller size and the width of the nostrils is decreased.
  9. 9. Wonjin Rhinoplasty
  10. 10. Wonjin Rhinoplasty My nose gets clogged so often! Curved nose, chronic sinus, and nasal e She looked sharp and perverse from something. She was sad about having a bad first impression but what bothered her more was her chronic sinus. Because of her curved nose, her nose was always stuck up so she had to take sinus medicine and her nasal sounded all the time.
  11. 11. My nose gets blocked often. Is this treatable? More than half of the patients who suffer from chronic rhinitis and sinusitis have a deviated septum. If the septal cartilage that divides the nostrils is bent, then breathing may be difficult because of the airway, which can lead to a serious case of rhinitis or infection. This is called a deviated septum. Whether or not the nose looks curved from the outside, if the nose looks deviated, it is likely that the septum may have problems. It is best to receive correction as quickly as possible.
  12. 12. I find surgery to be uncomfortable. Can’t I just raise the nose bridge? If the nose is curved a little bit, it can be corrected with autologous tissue and implants, but in time, it may bend more and the discomforts may become worse. The septum is bent from the inside of the nose so there cannot be good results if the root of the problem is not fixed. This is why the degree of the curve and deviated septum should be
  13. 13. ENT Clinic? Or Cosmetic Surgery Clinic? Where to go? Usually, it’s not only the outer appearances of the nose that is bent, but also the septum, which divides the nostrils. This causes blockages and chronic rhinitis. At Wonjin, we have ENT surgeons in residence who have much experience and knowledge about the anatomy of the nose. This is the reason our patients trust us because they can receive both aesthetic treatment and functional improvement.
  14. 14. Wonjin’s Diagnosis Curved nose from nasal septum cartilage Looking at the outer appearance her nose wasn’t’ that curved but through complete medical examination the nasal septum inside her nose was slanted to one side. If he nasal septum in the middle of the nose is curved it’s hard to breathe in and out so it can cause Rhinitis, sinus infection, or DSN (Deviated Nasal Septum).
  15. 15. Wonjin’s Rhinoplasty Core Technology Step 1. Diagnosis from otolaryngologist Wonjin concentrates on the functional treatment. By just putting prostheses to make the nose higher it can result to bigger problems so we decided to see the otolaryngologist who resides in the hospital then decide how to do the surgery Step 2. Center of the face, getting the nose pillar straight After the wide cartilage has been gathered, the autologous cartilage is grafted and then supported with an absorbent support fixture.
  16. 16. Wonjin’s Rhinoplasty Core Technology Step 3. Making the nose tip sharp and elastic Nose tip was wide and round so we tied the cartilage together in the middle to make it slim then used autologous cartilage to make it look classy Wonjin thinks the balance of the face is very important so we made the big cheek bones smaller and made the poor front chin slim. Last, by transplantation of fat we made volume from the forehead to end of her chin so she would have smooth S-
  17. 17. Wonjin Rhinoplasty Know-How Like a building that needs a strong support fixture, the bone and septum needs to be straightened out If the nose bone curved a lot, the outer layer is fractured, then placed towards the center, and the septal cartilage is placed as a pillar
  18. 18. Wonjin Rhinoplasty Advantages of Wonjin Rhinoplasty • An ENT surgeon does the treatment directly  The diagnosis is exact due to the analysis of the anatomy of the nose. • Chronic rhinitis disappears Improves rhinitis from deviated septum which is untreatable with medication. • It is both corrected and raises the tip sharply The septum is corrected and with an autologous cartilage graft, the nose tip is raised. • There is no scar Whether the surgery is performed open or closed, the scar will disappear within 3 months. • Return to daily activity is possible after 5 days.  The surgery is done with local anesthesia and the recovery is quick.
  19. 19. Wonjin Rhinoplasty Case 1. Case of nose with slight curve The skin tissue which is bent is removed, and after cartilage and derma grafting, it is made pointy. The outer layer of the nose bone is fractured and gathered towards the center.
  20. 20. Case 2. Case of deviated septum Wonjin Rhinoplasty Case 3. Case of nose blockage from interior nasal concha problems The curved septum is cut, centered and corrected with bone fracture If the interior nasal concha which is located on the side walls in the nose becomes swollen, then the mucous membrane is cut or the space inside is widened to improve the blockage.
  21. 21. Wonjin Rhinoplasty
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