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Self two jaw surgery specialized hospital


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Introducing self two jaw surgery that offers both advantages of convenience from non-fixation method and safety from complete fixation method. This method allows free movement of the jaw since it only fixates two part with bands.

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Self two jaw surgery specialized hospital

  1. 1. Self Two Jaw Surgery Achieve full satisfaction of beauty with good functionality!
  2. 2.                                                 •Duration: 2 hours •Anesthesia: General Anesthesia •Hospitalization: 3 days •Stitch Removal: 2 weeks after •Clinic Visit: 5 times •Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 2 weeks after Self Two Jaw Surgery
  3. 3. Self Two Jaw Surgery It is a type of Two Jaw Surgery for those who have malfunctioning due to long face, jutting chin, asymmetric face and jaw problems which allows the patient to choose either fixation or non- fixation method after Two Jaw Surgery. Self Two Jaw Surgery can provide more natural result with higher satisfaction since this procedure applies the advantages of both fixation and non-fixation method.
  4. 4. 1. Have abnormally long face 2. Have asymmetric face 3. Have protruded mouth that cannot be improved by previous protruded mouth surgery 4. Jutting chin with malocclusion 5. Have mouth that shows too much gum when smiling 6. Have incorrect center-line of upper teeth Recommended for those who
  5. 5. Three-dimensional effect of Two Jaw Surgery Self Two Jaw Surgery • Angle adjustment of aesthetic line • Length adjustment of upper and lower jaw By adjusting the fine angles of upper and lower jaw to achieve perfect aesthetic line from nose tip to end of the jaw. Middle of the face and lower jaw length can be adjusted. • Position adjustment of front and back location Upper and lower jaw is retruded and positioning may adjusted.
  6. 6. Self Two Jaw Surgery Three-dimensional effect of Two Jaw Surgery • Face dimension adjustment Reduce the face dimension for slimmer face. • Occlusal adjustment By adjusting the upper and lower teeth for correct dental biting and beauty.
  7. 7. Self Two Jaw Surgery “ Completion of baby face, Golden Ratio” The key point of beautiful face is the balance! 1.It is important to find the face balance for individuals during surgery 2.Golden ratio makes attractive face 3.Consider the overall balance, not only specific part of the face
  8. 8. Self Two Jaw Surgery Process Precise diagnosis to plan the surgery Excision of upper and lower jaw to adjust the location Fit the excised part
  9. 9. Self Two Jaw Surgery A. SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy) SSRO is the method of cutting the jaw bone diagonally into two plates then fixates the bones to the back Requirements of Superior Plates Power: Must have enough strength to maintain the position of the  fixated bone without falling off or loosing. Tension: Tension must be maintained for at least 10 weeks (minimum period for bone to heal) Affinity: Chemical affinity with the bone is important since the plate is inserted into the body either permanently or for a long period
  10. 10. Self Two Jaw Surgery Wonjin only uses high quality plates. - Materialized for jaw structure for natural shape to reduce the surgery time. - Flexible adjustment is possible to reduce the difficulty of readjustment. - Decreased the possibility of infection or foreign body reaction of the plate. - It is produced for an accurate adhesion and stable fixation. - Almost no possibility of strain or damage. ※ Interlink of the bone, screw, and plate is very important for safe fixation. If not, it can lead to revision surgery A. SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy)
  11. 11. Self Two Jaw Surgery B. IVRO (Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy) IVRO makes excision on the lateral part of the jaw bone to find the optimum location without the help of fixating with pins or wires. Since this method does not perform fixation on the bone, it reduces the chance of jaw joint problem or pain to reconstruct the function.
  12. 12. Wonjin’s Surgical Method, ‘Virtual Operation’ Self Two Jaw Surgery Process Paper Surgery With the precise measurement data by 3D CT, design an accurate treatment plan on the paper. Establish a highly accurate surgery plan through analyzing the face transformation on various angles with our SOPP (Stimulation Operation Prediction Program) 3D Surgery Decreased error range and increased safety through Wonjin’s surgery plan through ‘Virtual Operation
  13. 13. Self Two Jaw Surgery Process Wonjin’s Surgical Method, ‘Virtual Operation’ Model Surgery With the gathered information through 3D CT and X-ray, proceed a mock surgery with custom-made occluder
  14. 14. Self Two Jaw Surgery Fixation Method Fixation method in the past – complete fixation Due to lack of advanced equipment in the past, wire or band were used for intermaxillary fixation after the surgery. This method involves in fixation of both upper and lower jaw which lead to problems with breathing or eating. To overcome the problem, Non- fixation or Self Fixation method is more popular for Two Jaw Surgery patients. *Intermaxillary Fixation: fixation of upper and lower teeth for adjusting the upper and lower jaws to good location
  15. 15. Self Two Jaw Surgery Fixation Method Latest Fixation Method Non-Fixation Two Jaw Surgery Non- fixation method requires high surgical skills to carry out an accurate surgery plan since it does not involve intermaxillary fixation. This method has the advantage of faster recovery and easier food ingestion.
  16. 16. Self Two Jaw Surgery Fixation Method Self Fixation Two Jaw Surgery Self Fixation method has both advantages of convenience from non- fixation method and the safety from complete fixation method. This method allows free movement of the jaw since it only fixates two parts with bands.
  17. 17. Self Two Jaw Surgery
  18. 18. Self Two Jaw Surgery Self fixation overcomes the limitations of complete fixation and non- fixation methods. But Wonjin does not recommend only one fixation method. We provide the best suitable fixation method after thorough consultation and precise diagnosis for the best result and fast recovery.
  19. 19. Self Two Jaw Surgery
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