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Korean face contouring


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Exclusive Korean face contouring system from pre surgery until post surgery care. 20 years of team work & clinical experiences, scientific approach, safety control system, after care and ICU center. Get it only in Wonjin Plastic Surgery

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Korean face contouring

  1. 1. Korean Face Contouring Make small and slim face shape this Summer!
  2. 2. Korean Up hair style Wanna look cute and fresh with Korean up hair style? But what about my square jaw??? Is the right answer?
  3. 3. Korean Bob hair style To look fresh? Bob hair style, neat & pretty. Wanna look fresh with Korean bob hair style? But what about my protruding chin???
  4. 4. Korean tied hair style To look young and energetic? Summer identic with tied hair style But what about exposed big face???
  5. 5. You CAN Be Perfect, If you meet Wonjin
  6. 6. 3 Days Intensive Recovery ProgramPREMIUM intensive care for 3 days after Korean face contouring surgery • Cheek injection • Cell activation injection • Apply vitamin K cream • • U vital injection • Oxygen theraphy • Apply vitamin K cream • Cold Mask to reduce swelling • LED regeneration theraphy • Vitamin C ampoule care • • Multi healthy theraphy • Oxygen theraphy • Skin scalling • Cold mask to reduce swelling • LED regeneration theraphy • Hyperbaric oxygen theraphy D-day D+1 D+2
  7. 7. Transformation After Korean Face Contouring Surgery
  8. 8. Korean Face Contouring 5 Differentiation Points of Wonjin Clinic’s Exclusive Face Contouring Center!
  9. 9. Korean Face Contouring Scientific Measurement for Beautiful Face Line At Wonjin’s Exclusive Face Contouring Center, we search and design each patient’s ideal face line with the standard ratio of 1 : 1.618 and with the golden ratio of 1 : 0.72 : 0.42 for the most ideal face line.
  10. 10. Korean Face Contouring Accurate Analysis through 3D-CT Accurate and precise analysis will be done prior to the surgery with 3D-CT for surgery plan. Then, the surgeon will design the line according to the result during the consultation.
  11. 11. Korean Face Contouring The result of the surgery can be previewed by 3D-CT Cheekbone Reduction Surgery The most protruding point on the side of cheekbone will be pin pointed based on 3D-CT shooting to find the incision line for cheekbone reduction. It provides outstanding result of Cheekbone Reduction effect by looking at any side since the surgery is done by the best incision line to minimize the error range within 1mm.
  12. 12. Korean Face Contouring The result of the surgery can be previewed by 3D-CT Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Square Jaw Reduction Surgery does not only reduce square jaw but it also finds out the best reduction point on mandibular bone for the most effective reduction and best satisfaction.
  13. 13. Korean Face Contouring The result of the surgery can be previewed by 3D-CT Front Chin Reduction Surgery Front Chin Reduction Surgery also requires sophisticated skill of surgeon. “T” shaped excision of bone will be done based on the analysis result no matter how high the nerve line sits on the bone.
  14. 14. Korean Face Contouring Photo Simulation through Real 3D After surgery result can be anticipated with Real 3D photo simulation after 3D-CT shooting. Also, fine design of surgery is done to achieve the golden ratio as much as possible for an ideal face.
  15. 15. Three-dimensional face line by looking at any angle can be photo simulated by anticipation.
  16. 16. Korean Face Contouring Anesthesia and Clinical Pathology Department 6 Professional Anesthesiologists reside to be fully ready for one on one anesthesia system from the beginning of the surgery.
  17. 17. Korean Face Contouring Wonjin’s Exclusive Face Contouring System starts with Wonjin’s check up center. More than 50 different types of test will be done at Pathology Department to secure patient’s health data to plan the surgery scientifically.
  18. 18. Korean Face Contouring Ability to Cope with Emergency Situation Dantrolene Retained – The only medicine for malignant high fever
  19. 19. Korean Face Contouring Bridion – Keeping patient safe during anesthesia
  20. 20. Korean Face Contouring
  21. 21. Korean Face Contouring
  22. 22. Korean Face Contouring
  23. 23. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP STEP 1. Full Body Examination At Wonjin Clinic, 50 different types of test are examined prior to the surgery. All the necessary examinations such as blood test and heartbeat test, and even patient’s condition can be also checked.
  24. 24. STEP 2. Accurate Consultation Based on Precise Analysis Check your after surgery result with Real 3D scanner after finding the best incision line through 3D-CT. You can achieve the most ideal egg-shaped line by finding the golden ratio at Wonjin clinic. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP
  25. 25. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP STEP 3. Two Steps of In-Depth Consultation First Step. Consultation with Face Contouring Consultant Specialist You will meet the consultant specialist who only does face contouring surgery consultation. Do not leave any question or doubt behind for your face contouring surgery!
  26. 26. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP Second Step. Thorough Consultation with Face Contouring Surgeon You will have a consultation with the face contouring surgeon based on the result of 3D-CT. The surgeon will explain surgery procedure in more details. Error range will be minimized and satisfaction will be maximized.
  27. 27. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP STEP 4. Surgery Done By Face Contouring Surgeon Meet the seasoned face contouring surgeons who have worked with Wonjin Clinic since 1999. The surgery will be done in short amount of time with skills that are highly sophisticated by numerous cases. Although Face Contouring Surgery is very difficult and requires high concentration by the surgeon, Wonjin’s Exclusive Face Contouring medical team will finish the surgery within 3 hours to minimize bleeding and patient's fatigue from the surgery.
  28. 28. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP STEP 5. Anesthesia Pain 6 Professional Anesthesiologists reside to be fully ready for one on one anesthesia system from the beginning to the end of the whole treatment process. Wonjin is equipped with the emergency response system similar to general hospital to maintain the safest recovery system.
  29. 29. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP STEP 6. ICU Care Service Wonjin provides intensive and systematical care system for our customers at ICU in clinic. This center is solely for two jaw and face contouring patients thus emergency doctors and nurses are always ready for emergency situations.
  30. 30. Korean Face Contouring Step by SteP STEP 7. After Care There are 3 steps of post-operative care for Face Contouring Surgery: Contouring elasticity care, Swelling care, and Cell revitalization care. All the core cares after the surgery including pain care in ICU are all done for free of charge.
  31. 31. Wanna know more??? Contact us via e-mail: Or send message to our facebook page: