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Precautions before & after korea rhinoplasty


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Want to have faster recovery and perfect result after having Korea rhinoplasty? Here are precautions that you should keep in mind

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Precautions before & after korea rhinoplasty

  1. 1. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty
  2. 2. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty How should I manage after having Korea rhinoplasty? What are the precautions and postoperative requirements after having Korea rhinoplasty?
  3. 3. Nose is located on the center of the face, along with eyes, it plays big role on one’s first impression. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty A beautiful nose is important to create a three dimensional and properly balanced face.
  4. 4. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty Swelling On the day of surgery, there can be slight swelling, but this will increase on the 2nd, and 3rd day. It will take about 1 week for the swelling to heal but depending on the individual, it could take up to 2 months for swelling to completely disappear. Applying ice or hot pack You should apply ice pack massages 3~5 days after surgery. Then you should apply hot pack massage for 2 weeks. Altering hot and cold massages could help the swelling reduce faster . Remember not to put the ice or hot pack directly to the nose because it could change implant or cartilage shape.
  5. 5. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty Stitch Removal & Face WashingIt usually takes 5~7 days to get rid of stitches and after removing the stitch, patient can wash his/ her face. But be careful so the water doesn’t get to the surgical site. When washing face & hair, it is important to keep your head still. Never lower your head! Therefore it is better to get help rather than doing it by yourself.
  6. 6. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty Keeping Your Nose Secure If you are concerned about going out, we recommend getting a mask. A mask has many benefits. First, it can hide the fact that you actually already just have your nose done. Mask also can filter the air you breathe, giving your body clean oxygen to help speed up recovery process. Never press your nose even when you are sneezing! Implant and cartilage need time to settle correctly. If you ever press or even touch it before it settles, it can change shape and move.
  7. 7. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty If you wear glasses, you’d better take it off for at least 4 weeks. Take Off Your Glasses Avoid Crowded Places You’d better avoid crowded places for at least 4 weeks after having Korea Rhinoplasty. Make sure you walk carefully not to bump your nose into anything
  8. 8. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty Sleeping With Head Higher At least for 3 days after having Korea rhinoplasty, you’d better sleep with 2-3 pillows so that your head is higher. It helps reduce the swelling faster. Take A Walk To Reduce Swelling Faster – Light Exercise ONLY Take a walk or light exercise including stretching can help improve blood circulation thus helping your body to remove swelling faster. But remember only light exercise is allowed for at least 3 months after having Korea rhinoplasty. Recovery process differs for each person. Usually it takes 3-6 months.
  9. 9. Precautions Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty Drink Medicine Regularly Medicines can help reduce swelling faster. Usually prescribed drugs contain anti biotic which can prevent inflammation. That’s why you should drink your medicines regularly for a speedy recovery. Avoid Drinking & Alcohol Avoid drinking & alcohol for at least 1 month.
  10. 10. Before & After Korea Rhinoplasty